Slipping Out

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I hope you enjoyed our geography trivia. Going over the highest elevations by state, I noticed that the Ozarks, which I know to be bucolic and lovely, aren’t really that tall. The highest point in the entire range is Magazine Mountain in Arkansas, at 2,753 ft. The highest point in Missouri, where almost the entire southern half of the state is included in the Ozark Highlands, is Taum Sauk Mountain, at only 1,772 ft. The highest point in my native state of Alabama is Mount Cheaha which tops out at 2405 ft., and mountains are yet one other thing we don’t brag a lot about in Alabama. But as I said, the Ozarks are lovely and an ecological treasure.

Cartoonist’s doodle: I originally stated here that Snuffy Smith and clan lived in the Ozarks. As commenter “Ace” pointed out, that was flat wrong. Then, I thought, it must’ve been Li’l Abner. Although there was an amusement park in the Ozarks called “Dogpatch, U.S.A,” further digging makes clear the Yokums and the Smiths lived in Appalachia, although the exact locations are less clear. Kentucky and North Carolina are mentioned, respectively. Anyway,  I meant Ozark Ike!