Sound Sleep

This is that special time of the year when it becomes obvious that the same aggravations, the same distractions and the same difficulties that bedeviled a body last week, in the year 2017, still exist. Why do we ever think they won’t? It isn’t my favorite special time. Someone yesterday was asking questions about the colorization of Arlo & Janis. It’s a subject we’ve discussed before, but it also is a subject that evolves. We’ll talk about that later this week.
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  1. Looks like the snow might have missed Jerry in the Florida panhandle. Grey and nasty in central Florida since Monday but the sun finally came out this afternoon, thank goodness. Family members near Savannah measured 5 inches of snow and posted pictures that seem to back that claim. Our 2-year-old grand-nephew had a great time playing in it; his new favorite word is “noooow!” – he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of the “s” yet 🙂

  2. Ghost and I are home at last and I am exhausted from two days resting in Tulsa to be able to .make trip home safely without one of us collapsing. We are sick of feeling sick.

    Ghost stopped to see our ophthalmologist on way home, his viral infection had morphed into a bacterial eye infection.

    We are home on bed rest until next week when we do this all over again to see if I am well enough for chemo.

    Cancer and being ill don’t mix.

  3. Today in 2000 the last daily Peanuts ran in newspapers as Charles Scultz retired due to poor health and colon cancer.

    Mr. Schulz died February 12 and the last Sunday ran the next day.

  4. It is hard to believe that it has been 18 years since the last new Peanuts. I have the “Peanuts Begins” restart on my subscribed comics feed. I’m hoping to make it all the way through, but not counting on it. 🙂

  5. I have been reading about the Charles Schulz museum in Santa Rosa. I had feared the museum had burned in the fall fires but thankfully it did not. Mr. Schulz home burned and some memorabilia but most was in the museum and is safe.

    The skating rink is safe. Mr. Schulz son also lost his home.

    Reading about Franklin and the integration of Peanuts tonight seems so typical of Mr. Schulz.

    I smile because in the early 1950s down in Venezuela we got Peanuts somehow. I remember learning to cartoon drawing Charlie Brown at a whopping eight years old! As Jimmy said, amaze your friends.

  6. To be more precise, the eye doc said my viral upper respiratory disease migrated up my sinuses and hence to my eyes, developing into a case of left-sided viral conjunctivitis with bacterial involvement. I said, “I know, doctor; I’ve got the danged pinkeye.”

    I shall always remember being assured, quite earnestly, by a second-grade classmate that pinkeye was so contagious one could contract it by merely being looked at by someone who had it.

  7. David:

    Perhaps we will all eventually have access to just about everything past. Me? After a long check-in w/ someone, I’m particularly interested in the therapsid to mammal transition in Permo/Triassic times. Also, when and where was that kid actually born, and who was his real dad? And what else interesting has been going on in this ginormous universe in the last 13 D years? [And I suspect Shakespeare actually wrote the plays; wasn’t planning on investigating that.] And was Patience’s marriage to Archibald a success?

    Speelczech recognizes Triassic but not therapsid.


  8. emb, when I read your comment my mind translated therapsid to therapist, which confused me in the context of your comment. I had to go back and look again to get the right word. Aggh! even my mind is making spellcheck errors.

  9. Dearest emb, I had to study your letter some until I figured it out. Yes, I’d like to know too.

    This morning under the bird feeders, seven Gray Squirrels were foraging for seeds in the snow. Birds were all visiting the neighbors I guess; plenty here later in the day. Never have I seen this many squirrels here at the same time — quite a sight.

  10. Ghost, I have found that Johnson’s Baby Shampoo cures pinkeye. I use a drop at full strength in affected eye, burns like hell. Most recommend shampooing hair and let some get in to the affected eye. Pinkeye is usually gone overnight.

  11. One of the most humble things I learned about Charles Schulz was his burial. He is buried in a simple grave in the veteran’s section of the cemetery in his hometown county. His marker is a flat military bronze marker that gives his name, birth, death, rank and service.

    Let his works be his memorial, not a stone or monument.

    I love one of his quotes, “I would have done this even if they hadn’t paid me.”

  12. Notes on A&J
    Current –
    We year dated a half doz to doz checks ahead – and yes we still pay by check.
    Of course we will have to remember when the predated run out.

    I find that a swig of Dill Pickle juice (3 fingers in a juice glass)
    stops the cramps in 15-20 seconds. If I remember a sip before bed seems to keep
    them away. But the question then is, would I have gotten cramps if I had not
    taken the juice.

  13. c-ex-p, as to the term “son-in-love”, I borrowed it from a dear friend, so you certainly may borrow it from me.

    I’ve read that Stephan Pastis, who has his own fire related worries in California, is also involved in the effort to keep the Shulz museum safe. I’ve been reading Peanuts just about my whole life, yet it’s hard to think that Charlie Brown and crew are actually a couple of years older than me when they are always and forever in the second grade.

    The weather in Georgia is somewhat weird this week. The northern part of the state is just cold, damp, and miserable while the southern part is getting snow. My aunt and cousins in Savannah were able to build a decent sized snowman yesterday. I’ll be back in Chatsworth this weekend with my daughter and grandbaby, where it is still supposed to be cold and damp. We’ll see how it goes.

  14. Interesting, I was also reading about immunotherapy yesterday and the use of the bodies immune system to fight cancers.

    It cannot be used in all cancers but in some it produces total reversals like Truckers friends child.

    The case I was reading was a young woman in her 20s with terminal colon cancer that had moved to many organs. Her sister found an immunotherapy test group with an opening rather than just go into hospice.

    She is now apparently cancer free.

  15. Happy January 4, 2018 🙂

    I really hate to hear that GR is ‘down’ also But, knowing GR, he will persevere. There are horror stories out there about men being sick that one would put a pillow over his face….heh, it gets worse, but that’s story for another day

    Miss Charlotte, I hope you are hunkered down for the incoming blizzard.

    Been lazy and puny, thankful for slow cookers…pork loin cuts with gravy. No mashed taters though, Dad doesn’t like them….just thought of something….there’s always mashed tater cakes, slivers of onion and butter…lots of butter…real butter. Instant ‘taters’ are good too. Need to check pantry.

    I hate, and I mean.hate.this cold. Pray all stay warm and fuzzy.

    TR, it’s always good to read a good outcome such as the young child with the leukemia and the twenty some year old lady. Yes the medical world is not cheap, wonder how many and how much went into this CAR T treatment..

    later gators……

    B’ugs OB

  16. Well, look I am seriously not interested in fighting over the issue. But if it was right and decent to call out Gary on his joke that the risen Christ could be refereed to as a zombie…

    Then I will certainly call out emb for questioning the parentage of my Lord and Savior.

    I have great respect for believers, naturally.

    I also have great respect for any one who holds a different belief system.

    But to be half on board, but reserve the right to mock your fellow congregants at your pleasure is some distance past what I call acceptable.

    Thank you for your attention. If there is a different way to interpret emb’s curiosity of ‘that kid’, I would be very interested to read it. Glad tidings to all who chose to observe the traditional date given as the visit and Adoration of the Magi, whatever number there may have been.

  17. Morphy, you are right of course and braver than I. I noted and told Ghost, “I became a Christian and was baptized a Methodist at age 21, took a year of adult instruction. Went to church for ten years. This is not acceptable Methodism”.

    I consider myself a questioning back slid Anglican. My ancestors fill Methodist cemeteries dating back to America’s founding in the 1600s. I honor their beliefs.

    Never have I attended a church or religious service just for social conviviality and the pot luck dinners.

  18. Morphy, you are right of course and braver than I. I noted and told Ghost, “I became a Christian and was baptized a Methodist at age 21, took a year of adult instruction. Went to church for ten years. This is not acceptable Methodism”.

    I consider myself a questioning back slid Anglican. My ancestors fill Methodist cemeteries dating back to America’s founding in the 1600s. I honor their beliefs.

    Never have I attended a church or religious service just for social conviviality and the pot luck dinners.

  19. Thanks, Jackie, and continued good wishes for both you and Ghost for each of your ailments. I felt bad ignoring so many other topics worthy of comment. But I did not want to dilute my grievance by distracting.

    shifting focus

    But you are not twice shy are you, emb? Commenters here go on quite well, and then you have an itch that you need to scratch by hiding a rhetorical in the middle of several other loose idle thoughts. My aren’t you the clever little scamp. Then you desire to appear nonchalant. I will not let the yardbird greet the day a third time without speaking up.

    You have offended. And it is not received as peaceful.

  20. Murphy
    You have done it again. You are trying to start a fight with another commenters. If you have a problem with someone else, please just skip their comments. It saddens me to come here and find angry people. There’s enough of that all around us.

  21. Laura, I am very sorry that I have disturbed you. Please believe that that does trouble me. But also please understand that I feel it is emb that inserts these items. And that they require an answer. I have thought more on this, and had prepared an item. But I paused to check before posting. Please feel free to ignore it.

  22. To any I may be troubling: I am struggling on a dilemma. I feel it is proper to have said what I have. Yet I am concerned it may distress others who may have the natural level of doubt shared by many faithful people in any of the major religions of the world. I also do not want to hold class on the subject. I do feel moved to help any doubting Christian by giving a direction to consider. Thomas’s experience is described for us to demonstrate the natural level of doubt. Find his story for yourself, or ask a friend.

    I have sometime in the past spoken of Dennis Monokroussos and his blog that principally discusses chess. He recently suggested another man’s paper on doubt: (Dennis does mention the font is difficult and suggests copying and pasting to a document where you can change font and size to your comfort. )

    I have not yet given it a fair reading and expect it to be somewhat dry. Just an unfair assumption by me based on a stereotype of people who chose bad typeface. But I respect Dennis and thought I could pass on his recommendation.

    Sincere apologies to anyone who feels I have taken the subject too far.

  23. Titus 3:9-10New International Version (NIV)
    9 But avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and arguments and quarrels about the law, because these are unprofitable and useless. 10 Warn a divisive person once, and then warn them a second time. After that, have nothing to do with them.

  24. Religion does not often enter into my posts as it does others. I don’t even ask for prayer nor offer it. But I do become offended for others and remarks that are offensive to their beliefs, even if they are not my beliefs.

    So Laura were I to attack someone simply to pick a fight there is no point, the world is full of big targets.

    But I doubt many in Arkansas would appreciate someone in any church I know of saying, “Hey Mary, who was your baby daddy? Who REALLY fathered J.C.??”

    I am going to bed and to sleep. Add me to skipper/skippee. Don’t care.

  25. This is a typographical test, ONLY: naïve Elohim [Elohím] Elohím, . What I first did was type in the consecutive letters n, a, i, v, and e. JJ’s program puts in the umlaut over the lower case i automatically [and also just red-lined it because I failed to cap a stand-alone i]. Then I transferred in Elohím from my bottom-of-drafts selection of symbols, and it changed the acute accent to a simple dot. Only way I could save that accent was to put a punct. mark immediately after the final m. But now, I think, if I copy the second or third Elohim from the top line: Elohím , it stays! End of test.
    How come it’s there in my symbols collection? Has nothing to do w/ the original Hebrew. It’s so that, if it’s in a sermon or whatever, I’ll remember to stress the 3rd syllable, el-o-HEEM. Elohim is the word translated as the English “God” in Gen.1:1-2:4a in the KJV and other versions, a term used by the author that scholars refer to as the Priestly Writer. Starting the second [and older] creation legend, from Gen. 2:4b on, Jahweh is used, which the KJV translates as LORD* or LORD* God. This writer, often called the Jahwist, is the second of two writers that scholars suggest wrote all or most of the text in the 5 “books of Moses.”

    I’ve likely mentioned before that Elohim, a plural of el, a Hebrew singular for god or God, is not a booboo, but is one way of expressing the greatness [physical or otherwise] of a noun. E.g., behemoth looks to be the plural of a singular for beast. [See God’s response to Job nr the end of that book.]

    *KJV and other versions use small caps for the O, R, and D; don’t know what this program would do w/ those, but that’s a form best inserted in a draft after you’re done w/ the text.


  26. Locally, this year has started off unusually well for clear nights–4 in a row! Unfortunately for those who need to breathe, it’s also building up a lot of gunk in the air in our valleys in northern Utah. And that haze means the light pollution is worse than normal. Sigh.

    The whether forecast is showing a lot of storminess ahead, so perhaps we’ll have clean air again… but I did have 4 nights for exploring the Pleiades and Orion’s nebulae while they were almost directly overhead.


  27. emb, thanks for helping ID the bird in my yard. I didn’t know what it was, only that it was scaring my “chickens”. (Hi Debbe!)

    Trucker, excellent advice on telescopes- thanks! It would be cool….but in truth I wouldn’t use it as much as I might use binoculars. I’ll just enjoy your adventures and Nasa’s photos.

    Sandcastler, how’s Loon? Hope she’s feeling LOTS better.

    GR, Jackie …. thinking of you and hoping for better days


  28. Old Bear, thanks for the ‘wisdom highlights.’ I may use it, giving you full credit.

    Llee, Loon is doing fine. Can’t say the same for the lab that f’ed up the culture on her tumor sample. Infectious disease physician blew a gasket over their having lost the specimen. Can you say lawsuit?

  29. Posting here, because it is not worth carrying into a new page of Jimmy’s work:

    So, if I have followed the results correctly: Everyone recognizes that emb did intend his curiosity of ‘that kid’ to reference the baby Jesus. No one offers a different interpretation.

    emb makes a conjecture that is eqivalent to accusing Mary of promiscuity and giving false testimony to hide her actions, suggesting that the cuckolded Joseph is raising another mortal man’s son, and that there existed a man who escaped public derision and responsibility by Mary’s denial. A series of statements that are at minimum libelous, if not offensive to the reader personally.

    I point the statement out for what it is and attempt to imply that a similar statement of any other religious figure would not be met so kindly. Then I declare that to me personally, it gave offense.

    The original statement is observed as acceptable, or worthy of being overlooked. But my statement is now declared offensive.

    Those who see my protest as offensive are not bound by the same rule. The one that says pointing out the offense is worse than the original offense. Interesting how that works for you.

    Thouroghly enjoy your work, Jimmy Johnson. Thank you for making it available to us.

  30. i don’t see your protest as offensive, Morphy. But you’ve given emb his fair warnings as per the quotation from Titus and repeating them does not make them more effective, rather they become less effective. Like the mother we’ve all heard in public places telling her child “if you do that one more time, I’ll …”. The kid ignores it.
    The God I believe in, Creator of Heaven and Earth and all on the face thereof, is more than capable of dealing with such minor issues without my having to soften the offender up for Him first.

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