Sick humor

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We haven’t talked baseball in a while, have we? Anything to get away from football, I say. By this time tomorrow, we’ll know which two teams will be in the World Series. We already know one: Detroit. We used to have a tradition around the Web site that dictated our official endorsement during the baseball playoffs would go to teams from cities with a newspaper that carried Arlo & Janis on its comics page. This year, the official endorsement in the World Series would go to Detroit, whether San Francisco or St. Louis* wins the National League pennant. I don’t think the comic strip has ever been in a newspaper in either NL city, and I know it has been featured in “The Detroit Free Press” for many years. Therefore, Go Tigers! I’m glad some tigers somewhere are having a good year.

*Should St. Louis prevail tonight in the 7th NLCS game, it will present something of a quandry, as St. Louis has for generations been a popular franchise in the southern U.S. Unofficially, we will be torn.