She Buys Sea Shells

As recently as 2011, this classic A&J seemed funny. Now it’s, ‘Where’s the joke?’ I apologize for writing about the web site so much, but it is a project that is consuming a lot of waking hours. I keep thinking of things I want to tell you, and it has occurred to me that I might be overselling it. I don’t want you to get nervous. The new site will be different in many ways, some fundamental and some cosmetic. It will look different, but I think it will be familiar at the same time. I’ve put a lot of consideration into it, and I’ve looked at a lot of other cartoon web sites, and I have decided I like what we do here. It’s dynamic. It changes. So many sites have a “landing page” that hasn’t changed in years. I plan to improve on what we’ve been doing and add some significant new features. By way of a progress report, I’m teetering on that uncomfortable edge between knowing how to do what I want to do, and doing it! Wish us luck.

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. Hey Jimmy, along the lines of the above poster’s comment, it’s more important to me that you ‘visit’ us here than precisely what the site looks like. After that it’s all down to how much fun you have crafting the page that you share with us. Not that I’m not impressed by what you’ve accomplished here. As a certified (certifiable?) aging computer guy myself, I tip my hat to your ongoing efforts to keep learning and keep it fresh.


  2. Yes, having you here is just great! And anything you can do to fix you RSS feed would be great for thise of us who still use it. Thanks for everything, Jimmy!

  3. Since moving up into the mountains, I have been spending less time down in the valley. This AM as I was driving into the Village I noticed y’all have a new mayor. I must say you’re very progressive electing Luddie.

    Now a comment on those fix ups along the main drag. Things look cleaner, though a mite unsettled; the paint cans and ladders tell me the work was ongoing. I am blown away by the new social board and its threading.

    Good work. I need to pick up supplies and get back to the cabin. See y’all sometime after the spring thaw.


  4. She sells seashells by the seashore;
    Some are red while others are blue.
    She sells seashells by the seashore.
    Isn’t that a silly thing to do?

    Selling shells by the sea is humorous,
    ‘Cause the shells in the sand are numerous.
    So if you plan to sell any shells by the sea,
    You aren’t going to sell many shells to me.

    She sells seashells by the seashore;
    Some are red while others are blue.
    She sells seashells by the seashore.
    Now let me put it to you:
    Isn’t that a silly thing to do?

    –Lan O’Kun, in 1958, for the great ventriloquist, Shari Lewis

  5. I am just happy to see a new strip and a few words of wisdom. I am not a proponent of fixing things that are not broken. So I am quite happy with the site how it was, but it is your site so if you are tired of looking at it do whatever, just count me in with those who want the RSS fixed.

  6. Re 11-17-19 retro cartoon: Let me say this about InterWedNet privacy…Ha! It’s even come to this: I understand The Weather Company is being sued for allegedly violating their Terms of Service and selling the location information of their users to advertisers in real time, so that ads may be directed to them.

    As a consumer and a business owner, I can see and understand both sides of that issue, but i’d have to come down on the side of personal privacy, for those who want it. I’m sure that there are more than enough people who don’t give a fig what or how much tech and social media companies know about them, as long as they can continue to get their Book of Face and etc. fixes, to keep the wheels of digital commerce turning.

  7. Jackie: Didn’t realize Pelosi was 78. Guess the woman at the right objects to Opus calling P. cute, prefers “fierce.” Thought it might ref. back to “The Wall” that Opus gave up on because the whatchamallit flew over it. Peace,

    • David, FWIW, your avatar was displayed on your 1-16-19 comment at 9:42 pm. When I replied to your comment a couple of hours later, apparently my Sopwith Camel had crashed and burned. Now, alas, it appears that Winnie and Piglet have been dissappeared.

      • At least Pooh is still on yesterday’s post!

        Protecting the hearing is something that I should have done a little better. Many years ago, I was OIC for a .50-caliber machine gun (M2s) range one summer at Fort Riley, KS. The hearing protection we used was more than inadequate. I’ve had tinnitus and high and mid-frequency loss since then. Audiologist says I need hearing aids, but also said that I’d have more trouble hearing with them, since they generally amplify everything– including background noise.

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