Shell Shop

I wouldn’t draw this strip today. Although it appeared in 2011, only five years ago, we all are so accustomed to targeted online advertising that it would seem pointless now. Speaking of vacations, I suppose you’ve noticed I haven’t posted since Monday. I’ve been on a little trip of my own. I’m sorry for the disruption. Normal disruptions will resume next week.

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  1. Fascinating, emb. How does that happen? I’m guessing that the ice covering a lake melts just enough to fracture, and a strong current completes the breaking-up? In any case, it looks dangerous!

  2. Debbe, there are and I freely admit that it’s just because we want to have one, not because we need one. It’s kind of like the older women in Miami with their fur coats.

  3. ‘ … and a strong current completes the breaking-up? In any case, it looks dangerous!’ Current has little to do with it. Wind is moving the relatively thin surface ice.

    Peace, emb

  4. For those interested, the Decorah eagles produced their first egg yesterday. They usually have 3, so more may appear soon.
    Meanwhile, both eagle eggs at Berry College, GA, hatched. One was on Sunday evening and the other on Monday – as I may have written before.

  5. I would make 4 if I HAD a mobile phone.

    Few years back ice on Mille Lacs piled 12-14 feet sheet was 2 ft thick
    as I recall took out decks and sheds – don’t think it moved houses .

    Rain today 40* – lost a lot of snow – mud season is early.

  6. I respectfully disagree, Mr. Johnston. This strip made me chuckle today, in 2016. The swiftness of moving from information to peddling is both still amusing and still horrifying. Do more like this. Thanks.

  7. Mine is not a flip phone, but it is pointedly NOT a smart phone. It is one of two left at Verizon with a full slide-out keyboard, kept right next to the flip phones, in the far, far corner of the store.

    Actually *spoke* to grandma yesterday. She is doing much better. Marie seems to be doing better as well. Will be seeing them both soon. 🙂

  8. My flip phone is the cheapest I could find; it’s capable of more than I use it for (so I’ve turned off some features!) — talking to people, emergency photos, and, when necessary, texting. My Interwebnetting is done on laptop and desktop computers.

  9. Been trying to get this through all morning. Apparently a URL itself is too long for our monitor, which just rejects the whole thing. Item in question relates to material pro and con that has been posted here. If you are interested, key:
    ” How Astronomers Count Sunspots – Sky & Telescope ”

    into your browser [leave out the ” “]. Skip the ads until you find the article. Its first words are “In 1847 . . ..” It is long. Read it or scan it, but be sure to click on this phrase:

    “solar activity has been relatively steady since the 1700s” That article relates to the apparently erroneous claim that Sol has been heating up over recent decades, thus accounting for climate change without human-caused warming. I’ll be back with more that I’ve stored to avoid losing it in cyberspace.

    Peace, emb

  10. One item at the above site that scientists have long acknowledged, but that some media and some vested interests often tout as a revelation, and as making science irrelevant: We are ordinary people all too capable of hanging on jealously to favorite hypotheses. But we have, and also use, methods of testing that some disciplines don’t have and other disciplines avoid using. Thus, we are often able to discard some favorite hypotheses, tentatively confirm some, and modify others. Often, of course, our understandings sit badly with some people, for economic, ideological, ethnic, religious, and other reasons

    Some non-scientists even try to legislate state or national gags re what science is acceptable and what not, or to impose unscientific approaches that cannot be tested. Impose where? In the lab or its equivalent, in written reports by scientists, in government depts. and such, and in public classrooms, el-hi through college. Occasionally, degreed scientists behave that way, but they are not then doing science. Sad.

    Peace, emb

  11. Matthew:

    Way back when the Web was in its infancy and somewhat difficult to use, I told my students that it would really take off as soon as someone figured out a way to make a buck off of it.

    Boy, was I right.

    It’s become the ultimate bread and circuses, hasn’t it?

  12. Good night all. I am glad Mindy has good news. I am tired but enjoying being a tourist, something I don’t do often enough.
    If I didn’t have ano appointment with my cardiologist I’d keep on being one a little longer and go home through Indiana. I want to meet grandma.

  13. emb: No one I know believes the sun’s total energy output has changed recently. Sol operates on a much larger, longer scale than we’re capable of measuring. What has changed is the amount and kind of energy from the sun and other sources (cosmic rays) penetrating our atmosphere. The theory is that it’s affected where in our atmosphere clouds form, thus affecting how much energy reaches the ground and how warm things get. And there has been an apparent correlation between the solar cycles min and max (referring, of course, to sunspots) and the temperatures observed on the ground.

    Correlation isn’t cause, but it’s reasonable to consider the possibility. Right?

  14. Good morning from Moscow. Time will be about 08:30 when I post. The temperature is around -5°C. After 30 hours, three time zones, two border checkpoints, and a seven hour layover in Warsaw, we have arrived.

    At our hotel. Have about three hours until check in. Sitting in the dining room enjoying breakfast, reading the English language daily paper and typing this sitrep. Won’t give you the take on the American political situation, but it would make you smile.

    See the Village is a twitter over phones. We are each carrying a cheap smartphone bought for this trip. They are factory virgin except we have transferred the SIM cards from our regular phones into them. We can receive calls, text each other, turn on wifi hotspot, and to do basic web activity. Wifi on our regular phones, tablets, and laptops are turned off unless in use and then connected only through the cheap phone hot spot, dual layer security.

    Happy Sunday!

  15. Could someone here explain to me why so many folks are so VERY negative about minivans? I don’t get it… especially when the same people are happy to drive SUVs which are far more dangerous (higher center of gravity, more prone to rollovers) and less fuel efficient than minivans.

  16. Good morning Villagers…

    …..and good morning to you and Loon from Indiana!

    Still have my flip phone, husband has flip phone, and Ian has Mom’s flip phone. Yeah, I’m up for free upgrades, but don’ want another two year contract with Verizon. Plus service is lousy out here in the country and even at the hen house….so why have it? I don’t know, security on the road I guess, but it’s only about a ten minute drive to work. As long as my battery can hold a little charge I’ll keep it.

    Indy Mindy, that is good news regarding your Grandmother and Marie.

    On my home front, the usual drama….

    Ya’ll have a blessed day.

  17. Debbe:

    I have three primary reasons for keeping my flip phone even though it’s eight years old and even though I’m a bit of a tech geek:

    1. I hate waste. I always try to use things up completely before buying something else.

    2. I like efficiency, and my old flip is much faster than the webphones that I have tried. Even its voice recognition is easier to use.

    3. Security. I have much less personal information on this phone. Of course, I could buy one of the Apple phones that is currently in the news, but it seems as if it won’t be all that long before its privacy feature no longer exists.

  18. TruckerRon, if the Anonymous name has a click link, it is Jackie. So I think the update from Moscow is sandcastler ™ and Loon. Good Sunday morning everybody. Hope you have a great day wherever you are and whatever the weather is like. After all, you are able to read this, so you can get around and do what you can.

  19. Good (rainy) morning, all!

    Mindy, so good to know that Granma is doing better! I hope she keeps it up.

    I do have a Smartphone, but not so much of my own choosing. Husband works for a high-tech company and every time they upgrade their phones I get one of the “gently used” old ones. The kids also benefit from that, and as they tend to text more (being at work and such) it helps to have a keyboard that I don’t have to tap each letter three times to get the one I want. And if I happen to be at a doctors office that only has golf magazines I can play solitaire on my phone. 😉

    Rick, I saw in the news yesterday that John McAfee of McAfee Security has offered to have his people hack that phone so that Apple doesn’t have to write a code for a backdoor into Smartphones. If the Government really only wants the info on that one phone they’ll take him up on his offer.

  20. Debbe 😉 I understand Brand V has done away with its two-year service commitment. The down side is they have also done away with the subsidized price for the phone. Now you can either buy the phone outright or have monthly installments added to your bill. So, you can commit to pay for their service for two years or commit to pay for the phone for two years…seems to me like a distinction without a difference, but what ev.

    I’ll guess I’ll find out if and when my iPhone 5 gives up its digital ghost. (That puts me, what, three generations behind?) My first (non-work) smart phone was an iPhone 4, which I used until it became unreliable due to some of the keys getting balky. I still have it (without provider service) and use it like an iPod. Not being able to immediately pull up a CCR tune is not as potentially consequential as not being able to immediately call 911. BTW, does everyone know this? Per the FCC, “The FCC’s basic 911 rules require wireless service providers to transmit all 911 calls to a Public Service Answering Point, regardless of whether the caller subscribes to the provider’s service or not.”

    And yes, like Lady Mindy, I have an emergency back-up phone that, along with its charger, lives in my car. It is an old but perfectly serviceable LG flip phone, a fraction of the size and weight of my smart phone, and yes, the call quality is much better than that of my iPhone. I realized long ago that iPhones have successfully replaced many different electronic devices…unfortunately, a cell phone is really not one of them.

  21. GR6
    I believe it is whether there is any provider for that phone.
    Many phones are donated to elderly and women at risk so they can use
    the 911 option.

  22. …And now for something completely different:
    It has turned out that a female friend of mine from 60 years ago has a name [initials only] shown as “A. T. L. II”. Has anyone ever heard of naming a daughter, bearing the same name as her mom, as “so-and-so the second”? This is a first for me, and I’ve enjoyed doing genealogical research for about 18 years. She never told me, but it is shown in a relative’s obituary notice. Is there any system for related women of the same name similar to the male “Sr.” and “Jr.”?

    For the record, I am one of the few with no portable phone at all; never did have one.

  23. Debbe – On your next visit to your favorite discount store (pharmacy, “mart”, grocery, or office supply store) and get yourself a phone from there. They can tell you who your best carrier is for your area Also, shameless company plug – most c-stores (including mine) have the ability to sell you air time. If you are not on your phone much, that is the way to go.

    Physically, grandma is doing great. Today, she is not as lucid or coherent. 🙁

  24. Debbe& Mindy,

    Have you heard of Tracfone? Great if you’re not on the phone much. I’ve had one for years. Just don’t forget to buy minutes before they expire, which is every 3 months for me. I buy discounted minutes at (Hope I don’t get kicked out for advertising. I have no interest in either Tracfone or Pinzoo.)

    God bless us every one.

  25. Had a great time being a tourist. Got to see Botanical gardens and buy antique Botanical prints out of library collection, bought lots of great used books on gardening, sailing, Terry Pratchett and healthy cooking. Shopped a charming gift shop I only knew from gift market and phone calls for heirloom seeds and an adorable carrot wreath. Visited a great fresh and organic market and ate some really good food.

    And my two room suite with points cost me $69 for entire weekend. Lots of bargains which makes me happy. Oh and saw one of my favorite Broadway musicals done very well on road tour.

    Dickens went to bed a long time ago so I need to as well. Good night all.

  26. Should have mentioned I got a Eudora Welty and Mark Twain book, both something I wanted to read, along with about 100 pounds of other real books. Why do I love REAL books and not e reader books? Another customer said what I think, I like to hold books and touch them, turn the pages.

    Forgot all the anthologies of cartoons I bought which did not include Bop til You Drop. I am not in Russia.

  27. Good morning Villagers…..

    A big thanks guys for the advice, the pros and cons of cell phones…..I’ve given thought to the Wally world and even $ General ones….we’ll see.

    Today….we find out what restrictions are being lifted with regard to the invasion of the Avian virus. It’s been over a month with no new outbreaks. Seems last week they opened up the turkey and hen houses as they composted the carcasses. The little city of Dubois reeked. They are being cleaned with acid now.

    I know the Boss doesn’t have to swab chicken mouths, and hopefully they will not have to spray down incoming and outgoing delivery trucks. My girls are pumping out over 200 cases a day right now… should see the double yolkers…and yes, I snuck a tray home 🙂

    Ya’ll have a blessed day.

  28. Strip of 02.22.15:

    If Arlo doesn’t stop rippling the gravitational waves, it looks as if Janis might help him experience a disturbance in his space-time continuum.

  29. Good morning. Glad to hear things are getting better at the hen houses, Debbe.

    Sounds like you had a good time, Jackie. Glad you could get out and do something new.

    With all these hackers and thieves wanting to steal your information to ruin your life, why are you more concerned about the government wanting access to a criminal’s information in order to further their investigations of who else might have been involved? How many foreign governments already have access to your information through their state-sponsored spying activities? The phones are manufactured in foreign countries, how do we know their governments don’t have a “back door” preinstalled when the phone gets to you?

    And I got out and had a great time this weekend myself. Went places I haven’t been for years and really enjoyed myself. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs that mental break.

  30. We went and saw Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella last night at the Detroit Opera House. I know that a lot of fine music has been performed there, but Rogers and Hammerstein will always be my favorite. It is also a connection to my parents’ generation. Great music that will always remain great. Timeless.

  31. My understanding is that the FBI expects Apple to produce something of value that does not currently exist and just turn it over to them. Gosh, who do they think they are? The IRS?

  32. My understanding is that the FBI expects Apple to help them recover information related to a major criminal/terrorist act from one of their products as evidence in a criminal investigation. If Apple does not cooperate on their own, someone else might step in and do it for them, and then Apple has no control over what is done with the cracking information. I think cooperation is better than obstructionism if Apple truly wants to keep the process secret. And as I said before, how can Apple be sure some foreign government or hacker’s coop has not already done it for criminal purposes and kept it quiet?

  33. c ex-p, back in the mid-60s there was a pop music show on tv called Hullabaloo. One of the featured go-go dancers was Lada Edmonds, Jr. She became famous for being able to keep the fringe on her dress flying, no mean feat. Someone asked her once about the “Jr” in her name, and she said it was because her mother was also Lada Edmonds, making her then a junior. I have not heard of another such case until now.

    I am just sorry I cannot find a video of Lada dancing for Ghost. 😉

  34. The Sunday strip was a space continuum of my own dreams last night which kept waking me up with real time concerns entering into my subconscious or are the dreams also real time? Who knows?

    Lost never solved it.

    It is dark and rainy. Dickens went back to sleep.

  35. I seem to remember Lada. 😉 Have I mentioned I had a thing about go-go girls? I believe I have.

    And yes, Frank’s daughter’s professional name was Nancy Sinatra Jr. But her legal name is Nancy Sandra Sinatra, and her mother’s maiden name was Nanicia Rose Barbato, so she wasn’t really a “Junior”. Perhaps that was a “family name”.

    Wikipedia gives Nancy’s current age as 75. Lord love a duck.

  36. Today is Miss Charlotte’s birthday and among the many sweet people who live in the Village Missi Charlotte is about as sweet as Tupelo honey. Hal must have known I was going to say that because he changed my Miss to Mississippi in both instances!
    My mind must be in Mississippi?

    Miss Charlotte, I love you very much and I hope your family will be there to give you lots of hugs and kisses that aren’t virtual.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  37. Also, happy b’day George, of the hippo ivory dentures. And earlier on [12 Feb.], I forgot Abe and Charles, both 1809. And also today, E.S.V. Millay. Will send a URL w/ photo of her house. Peace, emb

  38. Here’s an email just sent to a blind-copy group:

    All: As usual, several good items. E.S.V. Millay’s NYC home, 75 1/2 Bedford St. in the Village*, is pictured at:

    It’s near 62 Leroy St.#, where I lived from Dec. ’41-May ’51 [excluding dorm at Cornell U., ’47-’51]. [#and where Mom lived until ’62, when she moved here.] Walked past it often, oblivious, en route to B.D.L. Southerland JHS [P.S. 3], at Grove and Hudson Sts. If I ever looked at the plaque, it was, “Yeah, I’ve heard the name.” My favorite English major, of course, would have been [or is] familiar w/ the name and ESVM’s poetry. Peace,

    *not this Village: Greenwich Village, lower Manhattan.

  39. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday, Sweet Charlotte,
    Happy Birthday to you.

    Ah, yes, George Washington’s Birthday, widely known among male grammar school students back in the day as George Birthington’s Wash Day.

  40. If you click on the photographer’s name, you get a back view, for which we should all be grateful. We should also be forgiving; Mr. Cherry obviously has a problem. I’ve seen worse, in men’s locker rooms.

    Which reminds me, circuitously: The comic strip LuAnn, my one soap, has launched into new social territory. Actually, 9CL has been there already, but this time it’s females. Be interesting to see where LuAnn et al. go with this. Peace, emb

  41. Ghost, maybe the TSA’s pre-inspection instructions confused them, or he wanted to show he had nothing to hide and proved the opposite. As David Niven said about a streaker, don’t pay any attention to him, he’s just showing us his shortcomings.

  42. H/B miss C

    c e-p
    If there is a III then there is a II otherwise she is a Jr.
    I was non pulsed to hear girls were Jr not just boys but that was 60ya

    My mother went to Julia Richmond High School (emb knows where that is)
    an all girl HS where they studied Deportment, Etiquette, and Home Ec.

  43. Yep. Mr. Cherry indeed looks massively indecent. I should get darn serious about my exercise program again! This three months off has done me no good.

    Rain is impeding rapid transit, meaning it is coming down too hard to see, much less speed.

  44. Continuing the conversation about iPhones:

    1. It seems that the FBI is responsible for changing the password. Now, they are hoping that the court or McAfee will come to their rescue.

    2. Because I am involved with tech security at work, I received this today:

    Krebs on Security has posted a new item.

    Many readers have asked for a primer summarizing the privacy and security issues at stake in the the dispute between Apple and the U.S. Justice Department, which last week convinced a judge in California to order Apple to unlock an iPhone used by one of assailants in the recent San Bernardino massacres. I don’t have much original reporting to contribute on this important debate, but I’m visiting it here because it’s a complex topic that deserves the broadest possible public scrutiny.

  45. 1, I still have a flip phone. Why? The !@#$%^ thing still turns on when I push the button.
    2. Linda Ronstadt has Parkinson’s.

    1. I still have a flip phone. Why? Because the @$% thing still turns on when I push the button.
    2. Linda Ronstadt has Parkinson’s. I was surprised to hear that she can’t sing at all. After years of no serious singing I don’t have nearly the same range or power, but I can still do a little Neil Diamond, Conway, Englebert, etc.
    3. Friday night we saw Yanni. It was my third time and I was surprised to find that I greatly enjoyed it.

  46. Jackie pulled into the first LA Quinta she saw when the interstate put a limited visibility warning and a bad wreck in left lane, slow down now warning simulateonously. Why LQ? Bexcuse they take the Adventure Dog without question in all their hotels. And I get suite upgrades even with points so tonight cost me whopping $15 total and very few points. My two room suite last night was same deal. I am loyal.

    But someone had smoked in my first room despite being nonsmoking, so moved.

    Eating chicken salad sandwich in room and my temporary caps broke off. I am on way home so I know where I am heading. He wouldn’t put them in until I was released from cardiologist. I am not chewing anything now!

  47. Oh no. Liquid diet time then. Glad you found a place and avoided the accident.

    We’ve had soaking rain since around noon and they say may be chance of tornadoes tomorrow. That groundhog said early spring but he didn’t mention all this rain. California needs it now more than us. I would be happy to get it in the regular season.

  48. Kudos to JJ for a quick reference to the recent confirmation of Einstein’s gravity wave conjecture.

    BTW, did you know the Dr. Wonmug in Alley Oop was a caricature of Einstein. (Einstein- one stein, Wonmug- one mug.. get it?)

  49. Very Happy birthday to you Miss Charlotte.

    By the way there is no law that says you must add numbers on just because it is your birthday. I actually turned 67 this month, but next year (Lord willing) I plan to turn 67 in February.

    Steve Moore

  50. Dear Jackie, you are such a fine caring person, to send birthday wishes to me so lovingly. Your wishes came true, partly anyway. A nice family get-together Sunday, three daughters, a son-in-law, grandson and a granddaughter. Marge, youngest dau. made a cake with chocolate frosting, beautiful and yummy! No expensive presents, lots of smiles and hugs.

    Today, my actual birthday, out for breakfast with Alice who’s visiting from Vermont. Electricians at work at house, first step in renovation of old, really old, bathroom. The kids convinced me that it would be okay to leave and stay away all day while the house is dark and cold — elec. power off. We drove my minivan, which I like a lot! to the Currier Museum in Manchester NH and stayed for hours looking at paintings, sculpture, antique furniture, intricate glassware, and more. Then got to see the college where Nancy works, part time, when she is not tending the goats and the chickens.

    Many thanks and hugs to Jackie, and to Ghost, Ruth Ann, and Trapper Jean. You guys are the best!

  51. Maybe I mentioned this earlier.* When I had my routine EKG recently, a nurse was walking me from A to B and age came up. I asked, “How old are you.” “29.” Hmm. “How long have you been 29. “30 years.” That was more plausible. She looked fine, and we still say hello in the halls. Peace, emb *I think I did.

  52. BtWW: Thanks for enlightening us about Wonmug; I had not known that before.

    Lest I totally miss the day, great birthday wishes to you, Charlotte….

  53. “How long have you been 29?”

    Better. You’ve now seen emb’s most common errors: improper punct. at end of other than declarative sentences. emb

  54. emb
    Wasn’t it Jack Benny that was continually 39?

    MBH has anniversaries of HER 39th birthday.

    A friend started counting backward after his 80th, made it to 64.

    Jackie – it is a bear when one temp comes off – hope you did not swallow
    any. There is a few inappropriate jokes that I will not post here.

  55. Two caps from five involved in lower front teeth caps broke. I think biggest danger is to the part below because the REAL caps are made to fit those cut down pieces and if I broke them the permanent teeth won’t work. He wouldn’t put them in before my surgery for fear of causing damage. Then when I got seroma he wouldn’t either. He has to do something now.

    Actually I thought they were bones in chicken salad, shocked they were teeth.

  56. Good morning Villagers….

    AND, happy belated, one day late, birthday greetings Miss Charlotte. So glad you had time with family and then a day out at the museum. Re: Nancy’s chickens, how many does she have? I picked up a calendar yesterday at the mill, it has pics of chickens…some are absolutely beautiful. Black ones, black and white ones. black, white and red ones….the calendar also doubles for bio security instructions too.

    So, the gate is down, no more decontamination of delivery trucks. And I get to park in my ‘assigned’ parking spot now 🙂 But, we still have to hazmat it and spray with Lysol upon entering the building. The Boss was not feeling well yesterday, and Jonathan told him he was probably having withdrawal symptoms from all of the chemicals used in spraying all those trucks.

    Yesterday I packed 216 cases of eggs…..and still did not bring in my colored egg. That would have been another skid, didn’t want to spike the chart. Today, Ian and I will switch packing and walking aisles. And yes, I brought home TWO trays of those double yolkers. Ian and I figured up that if 6 trays weigh almost 25 pounds, and 12 trays equal a case, I lifted almost 10,000 pounds in 4 1/2 hours~~~anyone want to arm wrestle?

    Jackie, so glad you didn’t swallow those temps.

    Saw on the national weather map all the rain you people are getting down south and OK. The rain is to start tonight here, with 20 mile an hour winds. Then changing over to snow tomorrow…arruuughhh.

    Loved your post, Jerry 🙂 OMG, I was going to ask about the new kitten and I can’t remember her name…..too much Lysol I guess…..

    Ya’ll have a blessed day………….

  57. I had my annual physical yesterday, and the doctor gave me the results of my blood tests.

    Along with everything now being in the normal range, it seems that I have beaten Type Two diabetes.

    81 mg. aspirin a day. Otherwise, no medications.

    Of course, I still have to follow my diet and exercise regimen but, overall, pretty good news, I think, especially for a man who will be 63 in May.

    Blood pressure and heart rate are excellent.

    Yep, jogging and healthy food rule.

    And now that longer days are returning, I think that I will finally be able to go down to 170 pounds.

  58. Rick I am so proud of you for that achievement. I am still on insulin, low dose but I am also not as good as I should be about my diet and exercise. I could do better. You seem to be in complete compliance.

    Got hold of my dentist. They are going to put in permanent caps now, Plavix is low dose so skipping the get off blood thinner part.
    On way asap but so are storms.

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