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Coincidentally, I also am a big collector of do-it-yourself books, especially the ones with lots of pictures. I’m a visual type. Although I am very comfortable writing and reading text, a demonstration of some sort, whether live or photographs and diagrams in a book, almost always is necessary. Maybe I am too comfortable with text. When I encounter written instructions only, the copy editor inside me often kicks in, and ambiguities and omissions begin to crop up everywhere. Questions arise faster than they can be answered. Illustrations almost always help. Come to think of it, maybe this isn’t strange at all. I do make my living putting together words and pictures.

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  1. I also do much better with text and pictures. I cannot comprehend nearly as well by listening. Back in the day, I took copious notes of lectures. That was the only way I could retain.

    BTW, have been thinking about you during all the weather’s conniption fits. Hope all is well.

  2. YouTube has many instructional videos. Many of those are amateur-produced. And some of those are unintentionally hilarious.

    Does anyone know what day Cinco de Mayo falls on this year? Well, I hope everyone has a happy one, whenever it is. And a Happy Tequila Day to you, Lily. πŸ™‚

  3. Husband’s how-to books are on computer stuff. Mine are all cookbooks, and vastly outnumber his. πŸ˜‰

    Ghost-Happy Revenge of the Fifth Day!

  4. Computer books are obsolete before the ink dries. Cookbooks last for ever.

    Now, let’s all knock back a Dos Equis.

  5. Good morning and happy Cinco de Mayo. Favorite story: We have a daft anesthesiologist of Mexican descent who writes things on her scheduler. Once it was “Mexican Independence Day! No surgery scheduled.” I was supposed to schedule a case with her, so I wrote under it, “I thought that was Cinco de Mayo”

    I looked again later and she wrote under my note “We have been oppressed many times by many people, gringa.”

  6. My boat building husband has a collection of boating and building books that is the envy of all our boating fanatics. I once had a similar collection of cookbooks. When we ran out of space in smaller house (we once owned “libraries” dedicated to books) I sold mine at Half Price Books which really doesn’t give you much $$. I just felt they’d go to someone else who’d enjoy them. Now I look on net when I want a recipe! You’ve all posted them there!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  7. I reread JJ’s last sentences about putting together words and pictures and my mind jumped back a few decades. Jeff Millar who wrote “Tank McNamara” with Bill Hinds (who did the drawing) was then my favorite cartoonist and writer. He admitted to not being able to throw away nor burn/discard anything with the printed word that was bound and had a cover. They consequently still owned all their textbooks, Boy Scout guides, any book bought or given to them in their entire lives.

    At the time I could relate. Now, I can part with things more easily. I did however keep most of my gardening books although I cannot tell you where the boxes are!

    Bless him, Jeff left us last winter but “Tank” lives on.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  8. GR6: It’s today.

    Lily: ‘Nasssty people. [emoticon].’ No, normal hetero males. If males were not so focused, none of us would be here. Besides, it’s fun.

    Have you all noticed, BTW, the profusion of ‘glamour’ and ‘erotic’ posters on sale on the righthand side of many sites. One that first showed in the last few days is about as explicit as they get, and not particularly pretty.

  9. I like cookbooks and own several good ones. (I’m also about to accept my mom’s fairly large collection of cookbooks…as many years as she’s been cooking, she really doesn’t need to look up a recipe for anything she wants to prepare.) But I maintain a personal collection of favorite recipes in the word processor of my computer (as well as in the Cloud), filed by category. They are then printed, placed in plastic sheet protectors and filed in a ring binder I keep on a shelf in the kitchen. It’s also handy when I buy ingredients for a dish…I email the recipe to my smart phone and use that as a shopping list in the food market.

    When I have time, I’m going to rig up a way to safely use my 13″ ultrabook in the kitchen and go paperless.

  10. Thanks, emb; I forgot to wind my calendar. πŸ™‚

    I haven’t seen those posters. (Since I ended my relationship with Internet Explorer, I don’t actually see that many ads.) Another reason to use (or not use, depending on your viewpoint) an ad blocker, I suppose.

  11. I use AdBlock so I don’t see many ads, either. The only posters I own are of “Angel” David Boreanz with the legend “Edward Who?” (“Twilight” reference, ha ha) and Kiefer Sutherland (from “Lost Boys”) saying “Vampires 1. Do not attend High School 2. Are not emotional sissy-boys 3. Do…not…SPARKLE”

    Did I forget to mention I am a Lab Technologist and draw blood in my office? πŸ˜€

  12. I think I had figured that one out Lily. Do you dress in black so the blood doesn’t show?
    That is what current day EMS people tell me, usually while I am lying on a table in emergency.

    For two years I was a lab tech in college (thought I wanted to go to med school until I couldn’t pass chemistry and physics) We wore all white dresses/uniforms, white hose and white shoes/flats. No tennis shoes of course! The blood really showed up! My stories are more like MASH episodes than Gray’s Anatomy.

    Love you, Jackie Monies

  13. Lily, when I saw the description of your first poster, I wondered if you liked you some sparkly vampires. Then I saw the description of the second poster and decided maybe not so much as the ones that don’t sparkle.

    After reading one of your previous posts, I meant to ask if you were a lab rat. That’s what my late sister did for many years. She loved it.

  14. Jackie: I would but we are not allowed to wear black scrubs. Navy is the darkest allowed and I prefer royal blue.

    Ghost, I started out working at the hospital and worked my way up to night supervisor. Then I had my trouble and went to work for my current boss, where lab is just a part of my job. It’s fun, but not as much fun as helping with surgery

  15. About vampires, I confess to vampire lust for only Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas from the original Interview With A Vampire. Despite Anne Rice’s roots in New Orleans I have not read her books. My step-granddaughter was a vampire fan and dressed Goth more or less, so I am out of touch with the young vampires.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  16. For a better class of vampire, find the Fred Saberhagen titles relating to Dracula, such as An Old Friend of the Family. Very well done and nice way of bringing him into the 1970’s while keeping the character consistent.

    GR6, how about just putting an electronic photo frame in the kitchen. You could just put the recipes on it and freeze the frame where you wanted it. Cheaper to replace than a Mac, too!

  17. Ah yes, the old “tab A into slot B” conundrum. Why isn’t it ever tab A into slot A? And why don’t the pictures ever match what you’re supposed to do?

  18. Dave, totally agree about the A and B can’t figure out. I bought a kit closet from Lowe’s to put in bedroom I moved into. Somehow I thought it would come in a box, assembled. It is dozens of pieces and hardware only identified on illustrations by letters and numbers. It is leaning on wall of bedroom in pieces waiting for me to wallpaper the room.

    Definitely thought of it with Janis’ problem today!

    JJ you are the BEST with plays on words and puns! Better than my crazy English friends who LOVE word play.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  19. Hey, I missed a chance to titillate Ghost here! In the early 60’s we didn’t have white pantyhose stockings, so we wore the white stockings with garter belts. That’s where all those old jokes with “playing nurse” originated, with voluptuous nurses and skimpy uniforms. See old reruns of “Are You Being Served?” on PBS for examples.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  20. Jackie Monies, I think we can blame the assembly problem on two things. One is the guys who put together model kits as kids. You learned that they never went exactly according to the instructions, so you had to make adjustments as you went. So designs by these folks don’t try to overcome that issue. Second, the kits are designed by English-speaking folks who then contract out the manufacture of the kits and assembly instructions to non-English speakers. So if something goes wrong, they don’t realize it.

  21. Over the years, I have assembled so many pre-fab tables, dressers, armoires, bookshelves and entertainment centers for myself and friends that I barely have to refer to the instructions any longer.

    Jackie, a number of years ago at our local medical center, there was an older doc (a general surgeon) who often told the OR crew, when he left for lunch at home, that his wife would be meeting him at the door, wearing lingerie and stockings with a garter belt, all in white. She was a former RN, so that would jive with your story. Oh, and thanks for thinking of me. πŸ˜‰

    Lily, is your boss lady a general surgeon?

  22. Hi Debbe! I am good. Just been lurking the past few days; had nothing useful to add to the conversation, so I just read along and enjoyed it.

    Ghost, Cinco de Mayo falls on the same day every year – my birthday. My wild and crazy day involved working nine hours, a happy-hour, half-price, mocha shake from Steak ‘n’ Shake, and catching up on Cosmos (maybe some housework, but that’s pretty doubtful).

    The main thing I use instruction sheets for is to verify all the parts are there and a rough idea of what is yet to come (if it more complicated than some sort of shelving/storage unit). I have a friend who is severely mechanically DISinclinced. Her mom had attempted to assemble a laptop desk to spare my friend the agony of defeat to an inanimate object. Her mom dutifully followed the instructions … right up to the point they told her to put in a bolt to connect two pieces; the holes for said bolt were covered and buried several steps earlier. Took me longer to take everything back off to put in the darn bolt than it took me to finish the silly thing.

  23. Hi, Lady Mindy. Yes, some of my assembly expertise has come from backtracking. πŸ™‚

    “Happy birthday to you;
    “Happy birthday to you;
    “Happy birthday, dear Lady Mindy;
    “Happy birthday to you.”

    And many happy returns. And trust me…they get to be less and less of a big deal, the more of them you have. πŸ™‚

  24. Mindy from Indy, did you ever see the Luann strip where she was trying to bake a cake from a boxed mix? Read the directions, throw away the box. Forgot the measurements, pull the box back out. Then throw it away again. Forgot the oven temperature, pull the box out. Throw the box away, forgot the baking time, pull the box back out of the trash. Last panel, her Mom’s asking, Luann, why is the empty box sitting on the counter?

  25. Wait, that comment vanished before I got it posted!

    I said: Ghost, I share your loss for the vanished comments, because this is most interesting group I know. (And I am moderator and owner of three on net myself!)

    There was a boating group I once belonged to that was so funny and interesting and we NEVER stayed on topic much. All of it vanished, never to be seen again. We still mourn it occasionally on line.

    Love, Jackie onies

  26. Back on January 14, 2008, which was Day 0 for this blog, Jimmy said (among other things) about it, “I believe there is at least one area in which the Internet has delivered upon its early hype. I believe it really is capable of bringing together a geographically disparate group of people and giving them a sense of ‘community.’ I like to think that’s what we have here, and the new capabilities will enhance that dramatically.”

    No wonder he draws smart cartoons…he is smart.

    And if his intention was to enhance and encourage the growth of what he already seemed to view as a community, I’d say he has succeeded, in spades. I just hope that a large part of its history has not been irretrievably lost.

  27. Ghost – Thank you. And to finish a thought, I keep any and all “surplus” parts that get packed with the item: either the next one will be missing a piece or something will need reconfigured because something wasn’t machined correctly.

    Mark, I have not, but I’ve read enough Luann to be able to imagine the panels. Is it just me, or could the DeGroots(sp?)[Luann], Duncans[Zits], and Foxs [Foxtrot] all seem like they could be neighbors? There’s something around the edges that strikes me that way.

  28. Mark, I can somewhat sympathize with those assembly fails, but it must be remembered that a certain number of people are doofuses (doffi?) when it comes to anything mechanical or anything requiring a visualization of spatial relations.

    Good plan, Lady Mindy. I have a collection of leftover fasteners and parts in my “weird drawer”.

  29. Ghost, that sense of community is what draws me here I recognize. When I began my own boating group, it was that same sense of community and “values”, intelligence, welcome, fun, irreverence, a mixture of mature, young, experienced, newbee’s, famous, beginners, all brought together by the internet. And yes, it is the internet that makes all this possible. How else would I get friends from 37 states and 8 foreign countries to come to a lake in Oklahoma? And camp in my yard, if they like, for a week? That is what Arlo and Janis are the comic equivalent of.

    And yes, I’d like to have them as friends to come sail with us. Arlo would love it, Janis would be a wow with her hot body, Gene, Marylou, Gus and the granddaughter would fit in perfectly down at the beach. Ludwig would be petted by all. Oh wait, they aren’t real are they? Are they?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  30. Lilyblack, when my husband has to have a blood test, he usually says, “Well, time to go see the vampires now.” Jackie, your comment about aren’t or are real applies to every single good comic or book I’ve ever read. When I’m reading them, they are totally real, and I’m living there with them.

  31. In a previous career I wrote technical manuals and online help verbiage. It paid OK and I never had to worry about anyone calling technical support to complain about the instructions I’d written. Our products were mostly sold to men…

  32. Good morning Villagers….

    Well, it’s come down to us busting a$$ before June 2nd, major inspections by the United Egg Producers and some animal rights advocate group….the animal rights I’m not too concerned with, but we do have some overhauling to do and correct….gonna be a rough three weeks…and I sure don’t want to have to go look for another job…

    GR πŸ˜‰ it was a better Monday than last week’s….and “this old ‘mom’ was born to rock, I’m still try’n to beat the clock”:

    CD player quit in my Izuzu……gonna have to dig out some old cassettes, yup, cassettes. Heh, at least it’s not 8 track….

    Good to see ya posting Indy Mindy…and a very happy belated birthday to you πŸ™‚

    Instructions? They have instructions that come with “do it yourself” projects? So that’s what that sheet of paper is…..


  33. Happy Birthday Indy Mindy!!

    Debbe, the cd player in my truck died, I don’t have a cassette player, and all the oldies radio stations have gone to sports or talk formats. sigh.

    I’ve never been to an IKEA store, though I have friends who won’t shop anywhere else. My favorite comment on the company was by consumer expert Clark Howard, who said IKEA was Swedish for “Made Poorly And Cheaply”.

    At one point in my life I was going to go back to college and take classes in technical writing but then I lost the job I had that would have paid for the classes and right then I couldn’t afford to do it on my own. Ah well. And yes, I do keep all leftover hardware. You never know when it might come in handy.

    I find life here in the Village to suit me quite nicely. However different we may be in real life, here we are all similarly crazy. πŸ˜‰

  34. I know there are some who visit here who think that some who post here do not always stay “on topic”. (I know you’re looking at me.) And they seem to very narrowly define “on topic” as being all about cartoons and cartoonists.

    However, I would submit two points for your consideration. First, Jimmy (bless him) has demonstrated great tolerance in allowing us the latitude to be both serious and silly and everything in between as guests on his blog. Second, think about the depth and breadth of the subjects that Arlo has commented upon during the lifetime of A&J the cartoon. I can just imagine what he would have to say if someone told him he was getting “off topic” in some arbitrary manner.

    I believe Arlo would like and enjoy knowing most of us as much as we like and enjoy knowing him.

  35. On topic? On topic? What is that?

    From boating groups I belong to, I have learned all about haggis, brewing beer, drinking beer, one particular member’s sex life or lack of, lots of history, geography, civilizations and migration of mankind, on and on.

    Is that on topic? No, but it sure beats reading another epoxy vs. glue post! And I learn something.

    Personally, I think Arlo and JJ are my “men for all seasons.” I’d like to think they are my friends, real or not.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  36. Ghost: Yes she is and I have gone from being a wannabe lab rat to a surgical assistant and general helper. Whatever she need done that she ddoe’t have time for or doesn’t want to do, I do for her.

    Anon, the most frequent question I get asked (after “Is it going to hurt?”) Is “What do they do with the blood after they do the test?” Real answer: freeze it and store it for six months. (Some) Answers I give: “Fertilize the Rose Garden” and “Feed it to the vampires.”

  37. Lily, one of my friends was formally a clinic nurse who assisted her doc in surgery. She enjoyed working in both places, but she obviously preferred surgery.

    She also used to say that she had held more ******* than any *****. I’m sure you can figure that out if I tell you she assisted on urology cases.

  38. Good morning, Lilyblack et al. This is NK in AZ, in case I come out anon again as I did with my blood test vampire comment yesterday. iPad not laptop maybe? It looks okay just now, but we’ll see. On the SoCal freeway back to Tucson from seeing our son in Long Beach for a few days. Good time!

  39. Here’s a suggestion for a title for the next book: The Arlo and Janis Family Album. Then JJ can group the strips by subject: seasons, activities, family members, etc.

  40. Ghost, my boss says you can always tell a urologist because they wear yellow sneakers with rusty eyelets. I think that is a very old gibe, as nobody uses metal eyelets in sneaks. I would update it to “yellow shoelaces and soggy socks”. πŸ˜€

  41. Lily, an anesthesiologist once told me, “Anesthesiologists sit on their butts and work. Radiologists sit on their butts.”

  42. ‘I believe Arlo would like and enjoy knowing most of us as much as we like and enjoy knowing him.’ and similar statements by others:

    Elohim [the first but more recent name for G–d in Genesis] is said to be all-powerful, all-knowing, and other ‘omnis’. It follows that ‘he’ is familiar with all our legends, stories, and fictional characters. Maybe he considers some more interesting than others, and is disappointed with a story’s ending. If he is all-powerful, he must be able to make the character and his or her world real to see what happens next.

    Do Nanki-Poo and Yum-Yum have a successful marriage, or does it end in divorce? Ursula LeGuins’s ‘The Dispossessed’ ends with the physicist Shevek on a Hainish spaceship, returning to his home world to an uncertain fate. All an omnipotent deity has to do is make Shevek and his setting real and see what happens.

    You might argue that Elohim is omniscient, and therefore knows would happen. Ah, but omniscience and omnipotence are contradictory. God must be able to choose not to be omniscient. If ‘he’ does not have the power to make that choice, he is not omnipotent. I choose to believe that Elohim has chosen not to know how everything will turn out, because, if he does know, the universe, however marvelous and intricate, is ultimately dull, a still-life rather than an unfolding drama. If there is a hereafter, we may not only meet our loved ones but also Poirot, Nanki-Poo, and Shevek. Peace, emb

  43. My favorite LeGuin story is “Those Who Walk Away From Omelas.” I consider it a perfect example of her Dunsany influence, directly for “”Poltarnees, Beholder of Ocean” from A Dreamer’s Tales.

  44. Trapper Jean – Thank you for the birthday wishes.

    Debbe – Gotta love “Oh s#%*!, company’s coming”‘mode. Don’t work too hard. Make sure those high schoolers are pulling their share of the road. Your stories take me back to growing up in the land of a million sheep and six million chickens. πŸ™‚

    As for staying on topic, our fearless leader is also quite prone to posting remarks unrelated to the latest retro strip. When in Rome…

    What topic? I’ve spent the last couple nights catching up on “Cosmos.” Had I been mentally wired for advanced mathematics, I would be thousands of dollars in debt with some sort of advanced astronomical degree. Life has yet to present the coinciding of an observatory event and a day off the next day. I dream of seeing as far into space as possible with my own eyes to the telescope. I would love to watch the whole series in a high-def theater, but I’m not sure my heart could take the overwhelming joy – I’ve found tears on my cheeks just watching at home. My body survives by day, but my heart lives at night.

    To see a World in a Grain of Sand
    And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
    Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
    And Eternity in an hour
    ~ William Blake

  45. Very poetic, Indy Mindy. Personally the stars seem awful cold and far away, and my math goes no farther than “120 kcal per mile run and 3600 kcal per pound of fat.” But, hey, different strokes, right?

  46. Mindy from Indy, staying on topic? If it isn’t required, whatever for? Half the fun of the internet is going to look up something, and then just following the trail as your interest directs. Although I have found myself far afield from where I started sometimes and with a missing half-hour, I haven’t been bored. Can’t say that about TV!

  47. Lily, I’m sorry that flying always terrifies you. Perhaps that’s because you never flew with me. πŸ™‚ I can honestly say I never carried a passenger who exhibited more than a little mild discomfort about flying with me.

    The one exception was when I wasn’t the pilot but a passenger myself on a commercial flight while I was in the AF. Back in the day, when flying on smaller airliners, I liked to sit in the rearmost aisle seat on the port side…not because it was safer in the event of a crash but because the seat across the aisle was where the (then always female) flight attendant sat, with her gear parked in the window seat, and they were always fun to visit with on a quiet flight.

    Once though, that seat wasn’t available so I took an aisle seat further forward next to, as luck would have it, a tall and attractive young blonde. We struck up a conversation prior to takeoff, and she seemed perfectly at ease…until the takeoff roll began. At that point, she suddenly leaned over and wrapped both her arms around my left arm; held on to it tightly; and confessed that she was terrified of flying. She never let of my arm for the entire flight, which of course I didn’t mind, since, as I noted, she was kind of a dish, and she smelled nice to boot. The funny thing was that she also told me she was a member of her college skydiving club and had made 10 jumps. Go figure.

  48. Mark, the Lazarus Long advice that has best served me over the years goes something like “If you have an argument with a woman and it turns out you are right…apologize immediately!”

  49. The idea that God’s omniscience and omnipotence are inconsistent with each other is merely another version of the old question “Can God make a rock so huge that even He cannot lift it?”. In Mark 3:25 (I think) we read that a house divided cannot stand. In other words, it is pointless to ask if anything or anyone can beat/defeat itself. After all, can anyone beat him/herself at, say, checkers? Of course not! If one were to lose in that hypothetical game, one would also have won that same game since the same player played both sides.

    The Almighty is surely omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. He has chosen to give us the freedom to choose His way or the wrong way, and He does know which way each of us will select. Does He want us to choose the correct way? Yes. So why doesn’t His desire come true if he is omnipotent? God, as far as He has let us know, has two kinds of desires: the one, we would call a “command”, and that kind will be borne out no matter what. The other is what He desires, but which He has decided not to make a command, rather leaving it to our free wills. He apparently does not want us to be merely robots.

    Aside from all that, I am terrified of flying and have not done so since 1967. I have seen a lot during my few trips, from (yes, attractive female) attendants changing skirts in the aisle (!) to fleets of ambulances waiting to see if we could actually land in KC early one stormy morning (we couldn’t). Even slid off a runway landing at Pittsburgh once….

  50. Can’t decide whether to admit I developed a fear of flying after learning to fly from several of my flight instructor friends and wanting to get a commercial pilots license, only to learn the military program was restricted to males- boo again! Got hired to fly with Delta as a stewardess and didn’t show up for the training- boo to me, I guess!

    Had flown thousands of miles, make that probably hundreds of thousands by the time I developed that fear, since began flying back and forth from South America to USA at age six on old, old DC-6 and prop planes. So why would I suddenly become afraid of flying? I once slept through a landing in Pittsburg and the landing gear had stuck, my seat mate woke me up to say we were changing planes, I asked why? He said, oh plane problem.
    Walked down the ladder to find they’d lined up the emergency equipment and prepared for a crash landing!

    Now I never want to fly. By the way, Ex-Professor, was your sliding off the runway in Pittsburg in the 1950’s and was there a cute blonde sitting/sleeping next to you?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  51. I love flying, but I’m unlikely to do it again. Because of my implanted defibrillator, I would have to either be scanned by one of the x-ray devices or go through a pat down. And if I ended up with the pat down by a male TSA agent, chances are I’d end up in jail for decking him if he touched me inappropriately. So, since I prefer driving myself to jail time, I won’t fly again until or unless they can guarantee no pat down.

    Besides everything else, being frisked by anyone but an officer who has legally justified reasons to suspect I have committed or am about to commit a crime is a violation of the plain language of the 4th Amendment. It is not a price I’m willing to pay for the privilege of flying.

  52. Ghost, I have to ask since I assume you were a commercial pilot, who’d you fly for? Do you still fly? Idol curiosity.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  53. My Louisiana hometown is Monroe, LA, home of the bearded Duck Dynasty quacks, but also the home of Delta Airlines who began their company there. The board of directors used to still hold their meetings there in their boardroom in our local bank. Nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia! The mural they had at Disneyland/Disney World for Delta’s sponsored ride was a painting of a DC-4 landed at the Monroe airport. Although it may have been a DC-2 or 3 even, it was a historic ride through aviation history. I’m sure it’s gone now.

    Stay on topic?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  54. Jackie- Nope. The Pittsburgh slide was during the first half of 1967. If memory serves, the airport was closed after we got in, no rooms available (several conventions going on, we were told), no seats available in the terminal. Consequently, I walked out to the plane again and got on. When I informed them about the closure – pilot didn’t yet know – they allowed me to stay in my seat all night! I had a lot of room after removing a seat divider, the crew was friendly, and liquids were available (I was too late for ethanolic mixtures).
    In the a.m., we were all shooed off so the craft could be cleaned/readied, and I remember having breakfast in the terminal with the Phila. pro basketball team at the same table. It took until late afternoon before I was able to leave.
    It struck me – months afterwards – that I had the makings of a small book of my adventures in seeking employment. There were 5 or 6 trips, and each had something(s) go very wrong. Never got to it, all the better for the reading public and various trees….

  55. Good morning Villagers……

    Jackie, let me know when you write your book…you write very eloquently.

    Indy Mindy….glad I can help you out in taking you back….Ian said one of the high school boys is stashing his beer and rum in the cooler at work, he came in Sunday and stashed it…guess what? The beer is gone….now, what to do with Captain Morgan. πŸ™‚

    Jean, no music!!!. Maybe you need to get one of those thingy jingies this younger generation carries around with plugs in their ears….

    Got a major, reoccurring, 2 year issue resolved yesterday…I’m about to break my arm patting myself on the back….finally got the concrete aisle slabs out of the hen house yard. Just asked the guy operating the big “Tonka” backhoe, who was ‘scooping’ out the creek bed next to our building…asked him if he could use some more concrete to help stop some of the erosion…Hallaluha, it’s off the list….love my “I’ll dazzle you with my brilliance and baffle you with my BS.”

    GR πŸ˜‰ you’re very eloquent too…..pokies πŸ™‚ And the wind does cry Debbe…

    Today’s grin:

    Ya’ll have a blessed day……

  56. Catching up on the comments. Ghost, train and subway stations have great acoustics. I was in Berlin with a choir back in 1989. We were performing at the Templehof open house celebrating the 40th anniversary of the end of the Berlin Airlift. Anyway the night before our performance I ran into several member of the choir waiting in a U-Bahn station for the last train back to our digs. We just happened to have all four voices so we sang “No Man Is An Island” to the enjoyment of all. Oh, the commuters enjoyed it also.????

  57. Ghost, yes, but what do they call the Wind?

    Debbe, my daughter says she’ll help me get one of those doohickies and the equipment to hook it up and play it through the radio speakers, but every time I ask her when we can go get the stuff she has to work. Good thing I don’t drive long distances and have a good playlist in my head! πŸ˜‰

    I do like to fly, and will admit to a few jitters as the pilot begins takeoff. Once we’re in the air I’m fine though.

  58. Ghost, I don’t care who is flying the cursed machine, if the pilot is not actually surrounded by a mandorla, I am frightened out of my wits. I only fly when my boss and her hubby take me on vacation, and she has to give me a happy pill about an hour prior to takeoff or I get hysterical when the time comes to board. I am not claustrophobic or acrophobia, just scared of flying. If I could have the choice of going to those places by boat, I would pick it every time.
    We are going on a Mediterranean cruise this September. I am looking forward to it, but I dread the flight

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