Shore Thing

Still at the beach! It’s fun putting several strips from a series together this way. It becomes a comic book! We talked about “More” magazine in the previous post. Today, it’s “Myspace.” Myspace is still around, but it’s no longer tres cool, or “very hip, very inside.” I mean, for crying out loud, this strip ran, what…? Nine years ago!
The Kickstarter thing. It isn’t my intention to tease you, but I feel I owe you updates. Things are proceeding well, actually. Much of the creative work is in place, but we are taking time to assure the financial records are properly in place. I would hate for the project to be taken down on a technicality in the middle of our fun! Speaking of fun, I might as well take this time to ask what you would like to see as a “reward” for your Kickstarter pledge. I have some goodies in place, but I’m very interested in what you’d like to see. I know you don’t even know what the project is yet, but for now let’s not worry about that; just assume it’s something you’ll want to support. I think you will.

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  1. How about a drawing from the supporters, where the winner gets a mention in an upcoming strip. Could be either a shutout, or a sneaky insider reference. Further, if Jimmy is a benevolent Claus, the UPS will deliver the original artwork to the aforementioned winner.

    A good idea, but Kickstarter rules prohibit raffles, drawings, chances, etc. That’s why I’m falling behind schedule! Learning all this stuff. But it’ll be worth it. Thanks for the suggestion, nonetheless. — JJ

  2. Wow! International notoriety! I would support that with raffle tickets. That is better than a bachelor auction!

    Wait, I have that already? But what the heck, a girl can never have enough unless she’s Miley Cyrus.

    Count me in sand on that idea!

  3. I’d vote for sand’s suggestion. I’d also vote for putting some of the raised funds towards that phantom “new website” so that we could edit our comments and have a “like” button for those posted by others 🙂

  4. R.A.-Re like buttons, let’s not fix it when it isn’t broken. JJ, give us an example of what you’re talking about. We don’t know which way to go with this.

  5. How about something like: For those who contribute at an appropriately-significant level (such that you aren’t overly swamped by this), you will provide the contributor with a panel of your artistic rendering of them with Arlo and Janis.

  6. Ruth Anne’s suggestion of a like button. Often I see a comment I really agree with, but posting a comment seems like a waste of good real estate.

    Once again, my out of box thoughts are deemed illegal. Must be a way to weasel around it.

  7. Kickstarter rewards should vary with level of commitment and are often tied into the project results- for instance, a movie project rewards could range from an autographed picture to a cameo in the motion picture. A book could range from a non-personalized signed copy of the book to an author book-signing in ones hometown. Without knowing the goal of the project or the amount you want to raise, its hard to suggest rewards, but here a a few ideas:

    For the lower levels of commitment, swag like lapel buttons or autographed post cards of our favorite couple. Higher level rewards could be T-shirts and canvas tote bags. An upper level reward could be lunch with the handsome but reclusive JJ himself!

    Keeping with the tone of the current beach arc, how about minimum contributors get a vial of sand from Arlo’s favorite beach?

  8. On one of my friends books I forget what lower levels were exactly but for cost of book at bookstore donated you got book. More you got autographed. More you got a personal appearance and reading. We had reading and autographs in my boat festival in back yard.

  9. Ah. I do a lot of Kickstarters. Here’s an example, not a plug. This campaign is over. (

    Ideally you want intangible rewards, as they don’t add to your shipping costs. Using backers names as characters is good, but stipulate that you’ll use THEIR NAME, not some idiotic name or phrase they make up. Trust me on this.

    PDF collections of art are good as well. If you do a lot of touring, you can offer “dinner with the artist”, though that might be a pain to coordinate.

    Paper goods are good rewards, as you can ship them along with a book and it will still be able to go ‘media mail’. This includes things like bookmarks, character portraits, playing cards, bar coasters, art prints or even original art.

    The sand idea is cute, but it couldn’t go media. For mixed packages, it’s cheaper (usually) to ship all the media stuff in one box, and all the glass, metal, plastic stuff separately via parcel post.

    I’m sure you already know this, but the IRS regards Kickstarter money as ‘found’ money, so raise your goals accordingly, and when the money comes in, just scrape 10% off the top and put it in the bank.

    If you are planning on doing a lot of extra rewards, there are companies, or even some printers, that will collate all the pieces together into one package for you, and mail out the individual orders from the plant. A great saving in time, effort & postage.

  10. I sorta agree with the idea of a custom strip, mentioning the contributor’s name if they are above a certain $ level. e.g.: Arlo saying “Guess who I ran into today? Dave Contributor!” and Janis responding appropriately, etc.

  11. Back from lunch, see I owe Blinky an apology. My spell checker defaults to blinking.

    I don’t view JJ as one who scrapes off the top of a fund raiser. That said, I now have to rethink our involvement with Kickstarter.

  12. Put them into a strip. Use a Sunday for greater room. Do a beach scene. Have contributors mail or email a picture to you to work from. Larger the contribution, larger the appearance in the strip (foreground, etc). Send signed copies of the print to the contributors.

  13. I should be ashamed of myself. These lycra tights are appropriately named. There is no room for anything else than me in them. I am running errands enroute to exercise tonight. This is worse than when I ran around in tennis skirts and played tennis.

    Sand I looked back and Spellchecker had changed lycra to lucrative. It isn’t true.

  14. Have to think about this Kickstarter thing. Interesting ideas have been mentioned.
    In the meantime, in today’s live strip, is Arlo being compared to a dog?!

  15. Bonnie: or some animal. I had a coworker who had an interesting expression about people who didn’t learn from experience. He’d say, “He’s just like a goose. Wakes up in a new world everyday.”.

  16. Sandcastler, pretty sure that Phil Foglio meant “scrape 10% off the top” to pay taxes on the Kickstarter money. My wife is a CPA, and that’s the sort of thing she would caution about. I don’t think a CPA would use the term “scrape” though. That has negative connotations.

  17. Regarding today’s strip, I viewed it more kindly. It just seems to me (spending a lot of time alone) that any time she’s away that Arlo misses Janice.

  18. David, you are correct on both points; government want a take, “scrape off” sounds wrong and likely to catch the eye of the government.

  19. I am a hugger like Arlo. Huggers will hug and kiss you when you come in the door and when you leave. That is what Arlo is too. A hugger needs to be around people who like to get affectionate touching. Even if it is just a hug.

  20. ‘An hour, a week’ is a bit of an exaggeration, but I was like Arlo, no apologies. A day or two away, I was at loose ends.

    BUMC became a hugging congregation when our first female pastor came aboard. I’m all in favor, but realize it makes some people uncomfortable.


  21. “Poor thing! An hour, a week, all the same to him!”

    That’s what people say about their pets. Real nice, Janis. Especially with the smirk.

  22. Here’s a happy Southern lady comment. Just cooked Glen my deputy resident grilled boneless pork chops thick cut, fresh yellow squash, new potatoes with garlic and rosemary and garden onions, along with corn on cob. All out of garden except the pig.

    Wait, I forgot the bloody vine ripened tomatoes and cucumbers with lemon vinaigrette dressing. No room for the watermelon lots of left overs but Glen had two helpings of the potatoes and squash.

    Southern mama’s are incorrigible about feeding men.

  23. I had tomato, cucumber, and onion salad with supper tonight. I didn’t grow the onions, though. I think tomorrow I will add some bell peppers to the mix.

    Were the yellow squash fried with onions? That’s my favorite way to eat squash, just a dusting of flour, sliced onions, and a little bacon fat in the pan. Cook until crisp on one side, then flip. No stirring!

  24. I just boiled the yellow squash and Glen put salt and butter. I ate mine naked but yours sound good. I have more yellow squash, zucchini and white squash. I am going to stuff the white I think.

    Said same thing, we had tomatoes and cucumbers left, will add red, green, orange bell peppers and some mild garden onions and tops, maybe low fat mayo and turn into mixed salad. There is nothing better than fresh garden vegetables. No comparison.

    We pulled out potatoes and the cabbages which didn’t ever really head. Replanting squash or okra and beans probably. Potatoes did well but extreme heat doing number on them. There are tomatoes everywhere including in flower beds where they are quite attractive.

  25. Apparently my words could have been better chosen vis a vie taxes. Let me rephrase that;

    The I.R.S. regards Kickstarter money as “pure income”. Thus, when the money arrives, take 10% of that money off of the top and put in a bank account and then ignore it, so that when your larger than normal tax bill arrives, you can pay it.

    Remember that this tax bite WILL occur, and thus, when you are trying to determine how much money to initially ask for- to cover printing, shipping, extras and etcetera, add that extra amount up front, so that this project doesn’t wind up costing you more than you bring in.

    Is that better?

  26. Glad to see Phil stop by – I am a long time fanatic
    I stop at his site before coming here (Sorry Phil)

    Hear there is a new restaurant in B town. memorial get together for my
    nephew – it has been 10 years – it does not seem possible.

    I slice zucchini, chop onion, some crushed walnut – a little olive oil
    on a flat pan – pop in oven for 15′ – 20′ @ 350*.

  27. That sounds incredible Old Bear. How thin for zucchini and onions and how crushed are those walnuts?

    I always have walnuts and olive oil.

    My friend in Canada asked if I could bring her file’ as in gumbo, not a file. She said don’t do if hard to find. I told her getting some extra out of my pantry was easy. We were from south Louisiana. How many wold she like?

  28. I use a Banjo(? that is what I call it) slicer hat cuts to about
    3/16″ –
    The onion is 1/4″ pieces –

    the walnut is (commercially called) pieces size

    It is all up to you –

    We have Walnut tree in yard so other than olive oil it comes from our place.

  29. Okay. I can do that. I own one somewhere but I can get thin. I defrosted some sirloin steak, so mushrooms somehow along with your recipe, more new potatoes and more tomatoes and cukes, peppers, onions in a chopped salad.

    My favorite squash is actually a precooked squash you add to a cornbread crumble with onions, cheese, eggs and cream and rebake. Which reminds me, I need to shuck and cut the corn off cob and make into creamed corn. I bought a big gunny sack full from side of road. Dreamer.

  30. GM Debbe
    The trip was only over to the farm.

    Came across receipt (1983 & 1985) for birds when they stopped producing (did I say we force molted them once each flock) we got 6 cents a pound. It paid for the catching.
    Remember we had loose floor birds.

    “The healthiest part of a donut is the hole.
    Unfortunately, you have to eat through the rest of the donut to get there!”

  31. Jackie
    A little diced green Bell Pepper might go good in that too.

    You sparked an idea – will let you know how it comes out.

    “Stovetop” stuffing – cream cheese in place of cream (really makes mashed potato)
    onion, nutmeg, Cheddar cheese – rebake. Will try it Sunday. I think I have some Squash
    in freezer.

  32. You know how great minds are? I was thinking about adding peppers too because I like peppers. We have a lot of peppers beginning to produce, plus I bought a lot on sale at grocery. I think the creamed corn would be great with peppers, turn into Mexi-corn. Remember canned?

    My deputy and my truck driver love vegetables and eat healthy, help with garden and we all share produce. I may not have mentioned my tall semi-retired semi driver but he helps with yard, garden, building projects part time. Nice guys.

    Mark met my crew. We are down to three but they all look after me. I’m like your mama if she wore tight tights, drove a pickup and loved rock and roll.

  33. [I’ll be up another 1.5 hours, since you seem to wonder!]

    “Great minds run in the same channel.”
    “Fools think alike.”
    Take your choice, Jackie.

  34. Sand a fortune is often amassed through frugality and denial. Remember Scrooge McDuck?

    Memories result from spending it and are far more precious.

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