Sidewalk Surfing

Boy, does this 2001 A&J bring back memories. Not memories of a sidewalk café in Paris but memories of “surfing” the Web with a desktop computer, viewing it all on a cathode-ray monitor with a dial-up modem. It was all so fascinating. I’m sure one still can listen to jazz from a Parisian radio station, but the point is, do I bother? No, I don’t. However, if it had not been for the internet in that era, I almost certainly would never have made it to Paris for real. (“Hey, look! You can buy plane tickets!”) But that’s another story.

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9 thoughts on “Sidewalk Surfing”

  1. When I was in high school I studied to get an amateur radio license (ham), because it was so exciting to talk to people thousands of miles away. That was before I discovered girls and tried to figure out how to talk to them. Now we have email and twitter and cell phones and can talk to anyone anywhere and it isn’t nearly as interesting.

  2. Most people today call those old monitors “coke bottles.” I have a friend back in LA who prefers to refer to empty state technology. I remember back in the early ’90s using something called gopher, and being quite impressed the first time I connected to a server in Thailand. Now, unless you don’t look at your browser’s address bar and understand what the url means, you probably don’t even know what country you’ve connected to. Progress.

  3. A lot of people have “cut the cord” in regards to cable and some are streaming sporting and other live events. What they are finding is a time lag. So if you are following along on Twitter, you will probably learn of the play a few seconds before you see it on your stream.

    That happened to me one Thanksgiving as the plays seemed to be 20-30 seconds behind. I mentioned to our host and suddenly he realized that he had used the DVR and forgot to fast forward it to live action.


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