Sleeping Beauty

We’ve had a lot of fun the past few days, skipping up and down the halls of and making noise, but when I read back over my posts here, I sound something like an old man who just discovered the Worldwide Web. True, online comics and “like” buttons and social media and associated falderal have been around a long time, and I’ve dabbled for years. I think what has changed for me is, I have come to believe what I’ve “known” for a long time but, as an old print journalist, did not really think possible. Newspapers as they have existed truly are on the way out. Digital publishing, mainstream digital publishing, is here and growing. It makes me nervous, but it’s also exciting. It’s fun running around, pushing buttons and marveling at the mystery of it all. However, one thing remains the same. The best thing I can do is to draw the best comic strip I can draw at the given time. So, if you’ll excuse me…
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  1. “The best thing I can do is to draw the best comic strip I can draw at the given time.”

    Sayth the man who has solved the “mystery” of flourishing no matter what the media.

  2. Oh my! This is me except Ghost wakes me to say “Baby put your Cpap back on, it has come off.” Meaning I am probably about as pretty as Janis.

    Jimmy, as my friend and ex-editor Josh Colvin of Small Craft Advisor said to me last year, “The ground is shifting beneath our feet.” Referring to the magazine print business. This month he admitted in an editorial that their subscriptkon readership has stabalized flat for first time since they began publication.

    Wooden Boat magazine began declining readership years ago and they have tried to get into online publishing.

  3. Wishing this blog had a “like” button so I could give Ghost at 11:40 one.

    The daily offering sure fits us at present. This house was not bought as a fixed up, rather we saw it as a base camp for a few years. Now, after Harvey, our half full glass feels nine-tenths empty. The good news is the flood insurance money will let us build it out again to half full.

    Now, about that lawsuit with the Army Corp of Engineers…

  4. Thank you Mark, for the heavy flashback. I’m not sure that my local paper had A&J from day one. I believe it was a Hart-Hanks Newspaper at the time, sold sometime in next couple of years. Yet both the tissue packet/little black dress, and the drive-thru seem familiar, maybe by seeing them later. But I was definitely on board by 1993 and Ludwig’s big day. Large dose of nostalgia there, thanks for spotlighting.

  5. I remembered that I meant to mention: the frame where Gene writes himself a note gave a double whammy of reminiscence. Strong suggestion of Charlie Brown, especially holding that tongue just so in order to shape his letters juuuust right.

  6. You’re welcome, guys. I never knew about Jimmy’s blog till I moved back to Alabama in 2010. None of the local papers had it and I was trying to find it online. Lo and behold, there was the Village. And at first I just read the comments, gradually getting bold enough to offer my own. And now I’ve been a citizen for over 7 years.

    Everybody have a good and safe weekend. Supposed to get really stormy here tomorrow night. And this is the weekend Tulsa is having its Oktoberfest at an outdoor location!

  7. By the way, if anybody remembers an old strip where Gene asks Arlo why he talks baby talk to Ludwig and Arlo answers he doesn’t know English anyway, please post a link. Somebody on FB is looking for it, having lost the copy they’d kept for years. Thanks

  8. Way back when Jimmy began the strip and Gene was little and Janis jealous and insecure I didn’t like the strip that much. The sailing and boating jokes I liked but Gene and Janis were annoying back then.

    The strip matured, Jimmy got better as an artist, Gene got older and Janis aged well. I began to read it consistently and following the link from the cartoon I stumbled on the blog back in 2013 at a time in my life I really needed humor and the Village.

    Thank you Jimmy for all you have given us. You gave me Ghost and a new life. He admitted tonight that he agrees I am a good imitation of Janis whom he already loved.

    Are you sure the parsonage doesn’t need some paint?

  9. On 7 Oct. I posted comments / evolution of language [as opposed to the notion that two naked grownups spoke perfect Hebrew], and said I’d read good stuff on it way back when, but “I’d have to dig.” Authors’ names came to mind, and I just dug.

    Current Anthropology 1964 | Center for a Public Anthropology…anthropology/current...
    In this article Ascher and Hockett attempt to provide a “narrative account of the evolution of our … more complex speech. … Hockett and Ascher are …

    That’s the first entry of several, most of which deal w/ their article in Current Anthropology and later comments on it. Hockett also wrote an article in Scientific American, which I will try to find.


  10. Chs. Hockett published a 1960 article in Sci. Amer. Did a search and found:

    which contains more references than you want. He was at Cornell from ’46-retirement in the Modern Language dept.*; I was there ’47-’51, but foreign languages are my weakest subject, so I had no clue. *The other dept. is Classic Languages, mostly Latin and Greek, maybe Hebrew. Hockett, of course, was interested in steps leading to language itself, MYA.


  11. Mark, I liked the tail wag of Luddie. I don’t remember the original post, but I was reading A& from nearly the beginning. I know that I was reading it before Katrina hit and even got a signed print for donating a blanket to the relief efforts.

    Arlo and Janis in the 90’s certainly were looking in our windows practically all of the time. Today it might be less often, but when it does, it is really relevant. It is still roll on the floor funny, which is really a tribute to a very talented author.

  12. Will this work, Mark?

    Missed out a lot this week…here. In real life, life happens.

    We laid to rest my BIL, #2 sister’s husband….he was a corker. Loved to tease, loved his grandchildren, and just loved horses. When his only daughter went on her first date, the date drove up, parked his car and walked up to the front porch, and where was my BIL… his shotgun on the front porch 🙂 Taught kids to ride horses by telling them there were only two very important rules…hold on tight with your legs and hold the reigns very tight..then he’d slap the horse’s rear…I’ll miss his teasing and his grinning

    Sister #2’s husband ran over their 10 year old Aussie shephard (he was deaf). Sammy didn’t make it.

    THEN….Ian sprains his left ankle.

    It’s a grand life if one doesn’t weaken……right Jackie!!!???

    Good night….but not before….

  13. Sorry to hear about that chain of misfortunes in your family’s life Debbe. But you are still chugging along, so it’s not all bad. Just keep hanging on. That picture would be funny on a T-shirt. Maybe you could get somebody to make you one of those iron-on transfers. You can get the kit to print your own using an ink-jet printer.

  14. Debbe:

    Yesterday, if I were one to wear tee-shirts with phrases on them, I saw one yesterday at the Circleville Pumpkin Show that I liked greatly:

    “Stupidity should be painful.”

    It’s amazing how often that saying applies to me.

  15. Posted years ago, but some of you weren’t here then. Tee shirt seen at Peak Performance:

    Obverse: I have gone to find myself.

    Reverse: If I get back before I return, keep me here.

    Cannot remember: Maybe the whole thing was on the front.
    Reminiscent of Mencken’s “Ice is really a vegetable organism that forms on the surface of water to keep it from freezing solid.”


  16. Got a better look when it flew. Best I can do is White-tailed Hawk, which Peterson’s maps as getting only as far N as Galveston or so. Site is in Saskatchewan. However, birds fly.


  17. Big storms here last night but no tornadoes, just watches. Bad in Tulsa too where Mark is.

    Ghost and I are going to afternoon performance of Faust. Read a funny review by a college student who said only the devil could look scary in yellow tights. Also the plot made explanation of term faustian bargain clear since Faust sold his soul for a one night stand!

    Ghost is going to love this. The lead female is even young and beautiful although she kills hers and Faust’s child, then dies painfully before ascending to heaven in a flock of angels.

    I laughed at student’s comment about the stabbed and dying Valentin only having one song left in him. I always loved that no matter if the fat lady was dying of consumption it still wasn’t over until she sang.

    By the way, we are going to hear both Tulsa Symphony and Tulsa University symphony orchestra this week. Lord thank you for Ghost!

  18. Debbe,

    Sorry to hear your travails…

    Symply seems to be Fall again….will be putting the bike away soon. Getting ready to bring in the outdoor things and get ready for that “other” season I loved as a child and find so Fargone different now…Wish you all a gentle Autumn. Such good weather here in the village. Regards to all, your private peripatetic lurker, P.

  19. Yes, bad storms here last night. I stayed up till nearly 2am because I didn’t want to be in bed asleep if anything happened. But as far as I can see from my apartment nothing is damaged here. One of the high-rise casinos near Oklahoma City got tornado damage last night though. Wind pulled part of the brickwork off the front of the building and water got into the performance theater, just after the Beach Boys finished a show.

  20. Read newspaper report, govenor was at Beach Boys concert and had to be evacuated twice from casino by her security detail.

    There were three touchdowns last night of storms with damage. Wind damage around us was just straight line.

  21. not that you know I was being glib about the surrounding circumstances…sometimes I feel like we are in some sort of a domino effect with all the catastrophes in these past few months

  22. I didn’t notice this at the bottom of that Non Sequitur strip before:

    To my readers:The original art for today’s edition is being auctioned to raise funds for animal rescue. Go to for details.

    All funds go directly to animal rescue.

  23. From a friend on FB: I’m at PetSmart buying a bag of Iam’s dog food for my dogs. While in the check-out line, a woman behind me asked if I had a dog. Why else would I be buying dog food, RIGHT??? So on impulse I told her that no, I didn’t have a dog, I was starting the Purina Diet again, and that I probably shouldn’t because I ended up in the hospital last time, but that I’d lost 50 pounds before I awakened in intensive care with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms. I told her that it was essentially a Perfect Diet and all you do is load your pockets with Purina Nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The food is nutritionally complete so it works well and I was going to try it again. (I have to mention here that practically everyone in line was now enthralled with my story.) Horrified, she asked if I ended up in intensive care because the dog food poisoned me. I told her no, I stepped off a curb to sniff a poodle’s butt and a car hit me. I thought the guy behind her was going to have a heart attack he was laughing so hard. Better watch what you ask me and be prepared for my answer. I have all the time in the world to think of crazy things to say. Now that you’ve read this, I have to confess I copied it. You do the same and make someone else laugh!

  24. Ghost is in kitchen making me French toast from leftover beer bread he baked to go with our chili the other night. I must still be dreaming.

    Life is wonderful.

  25. I’m having a very strange problem today at work. Our internet is down, with our only being able to access CNN, the Daily Mail, and the Village! The tech guys are really scratching their heads over it all, muttering about DNS servers.

  26. A great morning in the village I hope….home and hanging around doing some Fargone cooking myself….made Grandma’s(Mom’s side; she couldn’t cook to save her life, but her blintzes and hullupchas are to die for)hullupchas, a huge butternut squash from the neighbor’s garden and scratch brownies…anyone here ever heard of hullupchas? Basically stuffed cabbage in a sweet and sour sauce with shortribs, carrots and a few other things to make it special. Yes if contacted can provide the recipe but the quantities are vague in the original(things like handful etc)….just sayin’.

  27. This year has flown past . Hard to believe that in a year’s time I’ve moved twice, lost my mother, rented my first solo apartment and bought a car.

    Without the Village, I would not have got acquainted with Jackie, who helped me find a place to live when my home had been jerked out from under me. Nor would I have had the pleasure of making friends with others from the Village who have given me laughs and good advice.

    And without Jimmy, my life would be poorer and less joyful. Thanks for your work, Jimmy, you make my days better.

  28. That is sweet Mark. You are welcome. I am proud of you. You also took control of your health and sought the medical care you needed to survive and get better.

    You owe Jimmy your very life.

  29. Symply Ghost and I want recipe to cook. I have eaten it, didn’t know name.

    Handful is fine with me. That’s often how I cook. My Granny only owned one measuring cup, a metal dented one she got for free in a sack of flour. She NEVER owned any measuring spoons.

  30. “Jenny” is a retired BSU employee whom I’ve known since a small rural UMC closed a half century ago and she [age 9 or so?] and her folks came to BUMC. She got her bachelor’s in biology at BSU, took most of my courses, and just emailed, asking that I proofread the text for a booklet on things to be grateful for, to be sold a upcoming craft fairs. Says I am her favorite proofreader, has earlier told me I’m her favorite theolog. Talk about things to be grateful for! Wonder if she realizes how much she has taught me, and others as well. We are all blessed.

    Why “Jenny”? Doesn’t apply literally here, but it is literary.


  31. Trucker:

    Same poet who wrote “Abou ben Adam” wrote a shorter one, “Jenny kiss’d me.” This “Jenny” has not, but the effect of the request for editing is much the same. I learned of the poem from Elaine, when I told her that a departing houseguest had impulsively kissed me as she was leaving us after spring term. Elaine was not worried, and never had any reason to.


  32. Debbe, Jackie, and Ghost — you are so sweet to ask about me and wish me well. I have been a bit unfocussed lately, my iPad and hp desktop have both been hateful. Annoying and distracting, also they don’t get along with each other.

    In better news, I had “CertaPro” paint my large three story house (with five dormer windows) and wouldn’t you expect endless aggravation with this? Not at all, the crew did a great job, they didn’t bother me at all and the house looks very nice. They cleaned up all around, perfectly; and the price seemed reasonable for the work they put into it.

  33. Also, the weather has been warm and pleasant the last few weeks (sorry Villagers, many of you have had storms). Looks as though none of you live in the places in California with the awful fires? It’s horrible to read about the people who lost everything, and to see the pictures.

    Conditions have been perfect in NH for house painting! We would not expect it at this time of year; strange.

    On Sunday some of my daughters came over, with a very large pizza from a place just up the street. We enjoyed it!

    When you have time to write, I want to know how you liked Faust. I heard a recording of Verdi’s Otello on the radio that was awfully good; the voices and the orchestra were to die for.

  34. Miss Charlotte Faust was very good. Best voice was bass who sang Mephistles the devil. Valentin the brother was next best.

    This clip is NOT who we saw but is Sam Ramey singing Mephistles role. Sam is argueably best voice to ever sing the role or tied with one other.
    He was far more dramatic than our devil!

  35. good morning Villagers…

    Been ‘cruising’ the interweb….lots of allegations flying around out there. People just can’t keep their hands to themselves….

    But I did come across this slideshow of the old west…pics are pretty cool.

    Going to stop at my house on way back from Jasper and pick up my bread machine. Been a while since I’ve used it, that I will need to read the recipe which at one time I knew by heart and only measured the amount of flour needed, or is that kneaded????

    GM Old Bear and Miss Charlotte…a three story house, I bet you get your exercise just climbing the stairs. So what color did you paint your house??

    And how is Jackie doing? You have a wonderful caretaker there, you do know that 😉

    back in a bit

  36. Dear Debbe, when we bought our house in 1957 it was painted a very pleasing dark charcoal grey, with a lot of white trim. We liked it so much that we’ve always kept it the same color. It looks good this time too. I have to admit I’m not climbing the stairs much any more, though.

    Loved your pun with the bread maker. You have a real gift for words — you have to be born with it!

    Symply, the house is a Colonial Revival, built in 1895. It’s a nice comfortable place to live.

  37. Jackie, thanks for the opera story. Sounds like you and Ghost liked it a lot. Thanks for the YouTube link, I’ll look at it tomorrow. Years ago we saw Samuel Ramey on TV, singing the Devil in Boito’s opera on the Faust story. Chris and I were enchanted by this which we’d never heard of before. Ramey was my favorite from then on, he was so good. (My all time favorite is/was Ezio Pinza. How I swooned hearing his recordings from South Pacific.)

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