Sirens of the City

I haven’t shown this old favorite in a while. It’s from March, 2005. A free tee-shirt to the person who asks the question first.

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  1. Tried to Share today’s sailing strip on Facebook and somehow I am doing something wrong. How do I do that? I want to post it on my sailing groups.

    And Pachobels Canon is playing in background with crashing waves and sea sounds.

  2. OK, I’ll play.

    “Why are the beach babes wearing swimsuits in Arlo’s daydream?”

    Although ToysGeo has probably already asked “Whatever happened to Arlo’s sailboat?” for the win.

  3. All good questions.
    Mine is “What’s up with the coloring?”
    The entire dream sequence should have been in bright colors, followed by reality in gray.
    I think getting minions that color the strips properly has been a problem for JJ in the past.

  4. “Why are the beach babes wearing swimsuits in Arlo’s daydream?” Because A&J pretends to be a “family” strip. Likely some “readers” regard it as such. And it is about a family, though we’ve not seen the kids lately. Best strip anywhere. Peace,

  5. Tombo: I’m reasonably sure that the retro is a Sunday cartoon. And I’m reasonably sure that Jimmy colors the Sunday cartoons himself. Therefore I’m reasonably sure that you are criticizing Jimmy’s artwork.

    If you want to criticize the colorists, look no further than today’s real-time cartoon. I’m reasonably sure that is Janis’s badonkadonk sticking out from under the desk, but the colorist apparently thought it was Arlo’s and colored her clothing the same as his.

    Also, if they had dressed the same, I’m reasonably sure that they would have done the rock-paper-scissors thing and one would have changed.

  6. That anon is not little Ole Anonymous me. I happen to think the gray coloring of the dream sequence is fantastic with just the destination in living color. It is emphatic.

    Ok, I knew it was Janis butt but didn’t catch the coloring.

    Off for another truck load of compost and mulch. Left Tony spraying Roundup trying to help kill the weeds. We got the grass but this is Oklahoma and the fill dirt is from someone’s farm. And they grow weeds!

  7. Also curious about how detailed the AncestryDNA test report is. Family lore on my mom’s side is that they were Scot-Irish. Some pretty extensive genealogical research I’ve seen for my dad’s family show pre-Revolutionary War arrival in America from Germany via England. Wondering if the report will be detailed enough to confirm that.

    Also wondering if a certain US Senator from Massachusetts has ever had this done.

    sand, I suppose you could just get one of these and call it good.

  8. Trucker, loved those high school students. Which reminds me, we haven’t had a report from the orphanage in some time. Next, I should comment that JJ is a master cartoonist but can have quite a way with the written word such as the title of that sailing strip. JJ, might you someday consider writing a book, ala Dave Barry.

  9. Ghost, The DNA test won’t be very specific. If you are lucky an unknown cousin has also been tested and you’ll be able to make contact and compare notes. My advice is to enter your oldest known ancestor in the search engine. Include date/place of birth within two years and where he lived. In the results look for public family trees. It’s very likely someone has already done the research for you. And several others have copied the information for their trees. Buyer beware.

  10. And that’s what I was about to write, Rick, when my highly calibrated Mark I Mod 0 eyeballs registered the fact that Beach Babe Number 1 was wearing a yellow one-piece. So I went for the whole nine yards. 🙂

  11. Where is my comment where I commented on the accuracy of JJs composition in the sailing panels? Very accurate.

    All y’all care about are the babes.

    About DNA test, I have back to early 1700s in America or earlier on all major lines. My primary ancestors began marrying each other in 1700 in South Carolina, loaded kith and kin on a wagon train and got to the piney woods of Louisiana and kept marrying same people from 1800 to present. My primary ancestors in North Carolina did same thing in a Quaker community for well over 200 years. I know what paper records say I am.

    What I want to know is what science says I am? Am I Irish, Scots, English? Is there Native American blood? Is there an unexpected ethic group?

    All those geanology groups of my ancestors do DNA studies but just male lines.

  12. ‘What I want to know is what science says I am? Am I Irish, Scots, English? Is there Native American blood? Is there an unexpected ethic group?’

    Believe I’ve mentioned this before. Some study estimates that either 10% of the babies born in America, or that 10% of American families have at least one kid, whose father is not the one who thinks he is. It may also be that about 10% of American fathers have a kid who is thought to be someone else’s. Don’t remember where I ran into that, but also don’t remember that the estimate was strongly disputed. Be careful what questions you ask; you may get unwelcome answers.

    It’s all because we no longer require sectarian prayer in godless public schools, right?


  13. Ghost, I don’t think even the one-piece has 9 yards in it! Speaking of 9 yards, look up a short story called Nine Yards of Other Cloth, by Manly Wade Wellman. It’s worth the read.

  14. My great great great grandfather was a badtard. He took his father’s name after said parent died. I think I got enough greats?

    My biological father who married my mother was not his father’s child, nor was his cousin his cousin but his half brother, also an illegitimate. I know that, know even more from doing genealogy searches. Don’t think my MILs father from Canada ever divorced or lost the Canadian wife before marrying the American in California.

    Not looking for what I have found, curious if there are even more interesting things.

  15. You are from REALLY good Southern families. Mine has a few just plain white trash. And I would say I come from a part and period when things got covered up. I just thought about living here in Oklahoma that I have been invited to showers for no married mom’s to be but a lot of not married ones. I don’t like showers for any occasion but I send nice gifts, no matter. This was however a new social custom for me I had not experienced before.

    No criticism of choices, times are different.

  16. Mark: That’s a good one.

    Forgot to come back and comment on the things that schools have cut, like PE and Driver’s Ed. Short answer – most cuts are due to money/politics and have nothing to do with what educators know is best for students. I could give examples, and probably preach to the choir here, but right now anything related to politics is just too depressing.

  17. I am reading a magazine devoted to perennial flowers because that is what yard is becoming, a giant flower bed. Jesse is fast and enthusiastically planting. In masses as I like them. The article I am reading is about the top 20 easy no fail plants and interestingly only two we are not doing big beds of right now.

    Gardening brings peace and playing in dirt is therapeutic to politics. I promise. My favorite part is being the hoer and weed puller. I used to run out and do weed breaks when I was dealing with a half dozen salesmen across half of America. It should work on politicians.

  18. Mark, re:

    I went to both libraries and universities, and benefitted from both. My life’s greatest gift occurred as result of meeting someone at Cornell, but the school itself had little to do with that except that she was brilliant and it was selective. I also had the good fortune to teach at a state U for 36 years, and have scads of good feedback from that. Higher ed can be great, for students who have the smarts and will make the effort. It is also wonderful, partway through a fruitful teaching career, to realize it’s a calling, and rewarding to watch minds blossom [young and old, incl. many faculty]. I suspect c x-p feels much the same.

    Also, colleges are cheaper than prisons, which some politicians would rather fund, especially private ones. It is insane to fund private companies that benefit most when incarceration rates are highest. I’d think it would also compromise the values of the towns they are located in. Peace,

  19. I know Mark has a university degree from University of Alabama and I don’t believe is advocating not educating people. I think he believes libraries and books can offer an education to anyone willing to read, even if they have no money to attend a college.

    Looking at the debt young people incur while in college they might think about an alternative such as a trades school. I do know parents who themselves have university degrees who are NOT encouraging their children to attend but go into a skilled trade.

  20. Anonymous Anonymous a ways above was me. I guess I sent that from my new phone and it doesn’t know who I am yet. I’ll try to remember to introduce myself to it next time.

  21. Jackie Anonymous:

    “All y’all care about are the babes.”

    Yep. You’re right.

    That’s why we like you so much.

    You are the Village babe.

  22. I tell people that a light bulb went off about my Junior year at Purdue when I realized college helped me “learn how to learn” I certainly was taught a lot of facts and basics but at some point I needed to learn how to learn.

    My Dad was an Engineering Technician at WOWO and often Engineering students would stop by to pick his brain. Dad only had a short mail order education in electronics, but a worn out library card. He loved electronics and was always trying to learn more. When I told him of my discovery, he told me that he was impressed as most of his best pupils told him the same thing.

  23. Yea! I win a t-shirt! Want me to come to your studio to pick it up?
    (Kidding, but I’d do that. My wife works for Southwest Airlines and occasionally we fly to other cities just to eat dinner somewhere new.)
    I’ve wanted a shirt of each design, but have been too busy to make the purchase.

    PS: Whatever did happen to the sailboat? That has been a part of my escapist dream for a while…but probably best left to everyone’s imagination.

  24. Basketball, Jackie, basketball!!! Through a combination of circumstances, this will be the first time in 15 years that we have not gone somewhere with friends for sightseeing and the first weekend of the NCAA men’s hoops tournament—March Madness. We will be watching on TV, of course. And our big trip for the year will be the Rocky Mountaineer train and bus through the Canadian Rockies next summer.

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