Some things gotta give

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I’ve enjoyed the food discussion; we might get back to it, those of us who were talking about food. Today, however, I’m going to sing about an unsung hero if ever there was one. I was cutting drawing paper for the comic strip this morning, something I’ve been doing for over 27 years, when I thought of the paper cutter I was using. It’s a Boston 2624 that I purchased in 1985, after I had contracted with United Media to produce Arlo & Janis but before the strip actually began its run. I bought it from an office supply store in Jackson, down the street from the newspaper office where I worked. Almost every A&J comic strip I have ever drawn started out on that paper cutter, dailies and Sundays. For all its bulk and weight, it sits on a table in my office, virtually invisible. It still works like new. The paper cutter in the photograph is not mine, by the way. I borrowed the picture from an auction site. For my paper cutter, I paid what seemed like an exorbitant amount of money to a young man, something like $75 in 1985 money, as I recall. I notice the one in the auction sold for $16. I should have bought it.