Shower Time

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I’m busy with non-cartoon things much of this week. I missed yesterday altogether, and I don’t have a lot of time to chat today, but at least I’m here with a not-so-old cartoon from 2010. Working at home as I do, the morning ballet—breakfast at 7:32, shower at 7:38—isn’t the fact of life it used to be. Probably the best thing about working at home.

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  1. Did someone say “pokies”?

    Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for the cat picture about the Dow Jones, hon, even if did remind me of how the stock market ate over a third of my nest egg (no pun intended) back ’08. (I stayed in, and my money came back…and then some.)

    Does anyone remember the name of the movie about an aging rodeo cowboy with the broken-down horse named Dow Jones? I’m pulling a blank.

    Why does The Weather Channel’s morning now have (or need) a sports guy? Especially since his web site describes him as “Comedian, Actor, Writer, Lover”? Just when you think it can’t get worse…

  2. and my wife thinks I’m weird because I set my alarm for 6:18. .. .. At least I’m in a comfortable spot, I’m hourly, but I’m not chained to 40 hours a week as long as I get my stuff done. Recently I’ve been spending days with my wife going through some nasty cancer stuff (they opened her up, it had spread too much and now it’s see what any chemo can do) and I found out I can get almost all my work done in like two hours a day, she told me to make sure they don’t find that out !

  3. Me too. It’s no picnic. Many of us, hospital employees and volunteers, are closely watching and praying for a youngish woman, a surgery nurse with a wonderful bedside manner, who is now hairless but gamely working on. I’m not privy to the kind of cancer, but understand they’ve just finished a round of chemo and are waiting to see if she’s ca-free. It’s never any fun but hurts especially when they’re young.

  4. eMb, and weren’t we just talking about IKEA a day or so ago? Still on-topic, aren’t we!

    John, prayers and good thoughts for you and your wife.

    Ghost, bringing another topic from the previous blog- ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Thanks for the tune, Jean dear. Old Blue Eyes is still the best. I’d rather listen to him belch in an elevator than most of the present-day so-called singers singing.

    Jackie, I started working on my pilot’s certificates when I got out of the Air Force, ending up with a commercial ticket, an instrument rating, and a Certified Flight Instructor certificate in single- and multi-engine aircraft. I worked for a couple of flight services and had logged about 3000 hours of flight time and had been offered a position as copilot on a Falcon biz jet (the one built on the same airframe as the Dassault Mirage fighter) when I got an opportunity to change career tracks, so I never got as far as an Airline Transport Pilot certificate. I continued to do some business-related flying in a company aircraft for a while, as well as commanding the local CAP squadron and flying the occasional SAR or training mission. I’m currently not a very active pilot, although I still enjoy flying light aircraft. If I ever retire, I may get into ultralight aircraft flying.

    I suppose I have something of an aviation legacy, as several of my flight students have continued in commercial aviation, including one who was formerly chief pilot for the state. Yesterday at the Post Office, I saw another one I taught to fly when he was a teenager, who is now free-lancing as a pilot for four different aircraft owners.

    Back in the day, flight attendants were some of my favorite people (and not for the reason some might assume). I never knew one who was not hardworking, sweet and even-tempered, or anything less than completely professional in their work. And they tended to be quite attractive, which I certainly didn’t hold against them. ๐Ÿ™‚ As is an American FA I know currently.

  6. Heck, I take about that long with mine: smoothie down the hatch and hit the trail. My chief motivator is my dog who by the time I start sipping my smoothie starts spinning and arfing. Since she is a GSD and loud, I drink my smoothie on the deck outside the sunroom. Great way to start the day!

  7. John prayers for you and your wife that chemo will be the answer. Just spent a high stress month losing Mom to quick onset of cancer. Went in for pneumonia just before start of month, by 22nd lost her to complications of metastisis lung cancer. Hospice was wonderful to us. She passed peacefully surrounded by her 6 children, her step-father, and her brother-in-law and his wife. My better half commented that not only did she show us how to live, but she showed us how to die. A part of life that too often many are not prepared for.

  8. Thanks, George. I was stuck on it being a Glenn Ford film, possibly because of his memorable performance (with Henry Fonda) in the “The Rounders”, as well as the fact that he was one of my favorite actors.

  9. And mine, John, prayers and strength. This is God giving you a mountain. I got a fortune cookie this week that said, “Life is not a beach, it is a mountain you must climb.”

    My husband’s chemo is not going well, we are waiting for a neurologist to call to look at his hands to see if he already has toxicity or Parkinson’s. Stay strong and do not give up.

    When they finally decided Mike did indeed have a fast moving lung cancer, they decided to operate. We met the surgeon who carefully explained they might be opening him up and closing immediately. My daughter and I DID not know this. He said they’d call at each stage and let us know if they were proceeding. We spent five and a half hours praying for his lung to be removed, something I could not have conceived.

    Cancer seems to do that to you for it in itself is inconceivable.

    Prayers and love, Jackie Monies

  10. Ghost, and none of those flight services were in Monroe, LA? Right? I was just wondering how much younger you are than me!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  11. Ref today’s retro cartoon, my first thought was to wonder why Janis would bother to cover herself with a towel in front of Arlo. Then I realized from the following panels that she was actually drying herself with the towel. (And plus that this is still a family strip, isn’t it?)

    There, that comment was “on topic”. Wasn’t it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Back to fictional people you feel you know, we have listened to Garrison Keillor and Prairie Home Companion forever. They are celebrating 40 years on the air and AARP magazine has a short article about how he created Lake Wobegon and its’ citizens. I feel I know it “where the women are strong, the men are good-looking and the children are all above average.”

    This is a place more interesting and detailed than Middle Earth, all from one mans comedic hand.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  13. Not based in Monroe, Jackie, although I flew into there many times. If memory serves, that was where I once saw a beautifully restored P-38 Lightning warbird that belonged to Bill Fornof.

    I would tell you how old I am, but a boy has to maintain some of the mystery. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. I’m a bit ambivalent about Garrison Keillor but I did enjoy this part of his account of his heart surgery several years back.

    “The inhalator gizmo was explained to me by a lovely young nurse in a blue uniform with a pager clipped to her collar. She bent down to show me how it works, and the weight of the pager opened a fabulous landscape of tanned young breasts and gleaming white brassiere. I gazed in and realized that my libidinous urge had shrunk to something akin to my urge to play croquet.”

    Yes, as we well know here, there is something about a peek. So be careful when you bend down, Lily. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Sending the most positive thoughts and prayers I can to you Ursen, John, and Jackie–and any other Villagers who might need them. Also to you, Debbe. Congratulations on your victory over the concrete slabs, and best of luck on your big inspection upcoming.

    CXP, thank you for your post yesterday about God and the Omni’s. You expressed my feelings extremely eloquently.

  16. Hey Ghost! I’m in CAP also. Just support staff at wing. Did a stint as a squadron commander then passed that position on to folks better qualified than me.

  17. Back in the VERY early 60’s I worked for Fleeman Flying Services there at the Monroe airport.
    We had a lot of the old airshow people that based out of there, flew old bi-planes, some truly antique marvels still in air. We had wing walkers and any number old crazies who hung around. I was hanging out with some of the young instructors as well as the kind of rich southern boys who owned their own planes in those days. We’d take off and fly to lord knows where just for the fun, like kids cruise in cars.

    And yes, before anyone mentions it, I did and have done a lot of stuff in my life. I cannot complain that I had a boring time here on earth!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  18. Ghost, I don’t have to worry. Not only do I not carry a pager (use my iphone) but my bra pretty much covers anything a man might be interested,in, unless he has a thing for clavicles ๐Ÿ˜›

  19. Blessings be upon all of you who are battling disease or whose loved ones are doing so. I’m thankful my diabetes is so well-controlled and has been ever since diagnosis in ’01. My sister has just completed her third bout/treatment for breast cancer, we trust successfully…and is also thankful. Facing serious illness or death is when one truly appreciates having a firm foundation in faith, so both of us thank our parents for that foundation.

    It was 34 years ago last month that I heard a physician give me “the word” about my having cancer. I recall only some of his phrases such as “wasn’t in the cut end of the growth” and “never seen this in someone so young”. One does not forget such an instance easily.
    Shortly after, I changed colleges and had a visit from a local man trying to sell life insurance to the new hires. For once, I welcomed such an agent! I told him I had cancer and dared him to find me a decent life insurance policy. He did find me one which seemed OK, and I signed on.

    On a less serious, but very inconvenient note, a good friend was walking in a parking garage a few weeks back and stepped off a curb (purposely, not accidentally). Result was a compound fracture , both tibia and fibula, multiple pieces each, in her left leg. She’ll be in a wheelchair for a good part of 2 or 3 months, assuming current rehab goes as planned. It’ll be longer otherwise.

  20. It bothers me not a whit if you don’t like Garrison Keillor. How boring it would be if we all liked the same things!

    But a quote from him hit me, “When I was twenty and thinking of myself as a poet and genius, I thought I would die young and become immortal like Buddy Holly. People would place bouquets on my grave and think, what a shame that he was cut down before he could tame all of that raw talent……….And suddenly you’re in you sixties and you become eminent and learn to harrumph. And then seventy, Ah, seventy. The dirt road of longevity stretches out before me, and I’m enjoying the view.”

    First part opening, last part closing. In between is all the living.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  21. “When I was one and twenty,
    I heard a wise man say,
    ‘Give crowns and pounds and pennies,But not your heart away,
    Give pearls away and rubies, but keep your fancy free.’
    But I was one and twenty,
    No use to talk to me.

    When I was one and twenty,
    I heard him say again,
    ‘The heart out of the bosom
    Is never given in vain.
    It’s paid in sighs aplenty,
    And bought with endless rue.’
    Now I am two and twenty,
    And, oh, ’tis true, tis true.

  22. “When I was one and twenty,
    I heard a wise man say,
    ‘Give crowns and pounds and pennies,But not your heart away,
    Give pearls away and rubies, but keep your fancy free.’
    But I was one and twenty,
    No use to talk to me.

    When I was one and twenty,
    I heard him say again,
    ‘The heart out of the bosom
    Is never given in vain.
    It’s paid in sighs aplenty,
    And bought with endless rue.’
    Now I am two and twenty,
    And, oh, ’tis true, ’tis true.
    -A.E. Houseman

  23. Dang, Lily, how’d you know I have a clavicle fetish? ๐Ÿ˜‰ (At least that’s what Mindy would say, if Mindy were saying anything these days.)

    Good for you, Chris. It’s a worthy organization. I had to drop out due to pressing business needs, and by the time I was able to participate again a couple of years later, the local squadron had merged with one in another city.

    Jackie, I once flew almost 400 miles and landed at Houston Hobby to have a hamburger. It was when I was training for my multiengine rating, in an Aztec. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of those “rich southern boys”…Uncle Sugar was picking up the tab as part of my GI educational benefits. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And you remind me of a lady I met last year. After I got to know her a bit, I told her she must have a very short bucket list, because she seemed to have already done most everything.

  24. Lily:

    ‘my bra pretty much covers anything a man might be interested in, unless he has a thing for clavicles.’

    I don’t know about clavicles, but Katisha, an old bat in Gilbert & Sullivan’s ‘The Mikado’ [she happens to be the Emperor’s daughter-in-law elect] claims she has an exquisite shoulder blade [scapula] which is on view once a week for an hour or two. I cannot find the exact quote, but it’s in there some place. It is never exposed in the opera.

  25. I wear a sports bra to work. It is very comforting when you have to do all sorts of things to critically ill patient in the ER. In addition, in the winter I wear a turtleneck and in all but the hottest months, a round-neck white tee. It gives you a finished look. But you don’t look very finished when you have sweated through your scrubs.

  26. Actually I like A.E. Houseman and that poem, Lily.

    Ghost, I was a WWII “war orphan” and Uncle Sam took care of me until I married. I found out about the flight school benefits through my own VA benefits and applied. Again, I was crushed to learn they were open only to MALE beneficiaries. So, I was turned down but I got in about half the flight time for single engine.

    My youngest daughter tried to get into flight training at Texas A and M to find out she was too short at 4 foot 10 inches. Her husband keeps pointing out to her that if she were a few inches shorter she’d have to ride in the back seat in a child’s security car seat under the Illinois laws.

    My father flew for England and America during WWII as reconnaissance spy plane pilot, then was shot down by British planes in friendly fire while filming for battle of Monte Casino, an event I learned of 20 years ago when records were opened. So, maybe I got a few of his DNA chips applying to flight?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  27. I work (writing) from home. I even have an office, carved out of an extra bedroom of which we have many. The biggest problem about working from home is that there is a sign outside my office (though I have never seen it) that says, “Man available for odd jobs – inquire within”.

  28. GR6 mentioning Hobby Airport, remember that sounds funny to a lot of people, sure there’s Rice University and a Brown Convention Center, but then there’s the Memorial Shopping Center, people must think like what the heck is that? the tomb of the unknown shopper? … … … … ..
    Jackie – I meant to give a shout out to you days ago when you posted about your husband, but I always get to the comments late, so didn’t want to backtrack

  29. Ghost, I would have to change some names to protect the guilty/and or innocent.

    You honestly would never believe some of the things I have survived. Reality shows like “Survivor” are so lame. They should try real life and see who survives?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  30. Jackie, change all the names you’d like, just don’t (based on the “teasers” you’ve already given us) dare leave out any of the events. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. Many hugs, get well wishes, words of encouragement, and whatever else I can give to those that need it.

    And is it just me, or has Arlo unwittingly triggered Janis’s own mid-life crisis?

  32. Mindy, I agree with you. My mom was/is always saying “Old age is creeping up on me/you”
    Her baby sister, aged 87, would always say “Shut up about old age/death. I’m not old.” I would be with Janis probably twenty years ago but at 70 I am more with Arlo on the acceptance part, given the circumstances.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  33. Perhaps, Lady Mindy. But if men buy sports cars when they have mid-life crises, what do women do? I’m serious about that, as I have a female friend I suspect may be having one.

  34. Depends on the woman. And that way, there be dragons; remember, “Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons; for you are small, crunchy, and taste good with ketchup.”

  35. Someone recently gave me an old but perfectly serviceable public service radio scanner, and I decided to repurpose it as a VHF aviation radio scanner. So over the weekend I programmed in all the ARTCC, Approach/Departure, Control Tower and Unicom/Multicom frequencies for this area, and it works like a charm.

    I then discovered the (free) FlightAware app for my smart phone which allows me to track the position, altitude and speed of flights being worked by ATC facilities. I can also enter the call signs for aircraft I hear on the scanner and get their types and points of departure and destination. For instance, a little while ago, a Cessna 182 Skylane passed overhead at 5500 feet, bound for Gulf Shores AL. I wish I were flying that one.

    I’m sure this all sounds about as exciting as Train Spotting to most of you, but for an old pilot (or, I hope, for a kid interested in aviation), it’s kind of fun.

  36. Ghost, they do the same thing sometimes. Well, I did. Red to go with the Texas bleached blonde look. That was almost as far as it went but the attention was ego building I guess.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  37. I’m listening to Kid Rock and expecting Warren Zevon! I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic’s; his hair was perfect!

    I have never had any hankering to learn to fly myself, but seem to be surrounded by flyboys in the family. Several of my uncles on my mom’s side were in the Air Force, and one of them flew The Hump during WWll. On my dad’s side his youngest brother, who had learned to fly small planes while in his teens, joined the Army and went for helicopter flight training. He said the first thing the instructor said was “anybody fly fixed wing? well we’re about to correct all your bad habits!” He flew Hueys in Viet Nam.

    Then there was my mom’s father. He was in the cavalry during WWl. During inspection one day the wind blew his hat off, and when he bent over to pick it up before the sergeant saw him, his horse bit his rear. I know…off topic. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. Ghost, I’ve eaten a number of smoked things, but never smoked any funny things. Dare I ask what vehicle you would picture me in? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. GR6, I’ve heard that one before, and all I can think about is Warren Zevon! A-oooh!

    Trapper Jean, the cavalry story wasn’t off topic. It was still transport related.

  40. As my friend Bubba says: “You know, it’s gonna be real freakin’ funny if, after everybody gets all prepped for the Zombie Apocalypse, it turns out to be a Werewolf Apocalypse instead. ‘Cause I bet ain’t hardly nobody stocking up on AR and handgun ammo with silver bullets.”

  41. On Topic! On Topic! Periscopes UP!

    All day long the news summary on my Yahoo front page has been the health article titled “How Often Do You Really Need to Shower?” I have resisted pointing this out since it was so blatantly on topic of today’s retro cartoon.

    It seems that it isn’t actually healthy to lather up every day and our forefathers and mothers who bathed once a week on Saturday night might have been healthier for it. And I thought cleanliness was next to Godliness?

    Tsk! Tsk! And Janis seems to be a compulsive bather and showerer in that opaque Bumstead water. And Arlo joins her I will bet every chance he gets.

    Although I did think the gardening strip where Janis strips in the front yard into a sheet was fantastically funny and right on.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  42. Guess it’s a good thing they still sell “5 Day Deodorant Pads”. But don’t tell Janis or we won’t get to see her in the tub or shower nearly as often.

    Actually the instructions read “For best results, use daily after bathing.” So perhaps they don’t actually last for five days.

  43. Good morning Villagers…

    John…payers and hugs to you and your wife…..Amen.

    Today’s real time is a jewel….love it.

    NK…thanks for the ‘grats…..I’m still gloating ๐Ÿ™‚ Now if I can pull off this inspection so I can keep working there….not going back into the corporate world or retail.

    Indy Mindy…love the ‘dragon’ quote….where did that come from? Sounds familiar.

    GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m with you on Jackie’s autobiography….sounds steamy….good variety of music links here….caught your comment….”right button”, heh?

    Going through sleep deprivation here…..later

  44. Ghost, a Jeep is pretty close! I actually drive a Ford diesel Excursion. We bought it some 13 years ago when we needed the carrying capacity. Still drives really well, too.

    And yes, I somehow knew you’d find Warren and His Werewolves! As to your friend Bubba’s quote, I wouldn’t put it past Husband to have some silver bullets, just in case. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Indy Mindy, one of my favorite cartoons is a drawing of two dragons, one surrounded by suits of armor. The second dragon is saying “Kid, you spend more time shelling those things than yo do eating them!”

  45. Debbe, that one has been around a long time, but I still think it’s a hoot. I first encountered it on a Tolkien forum. It is, of course, a play on a LotR quote: “Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.”

  46. Debbe – I guess Lilyblack knew the correct answer; however, my first encounter with that quote came from a very different source: the rear bumper of an old Roadrunner. I had seen it around town several times that day. Finally, at the post office, we were both stopped long enough for me to do a slow walk around, I’d never seen one in person before. It was beat up around the edges, some bondo here and there, and the finish had turned matte. I was enchanted with the car and the quote in moments. Yet the quote seemed to be a bit of a warning; it was no Christine, but definitely trouble. As every other instance of the quote I’ve seen omits the word “crunchy,” this only reinforces my suspicions. I have never seen that car since.

  47. Back to sports cars and pilots: At age 50 plus I began to learn about my father. He died at 21 but he apparently was a total “character”, so I am his child.

    When I learned who and what he’d been, I began serious searching. I managed to speak to every living member of his squadron, mechanics, pilots, enlisted, officers. I talked to his wing man and got his story about the cover up of my dad’s death. This sort of stuff suddenly made this young kid alive again and for the first time real to me.

    My favorite was when he decided pilots, officers and gentlemen needed transportation. He “requisitioned” an Army truck which they used for awhile but my dad was a snappy sports car owner, so he faked Army “papers” and went around town requisitioning every Italian sports car still intact. He didn’t stop until all the pilots each had a car to drive!

    This made it all the way to the top brass, I was told, who did not think this amusing and made them all return the cars. They were so short of pilots and planes, nothing was done as punishment. Imagine, over fifty years had passed and his escapades were being told again! And laughed about.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  48. I’ve worked home for decades, but was always was tied to husband’s work schedule. Now that he has been home also for about 6 years we barely are tied to any schedule. It is 3 am and we will be going to bed and then will get up around 11am (8 hrs sleep), it is closer to our personal rhythms. When we need to we get out of bed “in the middle of our night” and can get up as early as 7:30 am if we need to. He works online doing mental health counseling and works at night. I am an accountant and only make appointments in the afternoon (all my clients think I am at someone else in the am).

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