Silly Goose

When I ran across this Sunday from 2010, I had to choose it for today’s classic A&J, because a couple of dear friends of mine are leaving this morning for a vacation in France. I wish them a hearty bon voyage, and of course I envy them. Though, when it comes to the average passenger manifest, Janis Goose probably is closer to the truth than Arlo Goose. You’re going to roll your eyes at this next bit. I’ve talked about it on several occasions in the past, but you have to admit: some of the things I dwell on here to no apparent end do sometimes produce results, eventually. I am again/still giving my online presence a lot of thought, and I now, finally, realize this will mean a lot more than a cosmetically revamped traditional Web site. When it does happen, a lot of you aren’t going to like it at first. There are a lot of things I won’t like so much either, but social media are were creativity is headed. It’s largely there already. I do believe, however, that ultimately nothing we enjoy now will be lost, and a lot will be gained. I hope it happens sooner than later, if only because I can stop worrying about it.
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  1. Hopefully, this isn’t a hint that you’ll dispense with the website and retreat to something like Facebook… I can see your posts on the website, and get RSS feeds suggesting it’s time to look. On Facebook, I get what they decide to show me so I have to rummage to find stuff from people. That would not be a good change…

  2. There were parts of the previous edition that I enjoyed as well, but obviously the ability to “talk among ourselves” is an added benefit. At first everything was moderated, which had to have put a strain on Jimmy, but for the most part, the people here at A& have been surprisingly civil in an uncivilized world. I say surprising only because other places where discussion has been welcomed, the discussion has gotten nasty. Just look at the dark side.

    Many newspapers use Facebook in order to post comments and based on what I have read here, I doubt that is the direction here. I sort of like the anonymity that we can have here, although at times I would love to say something privately to others without everyone that posts here reading it.

    My Facebook account has an “On this Day” feature that shows my posts from previous years. 2 years ago my wife and I were in Italy, having a great adventure. Of course the end of the trip did not end well for me as one of my bouts of food poisoning happened at the end of it.

  3. Mark: Congratulations for being well enough to go back to work. I timed my surgery (I know you did not get that luxury) so that it was near Christmas, usually a slower time of the year. However I did have trouble sleeping so I would wake up at 3:00 AM and skim through emails. Working for a Japanese company was helpful as some of my colleagues were up at that time. Everyone asked “What are YOU doing answering emails?” Simple answer: I was bored…but I also did not want to sort through 1400 emails when I returned to work!

  4. Steve from Royal Oak, MI. I know what you mean about the emails. I have logged into my work email a couple of times just to get rid of the stuff that didn’t apply to me or what i did. My inbox had gotten so full I would not have been able to send emails (if I had been trying to).

  5. Jimmy last year here at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show my dear friend and editor zjosh Colvin of Small Craft Advisor magazine and I briefly discussed that very issue. Pun, I know.

    Josh while running a magazine that actually succeeds in a small niche knows that social media drives today’s market, not traditional media. He just bought the online boating magazine I am also associated with, the legendary Duckworks magazine and it’s supply company to move from Texas to here. It too continues to grow daily and thrive.

    I will not forget Josh’s succinct words. “The ground is shifting beneath our feet as we stand here. If we don’t keep moving, we will simply fall in the cracks.”

    Thought you might enjoy comment right about now. Keep moving my friend. We can too or fall into the cracks.

  6. Hopefully, Hopefully is not correct…because my immediate thought as well was that the blog might be replaced by something like Book of Faces. And hopefully, that was just because of my admittedly (but, I promise, temporary) slightly dark outlook on things.

    But as we used to say in the Air Force, when you mention something bad, it happens; when you mention something good, it goes away.

  7. And yet pigs fly when they are not aerodynamically designed. I swore I would not book such involvement, didn’t care how many cute photos of my grandchildren were there or how many cute pins my daughter shared.

    Here I sit sharing my life.

    I have porcine aviators out in garden bearing male names. Do I need to add a sand?

  8. Somehow, Jimmy’s above post doesn’t seem to get less ominous to me with additional readings. But again, that’s probably just me, right now, and perhaps it’s not actually a harbinger of doom. 🙂

    A non-insignificant percentage of the people I know either have had the crud recently; currently have the crud; or are beginning to exhibit crud-like (Oxymoron? As in, it’s either the crud or it isn’t?) symptoms.

  9. My stone Mason just reported in with Lyme disease. We are tick infested in Oklahoma right now. I had best be tested when I get home.

    Ghost I hope you recover totally and return to your highly capable self. Hal says capacious?

    Don’t worry. It will be OK and the Village will not disappear like Brigadoon. Don’t you vanish too like ephemeral beings often do. If bring my Glock will you give me shooting lessons? I need some.

  10. Jackie, that’s the difference. You are sharing YOUR life, not someone else’s. Your adventures are happening now, with more to come. And what you share, and the others here share, encourages the rest of us to get up and get on with it.

  11. Thank you Mark. A seagull seems to have dropped a large shell on my roof directly over my room in an effort to open it. Sounded like a brick and crashed onto rocks below. It sounded like a death wish gull clad in a coat of armor diving onto roof to his end.

  12. Perhaps it was a tactical seagull attempting to make a dynamic entry.

    My 20-year-old Glock has been retired from its everyday carry duties and is currently a “project” gun. I will try to speed up the modifications so it can be available as a teaching aid.

  13. Stevie Ray Vaughn just came on as I began typing this with Pride and Joy, one of my favorites of his. So, I lost my beginning here. I was mentioning that my resident deputy got certified as a Glock armorer for his department. He is so proud.

    Hal said Glockenspiel.

  14. If I had a resident Glock armorer, my project gun would be finished by now. Tell Deputy Glenn I said good on him.

    Sweet Charlotte, although I believe I failed to mention it, I too am very happy that you are at home and able to ambulate, even if a bit of assistance is required. Ref your walker, TruckerRon would probably tell you to keep the shiny side up and the dirty side down.

  15. Crud has thoroughly kicked my behind, and work is kicking me now that I am down. And an older friend of mine just had a massive stroke and passed this week. I hadn’t been to see her in a while, and vowed to do so once I was healthy enough to visit her nursing home safely. I guess I will, but not how I planned. This week sucks.

  16. Ghost darling I just had lunch with another certified armorer up here so don’t think I don’t have friends who bear weapons. I told him you were modifying yours and it took more than 10 minutes of cleaning. He said to tell you to teach me gun safety and not shoot myself or anyone else.

    You could come visit me and you and Glen would have a guns, weapons, knives and defense fest and he could help you on yours. He’d like that. He also was a professional butcher in a past life so he’s great at grilling.

  17. Miss Charlotte you know I am happy you are home with better food. Mark you know I am happy you are alive and recovered so speedily. Ghost I am glad you are recovering too. Mindy I am sorry you are ill too. Debbe I am glad you haven’t caught it nor your chick’s. Jimmy I hope you are better. Jerry I hope you haven’t caught it.

    Are there any other members of the congregation we need to mention in need of prayer?

  18. I think it’s great you have such an interactive website, but few of my favorite writers put in as much effort and commentary as you endeavor to provide. Most have a webmaster who runs the site and the author pops in on occasion. I think you worry too much about being on here, but it’s your site and it should reflect your feelings on what it should be. Do what works for you and makes sense. I suspect the content will satisfy us fans….

  19. Days like today puling weeds in the heat is very hard on me, but winter, short and mild though it may be, is coming. Congrats Charlotte. I too don’t want to get anywhere near facebook or anything like it. Having said that, I have been wondering how JJ will continue in this world of dying newspapers since he makes little to nothing from the village. Buying a ticket to get in is ok with me.

  20. Referring to semi-recent postings: One of my pastors asked me if the term “geezer” could be applied to women as well as to men. I think it could, but have never heard it used for the fair sex.

  21. c x-p:

    No, I think geezer is male only. Specific online synonyms include: old-fashioned person [but I doubt it could be female], conservative [but I’m guessing in taste, dress, whatever, not specifically politics], fuddy-duddy, square, old fogy, mossback, coot. No implications of persona, other than maybe cranky or eccentric, and none specifically bachelor, married, or widowed. I’m not as cranky as when I was younger, but many consider me eccentric: pit snakes!, sardines for breakfast!, etc.

    Only female nouns that come to mind [e.g., matron, dowager, crone, hag, granny, spinster] have specific attributes or connotations relating to marriage, widowhood, property, witchcraft, some of them negative. Dowager is strictly a widow with property inherited from hubby, and, esp. in UK, usually related to nobility, e.g., dowager duchess.

    Maybe our better halves could help us here. Peace,

  22. Jackie: Firearms, knives and grilled meat…what’s not to like?

    Late last month, when I was feeling really crummy and was house-bound, I even got tired of reading, which has never happened before, and I found myself reduced to watching TV (before it gave up the ghost). On the bright side, I discovered that, even with the Olympics over, they were still playing women’s beach volleyball. Ladies, I’ve decided that if you want to have a cute butt until near-middle age, you should be a professional women’s beach volleyball player. Or, more likely, you should be born with the genetic makeup that allows you to become a professional women’s beach volleyball player.

    When I got really bored, I figured out how to make Siri say dirty words. In my defense, I was taking a lot of cough syrup at the time.

  23. Just watched he’d the most amazing phenomenon from my window involving a roiling sea lit by the moon that extended from just offshore the beach across to a distant island. The sea all around was dark and flat but a moon litroad extended like an interstate with what looked like tossing, colluding waves that threw water air borne.

    Now it has stopped and all is still and dark.

  24. Good morning Villagers….

    Jimmy, the only thing constant in life…is change.

    Jackie, I wonder if those waves were from the 500 foot wave caused by a glacier collapse.

    Sitting here admiring the full moon thru a dirty window….where’s a maid when ya need one! Dang gravel/dirt road. Idiots drive down this country road like they’re at the Indy 500, and the dust they leave behind is horrible. You can hardly see the greenery along the road for the dust cover on it.

    Mark, so good to hear you’re returning to work….as I’ve told Miss Charlotte, take baby steps.

    Indy Mindy…sorry to hear of your loss, you have my sympathy….yes, this whole summer has sucked and still sucks.

    ….and it’s pay day, broke tomorrow

    Steve, did your cat’s whiskers grow back?

  25. > social media are were creativity is headed. It’s largely there already.

    Sure is. Just remember, some of it is open to the world, but Facebook is a walled garden.

    A big garden with a lot of people in it, to be sure. But not everyone. If you go there, you bid farewell to those who remain outside.


  26. Debbe:

    The whiskers were only singed at the end. However occasionally I will spot a whisker that they have shed, so I guess the answer is unless it burns to the root, whiskers (and human hair) grow back. Unless they have male pattern baldness. The same black cat started licking all the hair off of his belly, so he has a white spot now. Vet said the cat had a mental illness and I think that we gave him meds for a while but figured as long as he did not lick all of the fur off, he would be OK. As Jimmy would relate in today’s strip, getting a cat to stay still to administer medicine is sometimes more trouble than it is worth.

  27. I’m curious how they trained the dogs to ignore the MRI noise? Sedation would also impact the reading so it couldn’t be that…could it?

    Jerry, glad the close lightning strike did not affect your implant. If it is really hot out there, remember that weeds can be ornamental, if you look at them so.

    that was really nice about the wave, Jackie.

    Everyone, take care (as best you can)!

  28. Debbe love the orange cat on concrete statue. I have my own orange cats to use!

    The area I am in has strong currents and I think what I saw was a tidal effect. I will ask my friend at lunch who is an international cruiser. He will know. His wife is ill so naturally we are all going to a fantastic restaurant to overwhelm her stomach some more. Shouldn’t do that, she ate curry in Thai restaurant other night.

    Just now dawn. Dickens is back asleep.

  29. Well Llee will laugh at that one because it was my friend Lezlie who met her doppelganger in stone on our road trip.

    I have enough orange ginger cats to cover a fair amount of concrete but as Jimmy pointed out, dogs are more reliable. And cats seldom do anything they don’t choose.

    Where does a 10 pound cat sit? Anywhere he wants.

  30. Jackie, it says “Sorry, something went wrong” when I tried to open it. I hope that means with the photo and not you.

    Remember in Top Gun when Maverick rolled his F-14 inverted over the MiG, canopy to canopy, and Goose took a Polaroid picture of the Russian fighter’s cockpit? Was that real or was it Hollywood? Yeah…no.

  31. Hmmn, that photo is public so far as I know and certainly opened for me just now. Would someone else not a member of Facebook try to open it?

    Or does Facebook know who objects and retaliated?

  32. Thank you Mark. Mark, is this what I look and dress like, at least part of the time? Natural hair, little to no makeup and a Furry dog.

    Mark and I are arranging for me to come pick up his mom’s inside cats to move to Oklahoma. His mom is going to live with Mark’s brother and they cannot move with her. I hope they won’t hitch hike back to Alabama.

  33. My brother’s also putting my mom’s house up for sale. This is where I have been living since I split with my wife. Anybody need a roommate?

    And yes, that is pretty normal for you Jackie.

  34. JJ just tweeted that he will be at the Cooper Young Festival this weekend, Memphis,Tennessee. Table A245. Always nice to hear hometown news. 😉

  35. Jackie: I’m non-FB, and this is what I got:

    ‘Sorry, something went wrong.
    We’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.’

    But Mark’s URL worked. Peace,

  36. eMb, you may not think you’re on VisageVolume, but I got a hit when I entered your name. I’m not on it either, but anyone can browse for names – but nonusers cannot see all the info associated with hits.
    Your entry features a recognizable photo of you as well as several interests, educational background, and the like.

  37. c x-p: I signed up once, but later asked to be removed. They still list me, and FB msgs. have become a pain in the neck. Does anyone know how to leave FB? I’ve no idea what my password and such were.


  38. Ghost, Dickens is indeed spoiled rotten and gets to sleep anywhere he likes and lick my toes.

    Got to wind my way back to hotel so I need to put this phone on GPS so I don’t end up lost in lonely pines. Roads are narrow and obscure up here.

  39. Jackie, look out over the water and see if the Sea Serpent returns tonight.

    I registered for Pinterest recently, to see what it is. They send me pictures every day or so. Based on some (but not all) of the pictures, “Pinterest” must be Italian for “Porn”.

  40. I get a lot of those things, too. But I don’t surf porn (my memory and imagination takes the place of that 🙂 ), so I don’t know where that’s coming from.

  41. Someone from my past just surfaced that I never dated. Wearing Oakleys and a black tee shirt. I have no idea how he found me. He was a good friend.

    I mention this because he joined Facebook to get in touch with me, a huge sacrifice for him. To get my address and phone number he would do that. And here I have been throwing it out it would seem.

  42. You don’t send me flowers nor music. Perhaps I don’t seem to need them.

    Need to go to sleep. I have a date with one boat designer at 11 a.month. and another at 2 p.m. unfortunately both are business, refitting my boat and modifying it.

    Richard says pilots make good sailors, boats move on air and wings, just point another direction. He says I need tall person to sail with, I am too short to see over cabin.

  43. And I used to wear natural string bikini sans-liner but forget that! I am sure you look fantastic in black tee shirt and glasses. You know of course I love men in black.

  44. Good morning Villagers….

    Jackie, dang you look good and Dickens too. Wish I could come sail away with you (there’s a song there somewhere 🙂 )!

    Going in early to sew a belt, broke early into production. And I had that belt down on my “preventative maintenance list”…procrastination, maybe.

    Happy Caturday

    Thanks for the story Steve….last night a little grey and white kitten showed up in our yard. Came through the front or side field of weeds. Haven’t looked to see if it’s a she or a he. That’s all I needed, another cat. But kittens are fun. It had to be someone’s pet, as it is really friendly. Going to check the neighbors to see if it belongs to them. They have cats and we feed them too.

  45. Beautiful dog. If the dog needs a man in black I think that Tommy Lee Jones is pretty tall. I have no idea if he sails. I saw a large boat turned over on I-10 last night. Sounds like the lead to a Groucho joke, but seriously folks. I didn’t even think about my implants when the lightning hit. My one and only thought was “I’m dead”, but apparently it went around , over or under me and hit the tv. The new tv is fantastic. If you haven’t seen the new 4D super hd TV’s they are great.

  46. I happen to think Tommy Lee Jones is awesome. I love his smile. Can’t remember when I started liking him but he was so cute playing Moonie in Coal Miner’s Daughter with that red hair. Double Indemnity is one of my favorites or maybe the federal Marshal in Fugitive.

    Jerry I got knocked across a road and cut up with gravel as a teenager so it scares the heck out of you. When the ball of lightening bounced off tree and exploded in my tiny office all the fur on my keishaund stood on end and she looked like a fat powder puff. I probably did too.

  47. Today’s strip is what Arlo hears, nothing, because he fell asleep with Janis talking on sofa. When she leaves he wakes up, follows her to kitchen where she continues talking and he goes back to sleep.

  48. TR, what is a document camera? It looks like a desk lamp, and sort of sounds like the old overhead projector. But digital somehow? Sounds like a good bunch of kids, though. 🙂 You can be proud of that girl.

  49. It is raining for first time here in rainy Pacific Northwest. They have been so dry and in a burn ban, high fire danger. Gray with clouds to water, rain running down window looking out at sound. One boat swinging at anchor off beach below about 100 yards out. Just noticed another.

    Going back to bed with Dickens. Days like this you wish for company. Good day to sleep in, cuddle, read, sleep in. Make popcorn in microwave, heat up soup, do nothing.

  50. Ghost: I agree that Pinterest can be a little odd. I signed up so that I could more easily follow links to crochet patterns and recipes that I had searched elsewhere. Those things do show up in their emails. It’s the “suggested pins” that can get weird. Some have obvious ties to my expressed interests but I cannot understand why April Fools jokes show up every month!

  51. I realize some of you have given up on Brooke McEldowney, either ‘9CL’, ‘Pibgorn’, or both. Actually, Pib [added to dictionary] and her associates have not shown up for months. Instead, Brooke’s online-only offering has been a b&w strip called ‘Wahoo Junction’. Note that B. can draw women with real chins. The central character in the strip is the homely creep on the left. Like Thorax in 9CL, he comes from another planet, and has done some things that ‘prove’ it.

    The woman works in the same office, and also looks pretty good when wearing less. The creep does not. To get the drift leading to today’s episode, go back several days. IMO, Wahoo Junction is a hoot.


  52. Llee, a document projector is the 21st century version of the old overhead projector. But instead of only using transparencies, this one allows you to put items on it and displays them on an interactive whiteboard. This allows her to easily show the kids most anything, especially their own artwork, nice and big.

  53. A blogger I follow was driving through Memphis the other day and later posted that his car had been rear ended while he was driving on B. B. King Boulevard. On of his commentators remarked that “I Was Rear Ended on B B King Boulevard” could be the title of the saddest blues song ever written.

  54. I thought that today’s cartoon shows that Arlo treats much of Janis’s conversation the way I treated my TV before it gave up the ghost…as background or “white” noise.

  55. Lest anyone starts to feel sorry for me for being TV-less, or concerned I might not have access to important information “in the event an emergency occurs”, let me assure you that between my InterWebNet access and a very good public service radio scanner I can turn on, I will be well informed if (some would say, when) the SHTF. Also, hidden away behind sliding doors in an étagère in my bedroom is an emergency back-up TV. Although, come to think of it, it may have also given up the ghost, as it’s not been powered up in years.

  56. TR and Lee: Back when such items were called “AV equipment” an overhead projector was used with transparencies and opaque projectors (big old bulky things) were used with pictures, books, documents, etc. The new projectors take the place of both and are much smaller. Many can also be used with 3D objects or be attached to computers to display whatever is there. The only negative is the cost of the replacement projection lamp, often over $100 instead of the $8 or 10 of the older technology.

  57. When I created LARGE window and shop displays I used overhead projectors to short cut my art work and especially for scale. I’d lug huge 4 x 8 foam board to libraries to use theirs. Finally bit my lower lip and bought one which is probably stored? As I have been artless for many years.

    My house is full of real art. Mine was just fun attention getters to draw customers.

  58. My whole suite and this entire wing of hotel is decorated in ornate white and gold reproduction rococo furniture. After two years of extended stays it has grown on me and I don’t notice as much, not that I would want to live in a “honeymoon” suite at home. My home suite is Chippendale more or less. Covered in clothes which is sort of my theme here.

    I like a man who wouldn’t notice the television is buried under layers of scarves and hats and not miss it.

  59. Forgot to while winding around those Olympic peninsular roads I came across a section maintained by the Alabama and underneath was a sign “Roll Tide”.

    Not sure but I thought it was the Alabama, not the University.

  60. Absolutely. Most Chip and Dale’s are not hetero.

    Furniture. Big heavy rosewood backed folding bed frame that reaches ceiling. Would not want that to fall! Removed the curtained sides, absolutely too lords chambers.

  61. You will remember my house has no drapes, only plantation shutters on Windows. You can flip open shutters or open entirely but no drapes.

    Not to alarm anyone but I am feeling punny up here. My ears are beginning to hurt, eyes burning and scratchy, sore throat, etc. Hope it goes away. I am crawling back in bed.

  62. Yes. It had a big flat canopy across top and wooden cross boards, side drapes on all four posts which I am not doing now. They overwhelmed the low ceilings and small rooms in my present cottage.

    It is beautiful wood. Reproduction but has moved to antique finally. One of my last minions hung sheer panels all around it which was interesting. I took them down. Cats loved them.

  63. Tried to find a similar design. All the ones I found were simply open fret work frames. This one is solid wood, back is eight feet tall and hinges in middle so it can be moved. Weighs a ton.

  64. Good morning Villagers…

    Spoke with the neighbor, and it’s not their kitten. Husband has already name him…Spike. Remember the cartoon dogs Spike and Chester? I see a vet bill in my future.

    Ian found another rooster…he pulled him out of one of the bottom cages, and put him next to my Golden Boy. He’s not as pretty as Golden Boy, he’s all white.

    Got my crock pot out, picked up a chunk of sirloin and will be coming home to a yummy meal.

    have a blessed Lord’s day……

  65. It’s 6 a.m. on Sunday morning and I woke up even without the alarm after I finally figured out how to change it on phone. Pavlovian trained sleeping pattern. The dog of course is curled up asleep. Have a date with a good looking Dutch boat designer and builder down on my boat. Unfortunately it is about the boar. I own a boat more beautiful than I and with as many issues.

  66. Boat damn it Hal! It is 8 a.m. now and the reset alarm has gone off. Dog kissed me enthusiastically and went back to sleep on my leg.

    It is down right cool up here in the 60s and I mostly have a wardrobe packed for Corpus Christi and Gulf Coast. Lows have been in 40s and highs in 60s and southerners usually declare that winter.

  67. Hauled many a beauty queen in parades in my red Malibu convertible, plus in a borrowed Mustang and a Mercedes . No mermaids, but some with cute tails, nevertheless. No beauty queens in bikini tops, either, come to think of it.

  68. Sitting in boat cockpit discussing my project and a baby seal with spots like a puppy was swimming around with a fish in its mouth. It hung around marina and surfaced periodically.

    Going in search of lunch. Missed breakfast.

  69. Have not caught up but
    Steve F RO
    were pretty rare and I have left them uneaten. It is just not appetizing nor do I like the taste of raw meat. Since the food poisoning episodes (even though I have been told the burgers have reached the proper temperature ) I still insist on cooking my meat more when I see it rare or medium.

    When I do hamburger I make it with bread and an egg – then use a metal cup over it while frying.
    That makes a juicy burger even well done.
    Grind your own meat for burgers – less area for pathogens to develop.
    As a kid we ate RAW ground beef on Caraway Rye, raw onion, and a raw egg.Salt & pepper.

    In this MN community any open house or gathering they had “cannibal meat” –
    ground raw beef with spices. but if you are brought up on it and are scrupulous about being clean – there was never a problem.

  70. What ARE we doingoing? I am sitting out at picnic table and a Diet Coke, Dickens and the remains of a banh mi Vietnamese sandwich watching people, water, yellow jackets and rain clouds rolling in.

  71. Ghost, in the early ’80s, my tiny black and white TV gave out. I was without one for over a year. I’d probably miss it after a few weeks now, but didn’t then.

  72. I let one of the wretched things in with my first child over great protest. I should have been more stalwart and firmer in resolution. I don’t miss one at all now. It has been one year nine months but I am not counting.

    The idea of a man who has an unused television in an armoire appeals.

  73. Why, yes, my spare TV is in an armoire, not an étagère. What was I thinking? Well, they are both foreign words. I blame it on the cough syrup.

  74. Jackie’s boat is in a couple of the photos but simply in the lineup on pier. I can tell by position. I was on front row, first row as you came into show.

    The boat lying at 90 degrees is a friend of mines boat which he loaned for a capsize demonstration by my friend Richard Woods who is on international board that sets standards for safety and flotation in recreational boats. First capsize went ok but inversion resulted in disaster and owner of boat realized if he had been out alone offshore he would have died.

    This is quite an awakening when Richard does these demos.

  75. Huh. They capsize boats to teach capsize recovery. Interesting.

    Although we don’t spin airplanes into the ground to practice spin recovery. Notwithstanding the fact that hitting the ground is a sure-fire way to make the aircraft stop spinning.

  76. Things are coming together. I have found someone to work on sorting out rigging, sails and hardware. This is important step toward getting boat set up properly for me to sail. I will worry about getting more cosmetic work done after we address safety and mechanics of sailing.

    Stella will stay in Port Townsend and I go inquire about slip for her and storage for her trailer in morning. First step is to simplify all the mechanics to make her simpler. I like that. Plus I’ll have to come back here. I like it here.

  77. Good morning Villagers…

    ….and a GM back at you Old Bear 🙂

    Jackie, good for you. Now you have two hometowns.

    Miss Charlotte, how are you doing? My Mom used a walker that also could be used to sit on. The seat came up and you could store items in the chair.

    Spoke with my one sister yesterday and someone is interested in buying the homestead. But we don’t want to show her the house until we have finished cleaning and doing some repairs. The house sat idle for five years.

    And another belt broke in two days. Hate that when it happens. This time it was a bottom belt, and none of it hit the pit…Amen. About 100 feet of belt separated, and had to remove eggs, Ian and I pulled and pulled…had to take a break and to my relief, ‘Skittles’ showed up and he and Ian pulled it together and Ian sewed.

    Mark, thanks for posting that link to the boat show….

    ….and a good Monday to all

  78. Good morning Debbe. I saw one pic that was an empty tp tube on the roller. There was a sign taped above it that said, the toilet paper is in the cabinet, I have kittens.

  79. Debbe, “The house sat idle for five years.” Gee, I like “idle” better than “empty.” Idle says it’s waiting for something or someone to give it a purpose. Empty just says…well…empty.

  80. Going to have to think about heated house for the cat crew as Oklahoma will get cold again. They have houses and many go out and sLeeper in dog house with two dogs.

    Good morning all. I keep waking up early even when I don’t want to. Effect of huge open windows. Dickens still asleep.

  81. When I went to Holland for floral school they were in middle of worst blizzard in modern times. But commerce and life went on. No visibility but planes landed, buses ran and roads were open. Loved the country.

    My Dutch boat designer friend talked of back breaking work on family floral farm. It is all perspective

  82. Cannot find that painting; likely it’s titled ‘Figure Study’ or some such. But there are well over 100 of his works at:

    Many of them are in and around the NYC area, but over 100 YA: Central Park w/o highrises, Long I. Shinnecock Hills [east end, Montauk Pt.], etc. Also Venice, Spain. Portraits of women are apt to be titled ‘Mrs. Clifford Parson’ and such. Good painter.

    Must be most of the Village is outside. It’s a lovely day here: pred. hi 70, 0% prec. Will likely lunch on patio after working out. Then errands.


  83. I finally made it back to see my pulchritudinous and pneumatic hair stylist Friday. A bitter-sweet occasion…my mom was also a client of hers, and they were very fond of each other. I must say that P&PHS’s outfit (zebra-pattern yoga pants and a loose-fitting and low-cut lime-green t-shirt*) and the heart-felt hug she gave me as I left both helped my feelings and were highly appreciated.

    *Possibly the most hyphens I’ve ever used in a single parenthetical.

  84. It is in mid 50s here with high of maybe 60 later. It is cloudy and overcast, may start raining. Wish I had remembered binoculars. Think I am seeing otters out there although there are seals as well, birds, kelp and lots of floating debris. Watching from above is actually hypnotic.

    Actually I would love to meet your hair Ghost. I feel like I am already acquainted, if not with your hairdresser as well.

  85. It’s likely a good thing that I don’t have immediate plans to replace my big-screen TV. I needed to augment my supply of pistol magazines and just placed an order for several of same with Charlotte’s friendly neighborhood firearms manufacturer. As New Englanders used to say (and possibly still do), “they are very dear”. FNFM apparently constructs them from an alloy of unobtainium and compressed unicorn tears.

  86. Sort of like that metric hole in the water I just obtained? You throw offerings to the water gods. Is there a God of firearms? Isn’t Odin one? And Thor? And Mars? My memory is failing.

    My friend who is going to do some of modifications to Stella is married to a Unitarian Universalist minister and is an Arlo and Janis fan. I invited him here. He’d fit right in the Village.

  87. By the way I was thinking magazines as in printed and wondered which was doing so well as to command such subscription prices.

    Made an error. My departure is scheduled for today not tomorrow. Oops.

  88. High prices probably due to industry being unpopular with government, except when taxes come due. But if the governments (Federal and lower) put them out of business, where will they get the equipment for the military and police? Same as everything else, I guess, from foreign manufacturers.

  89. I write this while fully recognizing that what I do not know about classical music fills many, many libraries.
    This weekend I attended the Elgin Symphony Orchestra’s performance of [among 2 others] Tchaikovsky’s “Concerto in D Major for Violin and Orchestra”, op. 35, TH 59. If featured a very young lady – 19 years – named Simone Porter as guest soloist. My gosh, what a virtuoso performance!! In the first movement, her fingers absolutely zipped over the fingerboard as one might expect for an “allegro moderato”, but that was nothing compared to the incredibly fast motions during the third movement, “allegro vivacissimo”. I sat in the very front row directly in front of her and could not follow, totally, her fingering, it was so rapid. In past years I have seen a few performers like Yehudi Menuhin, but I think Ms. Porter must have been faster.
    The hand out says she plays a 1745 J. B. Guadagnini violin and I have no reason to doubt that. The instrument was admirably suited to the concerto’s highest tones. Clarity of the notes was of the highest order. It was as if the violin had been made & tuned specifically for this piece, impossible though that is. It struck me as at least as good as the one (solo) Stradivari violin I have heard personally in the same venue (and got to hold – BIG thrill for me!).
    That said, I would add that Ms. Porter, the instrument, and the piece all fit together as a single unit; like a fine & delicate machine.
    If she ever comes near your location, make the trip to hear her. I did find her on Youtube, albeit not playing that concerto; maybe I didn’t look long enough.
    It did not hurt her presence that, among the somber black outfits of the orchestra members (& white shirts for the guys), Ms. Porter came out in a floor length dress of flaming red! It’d have put a fire engine to shame.

    I noted – pun intended – that she played a couple of notes I could not hear. They were, obviously, very high – and yet, her fingerboard still had a few centimeters more for her fingers, if needed. I suppose my lack of ability to hear a few high notes is derived from my geezerity.

  90. Most mythologies have a God of War, which I suppose would be the next closest thing. Interestingly, the Vatican canonized St. Gabriel Possenti in 1920. He was a Catholic seminarian whose marksmanship and proficiency with handguns single-handedly saved the village of Isola, Italy, from a band of 20 marauders in 1860. The St. Gabriel Possenti Society promotes his designation as the Patron Saint of Handgunners, as well as public recognition of him and a biblical understanding of self-defense.

  91. It looks like no one’s paying much attention to Talk Like a Pirate day in the Village today. I remember it being a big thing a few years ago. Times change.

  92. “Ahoy, me Hearties! Blow me down and batten up my Jolly Roger! Keelhaul the mizenmast! Scuttle me timbers! Tell that bilge-sucking swabbie the head be for that, not the poop deck, or else he be shark bait! Dead men get no booty!”

    Thus endeth my example of Authentic Pirate Gibberish™ on this year’s Talk Like a Pirate Day.

  93. Email from Dell I just got says “Ahoy! 24 hours of plunder-worthy deals up to 50% off.” OK.

    When corporations start using something from pop culture in their advertisements, it’s probably dead. As I told a friend in the 70s, “Right now, somewhere, there is a meeting in progress in a boardroom about how they can make money off the word ‘psychedelic’.”

  94. Real boat workmen up here, one of last places in America that has such a thing as workmen who can build and repair square riggers, talk like college academics and are all well read and literate. Lots of Arlo and Janis fans among them.

    The shipwright I just handed the keys to my boat is a soft spoken Hoosier and fan of A and J. Told him I was nagging Jimmy to bring the sailing strips, tee shirts and books and do Wooden Boat Show. He said he’d look forward to meeting him.

    Hal said straps. Ghost, you were funny.

  95. Ahoy mateys! Easy day, for a Monday, at work. 🙂

    Finally got my nails done (Something I never thought I’d hear myself say, but safer when dealing with so much nasty money.), did a spot of shopping, then came home and repaired some pathetic spaghetti sauce. Blacklight is beside herself because I won’t let her have any.
    The Kroger on the north end is a fancy “super” Kroger – I don’t especially like it as it is not as user-friendly. However, it carries my beloved Fage yogurt, and has a discount fruit and veggie bin for “not perfect” produce. Still not sure what is “wrong” with my $.99 bags of onions and golden potatoes, but I will take the deal.

    Off tomorrow, will be spent mowing and working in the yard; it is way out of control, been too sick to fool with it. Still have a stubborn cough, and my voice sounds weird, but holding at a solid 87% healthy.

    Went to South Bend on Saturday with some friends to see Wicked. The Morris theater is a charming venue with wide, comfortable seats – by quirk of design, I had a “sidetable” and extra leg room. 🙂 “Galinda/Glinda” owed much of her performance to the film Legally Blonde and Elphaba much to Big Bang Theory’s Amy Farrah Fowler. The lead witches were fantastic singers, and the first act ended with such sonic force, I dared not move for a moment from sensory overload. Wonderful performance.

  96. Lady Mindy, good to hear from you and even better to hear you are recovering. One month ago today Mom passed, and I got symptomatic the next day. I’m finally back to about where you are, except my cough has abated, but I’m still snuffling a little and sneezing a lot. I make it 93% of normal. (Yes, I did the math.) Stay well.

  97. Jackie, I think (make that “I’m pretty sure”) HAL has infected my iPhone. I was using the dictation feature a little earlier for a text message that contained the phrase “…never missed a beat when…”, and it was transcribed as “…never masturbated when…”. #truestory

  98. Hal’s favorite is saying Dickens likes to sleep on my public area.

    Well, I got kicked out of my overbooked hotel with many apologies. They have a movie Festival sort of like Sundance which I had forgotten about. I am in dog friendly family owned motel along with passel of workmen. But right down road from best Chinese restaurant in area which is actually tiny, an organic farm stand with deserts to die for and a new farm restaurant that may belong to Gene and Mary Lou.

    In fact, the younger Days MUST live somewhere nearby.

  99. You seem to be correct that PT is a special place. At least I know of few places where one could be kicked out of one’s hotel and it actually turn into a fun adventure. Or is that just the kind of thing that happens to you all the time?

  100. PT is a special place but I think perception is difference in if one sees disaster and doom or a new adventure. And yes, I have lots of adventures. Don’t get kicked out of hotels often but that is a small boutique. In fact, entire town is a boutique.

  101. Good morning Villagers….

    Smigz….thanks, never thought of it that way…I like that. 🙂 Half full or half empty…my subconscious sometimes kicks into the half full mode.

    My other two cats are having a hard time adjusting to the kitten, Spike. Lots of hisssess…especially at 3:30 this morning. My white cat, Snowee, always sleeps on my left side with her head and left paw resting on my arm and chest. Spike found his way up the to the bed, and yes, hisses woke me up. Going to have to train Spike that the bed is her territory, she is definitely the matriarch here.

    Jackie, the Ben Franklin in Jasper is closing. Sad to see it go. I’ve been friends with the wife since high school. She is a year older than me, and she and her husband want to retire. I’m going to miss all their Christmas tree displays.

    Indy Mindy, glad to see you are feeling better. But don’t overdue it today on the yard work.

    gotta go………..

  102. Good morning everybody. First day back at work went pretty well. I managed to hang in for the full shift, but I was quite tired by quitting time. One of the software programs was acting up and all of us were sitting around at times waiting for the IT folks to figure out what went wrong.

    Have a blessed day, all of you.

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