Skyrockets in Flight

I never set out to draw a dirty comic. I set out to draw a comic about two married people. If you’re honest, a lot of what goes on in Arlo & Janis of a carnal nature is suggested. There’s a lot of fill-in-the-blank, and a lot of my readers, for my taste, are far too imaginative. However, looking through strips from the Fourth of July, it struck me that this simple black and white doodle may very well be the most overtly sensual comic strip I’ve ever drawn. You figure it out. Speaking of the holiday, I’m sorry I missed posting the past couple of days. My work week was compressed to meet holiday deadlines. It’s all done now, though! Let’s go have some fun.
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67 responses to “Skyrockets in Flight”

  1. “…a lot of my readers, for my taste, are far too imaginative.”

    I was about to disagree with that statement when I realized I was subconsciously trying to imagine which character was producing which exclamations in the cartoon.

  2. As long as all depictions of sexual activity are banned from comic strips, the reader has no sliding scale to gauge by. We get to see an affectionate hug, but anything beyond that happens off panel, and we have no idea if that ‘next’ is gentle, or ferocious, or in between. We know Arlo and Janis will be loving and playful and sincere, but, human nature being what it is, blackened panels and the gutters between them are going to house rather extreme scenarios. On this July 4th weekend, I hold that truth to be self-evident.

  3. Plenty of room in the Village. Yal come on in. Deb, I only have a vague idea what the chicken house is like and how it works, but your devotion to your job and your “girls” is obvious. I’m sure that it’s the best little chicken house in Indiana. I’ve had the dbs implants and leads to the brain for several years now. Because the implant on the right side of my chest, controlling the left side of my body, has to be turned up higher and uses more power, the battery has to be replaced more often than the one on the left. It’s a simple procedure (for me). They put me out, make a simple incision, remove the implant, put in a new battery, replace it and sew me up. There is almost no pain involved. In the recent replacement I volunteered to remain awake and go through a a longer procedure while they experimented with a different device. When I’m through with it, my brain will be donated to the UF medical school. Here’s hoping everyone has an enjoyable weekend.

  4. Yesterday was Canada Day up here and my kids decided to bus out to a location to watch the big kabooms. Unfortunately our drought was broken by thunder, lightning and a huge downpour. My daughter wisely decided that she didn’t want to die holding an umbrella while walking to the bus stop. She turned around and came back home. My son decided to keep going. He turned around 10 minutes later when the downpour got worse and the winds whipping the water horizontally. He came in completely soaked from head to toe even though he had a large umbrella.

    I hope you’ll have an enjoyable July 4th.

  5. Jerry, unsure what lesson Brexit has to offer us for this year’s political dance. I know whatever sins the voter class might committ, unlike in the UK case, can be corrected in 2020.

    We took advantage of the “free day” to run over to College Station for a fun day. Visited the George Bush (41) Presidential Library and the A&M campus. Great display of antique cars at the library, all restored in pain taking detail. The campus was deserted.

    Have a safe Fourth. Hug a person of your choice, I fought for your freedom to do so.

  6. Thank you Sand and thank all our vets who served for the preservation of our freedom. My father died protecting it and Miss Liberty means a lot to me

    Beyond hugging I gladly kiss veterans as well given the chance thank you.

  7. Some of us just pushed pencils, but that was what we were told to do.

    Cam at the Prairie Dog site just panned past a humongous storm to the west; maybe it will pan back. Lots of mounds, but only one Cynomys out. Fat, colonial ground squirrels. Remember to close expl ore. Peace,


  8. Dickens and I have had a long day.of four separate towns including Tulsa. Several of them twice and two three times. I burned a tank of gas. Tomorrow I do laundry and pack and load the truck. Bought gas at 1.79 tonight.

    Skipper the cat decided to meld into my side. I just fell asleep and fell asleep at salon. Good night all.

  9. Nah, Mark, not falling for the “International Ample Bosom Expert” sign. It probably gained something in the translation. I was once about to join the scientific search for the “Big bosom” when I realized I had confused that and the “Higgs boson”.

  10. Sand, in sentence order: (1) I believe you. (2) Given our recent history I doubt it. (4) Did you do some reading or were both books checked out? (last sentence)Refer to sentence 1. Peas.

  11. Debbe, I hope that you got to sleep in this morning although I know that you have a lot going on even without having to get up for work.

  12. This is a great strip! And the best part about it, is that you don’t know who’s doing the talking. Is Arlo saying it to Janis, or the other way around.

    Love your work Jimmy!

  13. At least “we” still have MEMORIES! Great retro strip, as usual, JJ.

    I hope everyone has a very happy 4th of July. God bless America!

    God bless us every one.

  14. Good Morning All! I am feeling much better now… After 11 hours of sleep and a day of rest, I am as good as new. Sometimes I feel like such a wuss… a 12-hour (intense) day should not lay me low like that. But then I think – how many other 73 YO could take up the fiscal reins of a multi-million dollar organization and do a halfway decent job? Probably lots, but I am pleased to count myself one of them.

    I worked on Memorial Day because I had a huge deadline to meet. Not happening on the 4th!

    Hope EVERYONE has a wonderful day tomorrow. Thank you to all who have served this wonderful country in whatever capacity. “We who wait also serve…”

  15. Good morning, folks. Hope things are better for those with problems and that the rest of you are having a good weekend before the holiday. Galliglo, I would say you are doing very well for someone of any age, much less 73. Take pride in your accomplishments and take the rest when you need it.

    I am working on the 4th, since I work for a hospital and they don’t run on bankers hours. There is no family get-together or other group activity for me to join in, so no reason not to work. And the holiday pay differential is good too.

    Have a safe and Happy 4th, and think of the reason for the Holiday. As one of my FB friends put yesterday.

  16. Good one Mark. And let’s remember all those like Mindy who make travel and beer and soda drinking possible on a holiday. And the cops like my resident deputy who have to pick them up. And the hospitals like Marks who go on working. Lots don’t get a holiday.

    Thanks to all who serve no matter how. America is a great country already thanks to them.

  17. Had to sing at Mass this morning,even though I’ve been fighting a cold/allergies. My wife never made it out of bed as she barely slept due to congestion.

    I sang OK. I guess knowing that I’m not 100% made me go s on using my diaphragm more. Wish it didn’t take a sore throat to help me do that. We sang America the Beautiful and backed off the mike as everyone knew the song and were singing well.
    Going to lay around and do nothing today. Maybe watch the from Fort Bragg tonight on TV.

  18. Mark and Village just discovered great healthy frozen whole grains and protein, vegetables for microwave, Birdseye Steam fresh Proteins. I had a package of the Asian style with package of Thai tuna mixed in, low calorie, low sodium, low sugar, high fiber, low fat, all good and totalled 36 protein grams. One bowl fast food dish.

  19. I just sent a link to this strip to a friend of mine who works fireworks displays. He doesn’t have a pyrotechnics license, but works for a friend who does. Whenever anybody asks the tech if he’s any good, he holds up both hands and replies, “Ten.”

  20. Jackie, I’ve been buying the Asian blend and other veggie steamers for a while, but I haven’t seen the Protein version. I’ll check to see if it’s available in my area.

    As I’ve mentioned before, it’s important to replenish one’s proteins. 😉

  21. I maxed out at a 7.6 pound gain since the first of the year when things started going sideways with my mom’s health, not due to diet so much as lack of regular exercise at the gym. Started back at gym, then strained my lower back a couple of weeks ago lifting and pulling on her; had lost 3.0, now have gained it back. Easing back into workouts tomorrow.

    But, as always…” Non deficere.”

  22. Ghost I am so glad you are back. When you disappear I hope you have a date but I worry more that the date is your mother. And that she is not doing well. Funny, I have met neither you nor her yet I think of her daily and hope for a respite in her illness.

    The Chinese laundry has been going all day. I am picky about clothes, I could pack for a month and never run out of anything. Perhaps a year if I didn’t change climates and went where the weather suits my clothes.

    I’ve no excuse because when I began to exercise and follow my eating plan I did great. Then I got side tracked in a rush to get to Canada and buy Stella Maris and I am retaining fluid and weight again. Lack of exercise is worse thing. You need exercise partners. I used to have female friends that I would bond with to compete and stick with it. Well, they were women’s health clubs.

    There are two weeks worth of clothes to put into suit cases and add accessories. Tried to stick with peach and turquoise but July 4 cries out for red white and blue.

  23. About Stella, I will probably shorten her name to that. But I dislike the character in Streetcar Named Desire. Stella, like all the others, is weak and pathetic and the name brings that memory.

    Marlon Brando died this week according to Sirius or else I was listening to a rerun of an old show because I thought he’d been dead as long as Elvis. Am I not right? They said aged 80 and that seemed odd.

  24. So I was listening to a rerun of a show from 2004 on Sirius then, a retro music show.

    Here’s another song sent to me via YouTube from a blues artist named Louisiana Red. Someone is choosing these and sharing to me via YouTube to my email address. I think they know me pretty well. This one came today.

  25. Good morning Villagers….

    Once again, thank you for keeping me in your thoughts.

    No, Jerry, I didn’t sleep in yesterday….I went into work. I’m also working today…time and a half, plus hens don’t stop laying because it’s a holiday…and it’s also the only time I get paid what I’m worth 🙂 Glad Tippy is doing better.

    Visitation begins at 4….I pray there’s no drama.

    Mark, thanks you for those links…had never heard of the movie…cute.

    Jackie, stay safe on those road…glad you have a traveling companion.

    Gal…you are one go getter…..

    gotta go

    Ya’ll have a Blessed 4th of July…..this County is great and I thank all who have made it so.

    love, debbe

  26. Good morning all. Up since 6 a.m and finishing packing. Dickens is attached to my left thigh and will move into my purse to make sure he goes. Washer, dryer and dish washer running.

    We had worst thunder storms last night. Dishes rattling off shelves and lightening hitting close, constant power outages. It began while fire works display down at Lake, I thought it was all part of show.

  27. Happy 4th of July to everyone and a special “THANK YOU” to all who have given so much so that we may all celebrate this great day!

    God bless us every one.

  28. I just watched an hour and a half special online about 9/11 and the heroes of that day. It seems appropriate for today and for once felt uplifting.

  29. Heard from Jackie about an hour ago. She finally got on the road after being told by her workers that it was more than past time she left. So, another adventure of Wonder Woman and Dickens the Adventure Dog has begun. Keep her in your thoughts, and it wouldn’t do the rest of the country she’s travelling through any harm to think of them too because they don’t know what’s coming!

  30. Jimmy, methinks thou dost protest too much. Yes, your commenters may have over-active imaginations but who’s kidding who? *wink wink* Happy 4th to all. Wherever and however you find your fireworks.

  31. We live about halfway between a local tennis club and a country club (both too rich for our blood) so we can watch most of their fireworks just by going outside. The former did their show on Saturday, the latter tonight. Then Mother Nature decided to show the puny mortals how it’s done – amazing display of cloud to cloud lightning that went on so long our necks hurt from looking up.

    Our next door neighbor isn’t home; on a regular night that would mean any noise would prompt constant yapping by her dogs. She must have drugged them in anticipation of all the fireworks. We could see them on the living room floor completely zonked out.

  32. Then there’s the picture a friend posted of a trailer sign with this message: Happy hear-fireworks-set-off-24/7-by-drunk-people-you-wouldn’t-trust-with-a-glowstick day!

  33. Poor doggies, Ruth Anne — I hope they wake up okay. Two fireworks displays, and a lightening show as well; great if you can stand the noise. It was a lovely clear day here, perfect for crowds of people to come out for our Town fireworks show. My tenant just came in and told me how packed the parking lots were up there where the show was. Down here, my house isn’t far away — half a mile? And it was very LOUD. It was over in less than an hour and quietness has descended, Thank Goodness.

    Glad that Jackie has started on her trip. May she have safe travels!

  34. Jackie and Lezlie are in Carthage. Missouri. The beds have chenille spreads and row k like crazy and squeek and bounce. Dickens and Lezlie and I see laughing hysterically at the retro sounds. We watched the longest and biggest fireworks show either of us had ever seen.

    We go in late, manager of historic motel was gone and they left key in mail box for us. Gotta love small towns. We are eating at Iggys Diner in morning, silver train car xonef.

  35. Ghost maybe Gables Ghost will appear but Lezlie is in his bed. Dickens is on my leg with his head on a thigh. Not listening to Otis Redding, too many memories.

    Fireworks still going on outside, none inside.

  36. Happy Cinco da America, celebrate according to your taste. If you haven’t yet heard of Cinco da America, blame Loon. It is a holiday she created to extend the elongated Fourth weekend.

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