Something’s not fishy

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The year is half gone! I chose to republish this cartoon from 2004, because of a childhood memory—the same reason I drew it in the first place. When I was a boy, one of my favorite foods, right behind the fresh tomato sandwich, was fish sticks squeegeed in catsup, and unlike tomato sandwiches they could be enjoyed year-round. Maybe it’s mostly nostalgia, but I remember those fish sticks being thick, firm, flavorful filets of ocean fish, lightly breaded. They were about the only fish to find its way onto my family’s table, fresh or otherwise, so I have to assume they’re an important reason I grew up loving seafood. Fish sticks today? Bah! A thick layer of breading that would meet in the middle if not for a layer of thin, vaguely fishy goo. Bah!