Shui What?

Shui What?

September 25, 2005

Since we’re busy moving furniture in the current A&J strips, I thought it would be reason enough to revisit this Sunday classic. It was, of course, a good excuse for an exercise in figure drawing, featuring my favorite model. I think it all turned out all right. Did you notice that the copyright date in the second panel was 2002, and the date in the bottom left panel was 9/25/05? I did. This indicates that the strip, when it appeared in newspapers in 2005, was a rerun. Repeating material wasn’t as common 19 years ago as it is today; it usually indicated something out of the ordinary. I wondered to myself what was happening in the waning summer of 2005, at the time a Sunday strip for late September normally would have been drawn. It didn’t take long to remember. Hurricane Katrina.

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  1. Yes Hurricane Katrina certainly would have affected you. Sometimes good things happen in terrible circumstances. It was great to see all America try to help out the folks that were affected by that storm.

    Speaking of moving furniture, my wife and I ordered a new couch and love seat in July and it was on back order. It was supposed to be ready by August, then middle of September and now October. The problem is I have to move furniture out of the house and I’m too old and not talented enough. Once I have a firm date for delivery I’m going to have to hire someone to move a sleep out of the basement and move my current loveseat and couch down there. I don’t have any friends like Arlo does

  2. Oh man, 2005. “Blankets for Arlo.” Still hangs on my wall.

    By now, I consider it A&J canon for “whatever happened to Arlo’s boat?” 🙂


  3. I was just thinking about Katrina vs Ida this morning. My husband and I moved (were transferred) from New Orleans to the Houston area (Conroe) in 2000, and our kids (2) were grown and in college and did not move with us. When they finished college, they ended up settling in the New Orleans area and had met life mates (daughter married and son engaged) by the time Katrina hit. Katrina and Ida both hit on September 29. Both were major category 4 storms at landfall. Both had people evacuating the area (a lot of family ended up with us). In my opinion, people have actually learned a bit since Katrina, and while there has been devastation from both storms, it looks to me as if the loss of life has been less with Ida and the speed of recovery has been greater.

    For Katrina it was 2 weeks before people staying with me could go evaluate the damage to their property. For Ida, my son was back in Destrehan putting blue tarp on his roof within a few days of the storm hitting. For Katrina, my son and his fiancee and her family were here for almost 6 weeks, working remotely, and my daughter returned back to River Ridge in 4 weeks with power, but no internet (son needed internet to work, daughter and her husband did not). BTW, my son’s fiance was a nurse in a hospital and was forced to commute back to New Orleans (1 week staying there, one week back in Texas) during that time. For Ida, my daughter and her family were back in Mandeville in a little over a week and had power soon after. My son and his extended family were back in Destrehan in about 2 weeks, got power after another week and got internet yesterday (not quite 4 weeks after the storm).

    Here’s hoping that people keep the lessons learned from these storms but do not need to use it again for a long, long time!

  4. Hey Ghost, thanks for the recipes! I should have told you before – the salad your sister shared was a hit both with my group and with my house full of evacuees.

  5. JJ-

    I love the figure study- especially in panel 3. Something about how Janis’ hair hangs, her upturned face and extended arms gives it a classic sculpture look.

  6. Think I am changing tonight’s menu to vegetable beef soup! I have had sour throat and body ache which began as runny nose but no fever several days ago.

    The beef burgundy wasn’t bad and got eaten last night.
    I am going in kitchen to look for meat in freezer for soup. I found frozen soup vegetables already and have fresh ones to use as well.

    Trying hard to clear pantry, fridge and freezer, utilize the miscellaneous stuff accumulated. We are supposed to be entering another pandemic grocery period of shortages and price increases.

    What are you doing in your area? Problems? Yes? No?

  7. Found chicken legs and broth for soup. On stove.

    Trash can full in kitchen, going back for more and second can. Have chili and beans, stuffed peppers, spagetti sauce, banana pudding, peach cobbler planned to use up stuff I’m finding.

  8. I used to enjoy referring to “fang shooey” and listen to people try to explain to me that it was “fong shway,” or something like that. I would listen politely, and then say “okay,” and get on with my life.

  9. Jimmy turned me into a twisted, dirty old man.

    Now, because of the strips about Janis’ nude modeling in college, I immediately pictured her as a nude model in this retro strip.

    Before those nude modeling strips, I never would have thought of that.

  10. I just don’t understand how Jimmy can use such simple, even rough, lines and produce characters that are attractive, enhanced, and enjoyable. This is why A&J is my favorite among the 30 or so I read every day.

  11. I have tried reading the two pages of “comics” posted by the Washington Post for the last week or so. I do not find them humorous nor are many even understandable!

    Even the “reruns” of comics from those deceased or no longer drawing are mediocre. This is so sad!

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