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I know I’ve shown to you this not-so-old A&J from 2014. I just hope it wasn’t in the past couple of months. If so, I apologize; I feel as if I’ve been chasing my tail since before the Kickstarter thing early this past summer. Speaking of that, there are a couple of things I want to mention today, and that is one. The Kickstarter rewards promised for October are shipping. Some of you will get a package today. Other rewards haven’t yet been shipped, but we’re working hard to get everything that was promised for October in the mail before Halloween. Thank you for your patience.

The other thing: that Web site make-over I keep talking about. It is on hold and, for once, for a very good reason. GoComics is in the process of seriously revamping its own site. You know, that’s where you go for “Today’s Arlo & Janis.” I don’t know the details yet myself, but supposedly the changes will not be totally cosmetic. There will be a new structure that affects not only you, the reader, but people like me, the creators. So, for now, it’s a good excuse to take a wait-and-see approach.
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  1. Oh, goodie! More change. Which, as everyone knows, always results in improvement…as long as one’s definition of “improvement” is loose enough.

    I, of course, am being facetious. I embrace change like a…well, let me work on that a bit.

  2. Don’t forget Ozzie and Harriet … there’s an oft told story that Ozzie refused to show themselves in separate beds, and stood up to the network censors about it.

  3. I’m unhappy with Apple for changing how certain menus work. My fingers are having to add extra keystrokes to get to the right menu items. I’ll adjust, but why should I have to change how I do things? I don’t mind what they do “under the hood” where I can’t see what’s changed, only improved, but I resent it when they play around with the UI.

  4. Change is becoming a 4 letter word when it comes to updates (aka changes) on the computer! Now I can’t print a whole bunch of things that I have always printed before – loose change in the pocket is OK – otherwise – not so good! TruckerRon is right

  5. EMB: It’s pronounced Ven (as in vent) Sens (rhymes with lens). Of course I grew up in Northern Indiana, so who knows with the southern twang kicks in.

    I realized how difficult it is to revamp a website. We are lucky that this version is still supported.

  6. Steve: Thanks.

    I may be the only Villager who never saw the D.V. Dyke show. Was it the first TV show that implied there was physical attraction btw. husband and wife? There’s a 3/4 [I think] bronze statue of M.T. Moore in downtown Mpls.


  7. I saw the announcement regarding “changes”.

    Changes that are needed and changes than make things better, just happen–nobody much notices during or after the changes, until a fifty-year reflective, when some will be noticed.

    Changes that are announces are never good for the users of the product being changed.

    Changes that are announced always consist of one or more aspects of degradation of the product.

    Yes, I am very old, why did you ask?

  8. says: “HUGE improvements are coming to We’ve heard your feedback and have been hard at work rebuilding the site from the digital ground up, so that we can get it just exactly the way we want it.”

    OK, I made up that last part. But they do say: “We’ve added comic recommendations based on what you already like and follow. We’re striving to help you discover even more content you’ll love.”

    There is probably nothing I love less about the InteWebNet than when some commercial site’s algorithms decide what I love. And they must change or tweak those algorithms pretty regularly, not that it makes much difference. This week, based on Kindle selections they are sure I will love, Amazon seems to think I’m a 55-year-old spinster school teacher of Asian ancestry who owns seven cats and has an inexplicable attraction to high-performance fighter aircraft and the word “pokies.”

  9. GR6, Amazon knows more about you than you ever revealed to your fellow villagers. 😉

    My use of the website is limited to a redirect from this blog and a few comics I’ve bookmarked. Should they ever go behind a pay wall my humor intake will go down. I find subscription services become more focused on subscriber metrics, allowing content to slide.

  10. Kris Kristopherson and Rodney Crowell made me laugh and sing along and applaud and cry.

    My seats were NOT behind a post nor in ladies room although I am typing this from Abuelos ladies room. The Mexican food was superb, as always.

    I loved Cains Ballroom. I have missed too much too long.

  11. Today’s current bedroom fantasy. Separate bedrooms can be good, you can visit and play and sleep together or apart, whichever you like, have time apart or together. It isn’t rejection necessarily, the British well to do did that and I suppose that ours did too.

  12. Good morning Villagers….

    Thanks you Smigz.

    Dad is going into rehab. He had an urinary tract infection and tore off his big toe nail when he fell. He’s going to be ok, he is comfortable with going into a nursing home there in Vincennes. My one sister had to scold him for his flirtations with the nurses and his doctor. I did ask her if the doctor was a female 🙂 , yes, she said…. so there is nothing wrong with his vision.

    Emb, Steve is correct in the pronunciation of Vincennes…

    Happpy hump day…..

  13. Debbie, good to hear things are improving on the dad front.

    With Halloween rising, the spirits seem to be guiding thoughts towards twin beds. Today’s Daily Offering follows a spooky parallel to recent Village chat. Is the much discussed window in truth a two-way mirror?

    On a twin bed side note. We once booked a rural Russian cache for a long weekend, only to arrive to find twin beds. College dating throw back trip. 😉

  14. I had planned to sleep in today, but apparently a momentary power fluctuation caused my new/old TV to come on by itself. Loudly. And early. I need to check the manual about that.

    Or perhaps have the place swept for poltergeists. Or check on the last known whereabouts of Angus. Lady Mindy, has he pranked you with the smoke detector lately to make you jump out of the shower naked? 🙂

  15. Larry, I have to agree that needed changes usually happen…but often not soon enough.

    Jackie, it sounds like you’re growing your own happiness.

    Debbe, your Dad’s flirting put a smile on my face today!

    I do hope, sand, that Jimmy gets some inspiration from us here (besides peeking in our windows, I mean).

  16. Figures, just when I get used to doing something, somebody wants to change it. is the world’s worse at doing that. They are always, without warning, change the way you can look up the local and national forecasts. Hopefully, the changes will be understandable to an old foggy like me.

  17. A few websites like to either link you to a video or to a slide show instead of just writing a story. When you are at work, both are quite inconvenient.

    One website that I used was AAA. They would list in a table the average price of regular, premium and diesel fuel for each state. At first I liked to use it for work, but after a while it became an interesting thing to track as the price of diesel went below the price of gasoline in the western part of the country earlier this year.

    Sometime this summer, AAA rolled out a “new look” and said “With just a simple click on a drop down, you can get the price of premium, regular and diesel” The problem was that before, they had a nice table that I copied and pasted into an excel file and could do my own analysis. I contacted them and their response was that this was much “cleaner”. I replied: “Maybe cleaner but certainly less useful!”

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