She said, with confidence

She said, with confidence

I believe this to be true. Women I know will spend hours swiping through new clothing hanging on a rack in a boutique or a department store and come away empty-handed. However, they’ll become absolutely giddy when a good friend bequeaths them a plastic bag stuffed with old tops. There’s just something about “pre-approved” apparel. Men do not do this so much. Personally, most of my clothing is in one of three states: 1) everyday clothing, well-worn and comfortable, 2) work clothing, truly well-worn and comfortable duds that I am discouraged from wearing in public, sort of wearable rags, 3) true rags, old clothing torn into useful strips (no longer actually worn). And no guy is about to give away a bag of good rags, not even to his best buddy.

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  1. I don’t know about all men, but I will spend time looking for bargains in places like Penny’s and Tractor Supply. Last find was good winter shirt for $ 10.00.

      • I’d rather go to a Goodwill store or discount store than a regular department store. Since I am much taller than average I have a hard time finding clothes in the department stores and when I do they are greatly overpriced. One online source I can recommend is I have bought things ranging from brand new clothes to a new in the box home stereo from them. If you shop carefully the prices are good and the money goes to a good cause. Just last night I bought a book called The Comics: The Complete Collection by Brian Walker, son of Mort. $9.99 plus shipping for a book listed at $65 on Amazon for the same thing.

      • In our younger days, the MBH and I often hunted in used clothing shops for casual stuff mainly for our kids. Such made perfect sense, especially as $$ were not rife.

  2. Agree completely on the “truly well-worn and comfortable duds that I am discouraged from wearing in public”. Probably more of my wardrobe falls into this category than the former. But if I’m wearing it to go out in the yard or garage where it is likely to accumulate some additional character in the form of tears, burns, grease, etc., why would I put anything newer on? I have tee-shirts that are 30 years old that are still in decent shape and get worn occasionally. When they are truly worn out, they go in the rag bin for further use. Levi’s eventually become cut-offs. Guess I’ve never been much for fancy cloths!

  3. I’m surprised that no one’s used the most important word in discussing our wardrobes: FREE!
    Among other things, I regard “free” as meaningless unless your mental accounting includes the real costs of time spent and travel costs. Then there’s the issue of something needing some reworking. This parody video shows the hidden costs of getting a new bed for the guest room and how saving $ didn’t work out for them:

  4. One of my favorite second hand stores closed a few years ago. I used to be able to buy suits there like Brooks Brothers and Pierre Cardin, but with fewer men wearing suits to work, the selection got sparse. Having just lost 20 lbs, I am looking through my closets, but unfortunately when we moved 4 years ago, I gave a lot of clothing away. I will try and find another second hand shop as I hope to lose another 40 so I don’t want to invest in a lot of clothes. Some of the Walmart pants are not too bad and a good short-term fix.

  5. Guess I am an exception to most women Jimmy, I don’t want clothes from girlfriends. Their taste in clothes is not my taste. And my clothes have 4 categories, three match yours and one extra which is fancy wear for times I like to act like a lady. Mostly I like to wear your second category, as that means I’m busy with yardwork or woodwork or painting or other stuff that requires clothes that are sturdy and used to getting very dirty.

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