Sleep Less

Today’s old cartoon is from 10 years ago. What kind of household has cymbals lying around? Or a bugle? Or a starter’s pistol? Why, a cartoon household, of course!

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50 responses to “Sleep Less”

  1. Lord, we are so BEHIND here in Okrahoma. Well, we seem to Excell in the behinds if evidenced by what is seen at Walmart and convenience stores.

    The Dick Tracy watch seems to be only thing I own synced to everything else and the alarm went off at 6 a,m, setting off the tablet and back up phone to alarm constantly for about half an hour. I had no idea where it was.

    Dickens and Skipper just kept repositioning themselves for last three hours. They are not the pool boys.

  2. Perhaps Arlo planned on deploying the leaf blower he used to remove the bubble bath bubbles Janis was under in the tub that time.

    Or just pouncing on her.

  3. “Soon enough Independence Day will be on a Monday.” Not likely. People who wanted to change Veteran’s Day were vilified as Communists. Apparently a Communist is anyone who thinks the police and fire depts and the armed forces should not be privatized. I don’t think TG is in any danger either.

    Today’s comic, first panel: Interesting how meaningful the word our can be with quotes around it. Peace,

  4. Anybody besides me here ever own a candy shop? Stocked with VERY good chocolates including X-rated ones which we sold in plain brown bags stamped with “Adult Content X-rated”.

    We might as well have sold it all in those bags. I know what it is.

    When I saw the chocolate shops in Holland I thought I was in heaven. Forget the sex and drugs they have, it’s the chocolate I wanted.

  5. What? We managed to arouse all those sinful lusts just before lunch? All the discussion of cheating didn’t but chocolate did?

    I had a rich dark chocolate Glucerna and a slice of watermelon. After all, I am Southern girl.

  6. Actually, I do have both the bugle, and the cymbals at my house, as well as a variety of other musical instruments. No starter’s gun, however.

  7. I have a starters gun AND a portable bull horn. For starting boat races I will point out. No bugle or cymbals however but rocket flares and fire extinguishers.

  8. Well, with all this talk of videos and X-rated chocolates, I might as well post this thing I wrote over the weekend…

    Often, wondering about “the path not taken” can be depressing, or drive one slightly crazy, or be rather frustrating. Sometimes, though, it can be kind of fun.

    Any of you kids old enough to remember video stores? For a while (until some InterWebNet-based enterprises ate them), they seemed to be on every corner; one could rent VHS and [gasp!] Beta videotaped movies from them; and they all seemed to stay very busy. (Millionaire Widow Lady even bought a nice one as an investment, in an upscale strip center in a high traffic area on the Coast.)

    Locally, I found a small but well-stocked one, which I soon discovered was owned by the not-unattractive young lady who was almost always on duty there by herself, six days a week. After a few visits, we were on friendly terms (how did that happen?), and one day when I was talking to her, she mentioned that inventory control of her tapes was one of her greatest headaches in operating the store. (This was back in very early-PC days, when most small and even medium-sized business did all their record keeping on [gasp!] paper.) By chance, the company for which I worked at that time had a need for high volume mail output and had just acquired a business computer with word processor programming that actually did pretty well with document storage; mail merge; letter, envelope, and mailer printing, etc.

    So, being the nice guy I am, I told her I could enter, store and update all that for her, after hours, on our company machine and supply her with updated hardcopies on a weekly basis. And I did. I had no intention to charge her anything for it, as I was basically using it to experiment with the system and learn its ins and outs. But she insisted on giving me three free tape rentals per week for my trouble. Since I did watch a good number of movies back then, that was a good deal for me.

    Now, kids, here is something else about video stores you may not know. Most of them had a door at the back of the store, marked “Adults Only”, behind which was the small room in which the “special” videos were kept. And by “special” I of course mean “XXX-Rated”. She had one of those rooms at the back of her store, the tapes stored in which also had to be inventoried. Let’s just say that one of the first things I learned, toot sweet, about the PC system was to keep certain files on a “shuttle” floppy disc that traveled with me. My boss would have had a cow if she had ever run across and opened the file of the video movie names.

    Then the plot thickened: Very soon, the store owner made it clear to me that my free rentals could include those “special” videos, if I liked. In fact, she almost insisted on it. She even had recommendations for me, and offered me her critique of those movie’s “performers”, “plots”, and “production values”. In detail. Great detail. She was obviously very familiar with her inventory of adult movies, and it seemed equally obvious that she wanted to get my take on them. All of them. And then came the day when she tried to recruit me to join her ballet class as her dance partner, since, as she put it, “I can tell you are so big and strong you wouldn’t have any problem picking me up.” Indeed.

    Nothing ever came of it (I didn’t watch any of those videos with her or for her, and I didn’t join her class), but in retrospect, perhaps it would have been fun to have taken that path, just to see where it led.

    But not so fast. If I had gotten involved with Lady XXX in the way she seemed to want me to be involved, I probably would not have agreed to a client’s invitation to participate in a Junior Auxiliary bachelor auction fund raiser. Where I got “bought” by Millionaire Widow Lady. Which led to some good and interesting times, to say the least. So one never knows.

  9. My exciting day. Went to bank and got cash for workmen.
    Went to post office and assistant postmaster carried my packages out. Going to feed store for dry food and shredded mulch for yard.

    Workmen put up amazing bird feeder tower off porch full of my red painted feeders. Another going in front yard with green and yellow ones. Looks like part of the Endless Kitty Buffet, self service section.

    Brought everyone a Luling, Texas watermelon each and some Texas Shiner Bock beer, cold.

  10. John in Richmond may be flooded. Continued heavy rains are pushing Brazos River out of its banks and evacuations are under way. Just down there and rains had already been drowning folks. John, let us know you are OK. A day other Texans of course.

  11. Old Bear:

    I just found your comment that you left about 2 AM in the previous thread.

    You’re right; it won’t be long.

    The rate at which our country’s culture and history are disappearing is devastating.

  12. Like you, Trucker Ron. I posted this on yesterday’s and then realized that it WAS yesterday’s.

    Nancy Kirk in AZ on 01 Jun 2016 at 6:59 pm #

    We get IRS, computer, credit card services, AND sell your timeshare (of which we have never owned one) all too regularly.

    CEP, yes, I was in Lawrence in 1963. I was living in the Alpha Phi house in the spring, got married in Salina in the summer, and lived in the fall at (if I remember correctly, which I may not) 2552 or something like that Redbud Lane—the street is right. Don’t know about the directory thing. Let me know if you find me!

  13. Rick: ‘The rate at which our country’s culture and history are disappearing is devastating.’

    1. See my comment above re 4 July, 11 Nov., TG, etc.
    2. America’s culture is about what you’d expect when most values of things are expressed in $$, most businesses and media are swallowed by conglomerates, and most public entertainment and some editorials are determined by bottom-line advertising.
    3. History is written by the winners, not just the victorious in armed conflicts, but also those who can afford to sponsor the writers. E.g., much of what we now know about the lot of the mostly illiterate commoners in 19th c. England is not in the history books but in the novels of Chs. Dickens and more recent work of, say, John Fowles in ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman.’ Some data may be available in some public records, but that doesn’t get it into the el-hi history books. Peace,

  14. NK/AZ: The sorority sisters’ names are not in the city directory at the address; perhaps no undergrads are because of the fluidity of their residency. The building at 1602 High Drive looks nice enough, though. I may have found your then-future husband, too. If you want to divulge your maiden name – not sure that’s a good idea – I’ll take another look.

    Passed my annual eye exam today – no trace of medical problems; I am deeply thankful.

  15. I saw a woman wearing a sweatshirt with ‘Guess’ on it. So I said ‘Implants?’
    She hit me.

    GM Debbe
    You may be more comfortable with a all cotton T under that h/mat suit to wick away
    sw — er — perspiration.

  16. Good morning Villagers….

    What stirs me awake…the sound of the TV when the satellite shuts off and husband is snoring on the couch….I just turn it off and head back to bed, with high hopes of getting at least a couple of more hours sleep. One time I thought I heard little Carrie Ann saying “they’re hear” 🙂

    Old Bear…yes, I did go back to wearing my T shirt…hated that sticky feeling of the hazmat suite. Implants, good one and a GM and B-hug back at you.

    Jackie, I remember slumber parties when we were pre-teens….making prank calls…there was also “do you have Prince Albert in a can?”

    High today…78 degrees, yesterday said it was going to be 88 degrees today.

    Husband still trying to get ‘Zusi’ running….local car parts store owner (Napa dealer) said if we could get it up there, he’d put it on the computer and he could tell us exactly what is wrong with it. Hmmmmm. I am seriously thinking of having it towed up there…..

    well, ya’ll have a blessed Thursday….

  17. And, now, completely off any subject in this forum –

    100 years ago today, the first self-service grocery store, Piggly Wiggly, opened in Memphis.

  18. My genealogy chasing told me ant apple off the ancestral tree was part of that momentous event, the Piggy Wiggly chain. That still makes me smile. Loved the pig emblem.

  19. Debbe, that looks just like one of the outdoors cats here. Part of the remaining crew that we need to trap and release at Jackie’s cat sanctuary.

    The smart watch is alarming? Insert smart alec comment here, I’m not awake enough for that yet.

  20. July 4th probably won’t change to a Monday as it is iconic. In the Automotive industry, that is the week that many take off to catch their breath or in some cases, catch up. Now that I get 4 weeks of vacation, I like to take the days around that holiday off. I often will go to daily Mass (to get me out of bed) and do things around the house. This year I hope to do what I mentioned here yesterday and covert some of our home video to digital. I may also make can some caponata as members of my family enjoy it, even though I do not.

  21. Steve: Had to look ‘caponata’ up [so does this site’s speelczech], but can report that Elaine would have loved it, and so would I. I expect the turnoff, for many, is the eggplant. You either like it or you don’t. I didn’t, when I first encountered it, but it grew on me, and I looked fwd to wife’s ratatouille and MOU-saka, which we learned to pronounce properly in Athens and the Aegean Isles [Smithsonian tour the year MN elected Ventura gov.].

    If one cannot handle eggplant, avoid Greece. Peace,

  22. I’ve been at Shands Hospital getting a new battery. Now we have a tropical storm aimed at us and an eggplant has apparently grown on the emb. The things you guys get into when I’m away.

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