Solitairey Existence

I know a lot of younger people play games on their smart phones, but yet another casualty of shifting technology has been the middle-aged ‘FreeCell’ addict, usually female, who would sit for hours playing FreeCell and other versions of solitaire. ‘Spider Solitaire’ comes to mind. There were a lot of FreeCell widowers back in the day. Now, games, shopping and any number of computer tasks can be performed while sitting on the sofa beside one’s mate. Progress marches on.

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  1. A lot of people must have better eyesight than I do in order to share stuff on the relatively tiny screen of a phone. My laptop has the smallest screen that I care to use. My desktop monitor is much better for my eyes and posture.

  2. Ah, the addictive online games. My husband plays Spider Solitaire every day. But I like to do challenging Sudokus and we both do the Sunday crossword puzzle (on good old fashioned paper!). With the rise of these time-suck online activities, (that includes viewing “click-bait”) what would people do without them? Talk to each other???? Heaven forbid.

  3. Yes, I, too, am a widower to a game playing spouse. She will sit for 2 or 3 hours playing logic games that have no end. She usually plays them while I’m watching football, so I guess I enjoy the peace and quiet save the occasional shout at the TV or her raising her hands in victory over another level.

  4. Loon is an avid solitaire player. Even after major hand surgery, she spends evenings shuffling online cards. All in the peaceful solitude of her headphone enhanced environment. Explains my peaceful, easy feelings?

  5. I had an appointment with the dermatologist this morning as I had a couple of tags around my neck and wanted him to look at them. He had taken care of a spot on my jaw when a kid that I coached in baseball threw a pitch that I blocked. I ended up with several impacted whiskers.

    He is roughly my age and I had not seen him in over 22 years. He may have been in my exam room for 90 seconds, but he answered my questions and assured me that I was cancer-free. He also gave me a zinc shampoo that he wants me to use once a week to protect my scalp. Considering all of my years of running and now walking, I am pleased with my result.

  6. Dr. Lovelace is my dermatologist as well and she is the best I have ever seen in my life. She examines you from head to toe including ears, scalp, and between your fingers and toes. I love the woman.

    Everyone should see a dermatologist as part of their health team. In my case I have reasons like diabetes and autoimmune diseases that have serious skin problems so I see more than annually.

  7. Mark they closed Mimi’s also (La Madeleine owned) There is a new one near Arkansas River because I get emails on it for specials. La Madeleine not Mimi’s which is now closest in Rogers, Arkansas.

    Food tastes rather weird on chemo and I am on high protein diet. Not much different than my normal diet, chicken, fish, high fiber, fruits, vegetables.

    Stuff tastes exceptionally salty and impossible to eat, painfully so. Sometimes metallic. Cold stuff tastes better and I discovered smoothies with Splenda, protein and fruit tasted good, low calorie and nuitritious.

  8. Has anyone bought the printed cartoons from Gocomics?

    What was quality like? We’re wanting to do a number of our favorite classics that Ghost and I love.

    We will frame ourselves so we’d order the prints but no frames. Anyone who has done this?

  9. Jack Hanna and his animals is appearing here in Tulsa next week and Ghost and I are thinking of going.

    These kind of programs remind me of the Chautauqua of long ago. Tulsa has a similar program where they bring in well known public speakers on subjects of interest, as does the local universities.

    Many are free to attend, as are musical events, art exhibit and opportunities to learn and socialize.

    How can anyone be bored?

  10. I am fine, Llee. Thanks for asking. Just don’t have as much time anymore – or rather, energy! We all have the same amount of time…

    Have been working a lot in the past few months investigating, and now preparing, for a merger of our mental health agency with a much larger medical & mental health provider. The merger will happen on Jan. 1, and there is so much to do. In addition to trying to get a handle on our roles in the new entity, there is just so much of the mundane, but time consuming, items. We have notified all our business partners, a public announcement has been made, and now we must have current contracts changed. It is not simple!

    But we will have so many more resources available to do the services we want, and need, to do. Our little tri-county agency, with 100 employees, will become a part of an organization that will cover the entire southeastern part of Ohio. From Chillicothe, east to Marietta, south to the river… AND the organization, with our entry, will have 700 employees.

    As you can tell, I am excited, but it is a lot of work – and it will take some time to work out the kinks. And… I am looking forward to having the time available to actually take more than one week of the three weeks of vacation I am due annually!

    Like Symply… I am lurking… Keep up the good work, Village!

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