Some things never change.

Some things never change.

December 8, 2008

I don’t usually take advantage of the modern conveniences of cartooning. I seldom cut and paste art. I laboriously and slavishly just draw a scene again if need be, although Arlo & Janis can be (Let’s face it!) rather static. The last two panels in this old A&J are an exception. They’re identical, because it enhances the joke. This, I think, is an acceptable use of Photoshop, or whatever.

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. Given that 27C = about 80F, I’m with Arlo. EMB, I’m guessing you mean politics is involved? From what I recall, the issue with conversion has been mostly laziness. Of course, we have converted in most areas other than construction. Lots of 2-liter, 1-liter, and 500 ml bottles around. Many packaged foods are also labeled in metric sizes. Science and technology has been done in metric for a while. My guess is that at some point the Imperial measure will gradually fade away as more things get voluntarily shifted.

  2. Also, the “Honeypot” manufacturer label on the analog thermostat os a great substitution. I wonder how many actually read it as the Honeywell of many actual thermostats from the era? My avatar would certainly appreciate the difference!

    • My thought on that score was, did Honeywell give him sponsorship money or send their lawyers around with a Cease and Desist letter. Either way that was clearly a Honeywell product. Although for most of my life Honeywell meant computers. The first machine that I had unattended access to was a Honeywell 2000 run by our local board of education. The Computer Center would go to lunch and it was mine to operate and program until they got back.

  3. Actually, frame *two* is yesterday – surely by now Janis would have insisted on one of those newfangled smart thermostats, so they could bring their battle of the body temperatures into the modern age!

    As my wonderful mother-in-law neared the end of her long life, she told me that as she gets older, her room-temperature comfort range gets narrower and narrower. When I asked her what her current range was, she replied, straight-faced, “seventy-two.”

  4. I totally agree that the photo shop copy really works with this particular strip. Because it is true that there will always be a difference between two people no matter how fancy the thermostat.

    I remember selling Chrysler on using separate Automatic Temperature controls for the driver and passenger in the early 90’s. I convinced my management to make a prototype with the feature and let Chrysler executives drive it around for a new weeks. The feedback that we got back was that the wives demanded that Chrysler use this feature, so it was a very easy sell.

  5. One thing the digital age has done is to almost entirely do away with fractions. The only areas I can think that still use fractions are cooking, construction and sometimes distance. Why anyone ever thought of dividing things by 2,4, 8 or 16 when we use base 10 for counting is beyond me. I’ll wager a majority of people have trouble with fractions more complex than one quarter. We had an adult volunteer at Habitat ask “What’s 4/8ths ?

  6. First day back in the office is much like the last day I was in the office in 2018. Not getting much done. Just not ready to jump in the deep end yet. Still trying to figure out why people are so cheerful on the first day back to work. My eyes are watering. Maybe I am allergic to work?

    So I tried to use the “Search” button on the blog, but with very mixed results. I miss the calendar that was on the side of the blog. But I did find an entry for late 2014 and hit “Next” and read through a few posts. There are a few people that we active that are not here much or at all any more. Several, like Debbe and Mindy from Indy, I really miss. I hope that they are OK. There was one person that might have been a bit of a troll. They really stirred up some trouble and thankfully we have not heard from that person in a while.

    So I just sent an email and got a favorable response….maybe it is time to go to work! 😛

  7. I immediately noticed the “Honey Pot” name on the thermostat and thought, “Well. Well. Well.”

    By the way, there is a business that calls itself The Honey Pot Company and markets “feminine products”. (I found some of their product descriptions on their web site to be somewhat amusing, if not entirely family-friendly.) So I suppose there is at least one meaning of “honey pot” that is not exactly Winnie the Pooh-ish.

  8. As for length – 1 foot was the Kings foot
    inches were Barley corns(?) 12 to the kings foot
    An inch (any length) is easier to divide in half and half again and so on.

    Back before the first oil brouhaha an office manager turned the thermostat down slightly-
    the women in the office kept turning it up and down thinking they were getting heat quicker-(not true)
    the manager put a functioning thermostat in his office and left the original in the outer office-
    The workers kept turning their thermostat and were happy – the manager was happy – everybody was happy.

    Have sent some stuff to Debbe – it has not come back, so hope she is OK.
    Jackie maybe you could call? Give her a hug from all of us.

  9. Here’s a definition of ‘honeypot’ I’d forgotten:

    In computer terminology, a honeypot is a computer security mechanism set to detect, deflect, trap, or, in some manner, counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems.

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