Spa’ing Partners

Spa’ing Partners

I’ve been running an hour late all week long. I already had noticed that as my body clock ticks on, it is more affected by the semi-annual time changes. For most of my life, it’s been: Tell me what time it is, and I’m good to go! Not so much anymore. I find myself staying up later and awakening later. About an hour, to be exact. Imagine that. Same thing with jet lag. The last few times I’ve been fortunate enough to be exposed to it, I’ve noticed it takes me a few days to catch up. Again, in the past, I would hit foreign soil running, no problem. Well, at least the ol’ body clock still is ticking.

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  1. Actually, I’ve found that I’ve slept noticeably more soundly since the time change. Perhaps I never really made the adjustment to Standard Time, and I’m now back to where my body is most comfortable?

    I wondered about the retro cartoon when it was originally published. So, Janis is wet, soapy and naked in the tub, and she’s concerned how she’d look with cucumber slices over her eyes? Or is it that she’s concerned what Arlo might do while she can’t see him? Hmm.

  2. Since Janis is planning her plantings, something tells me Arlo will be dusting off the grill before long.

    “Dreamland” in Tuscaloosa is #4 on Southern Living’s list of the South’s Top Ten BBQ Joints of 2019. Deservedly so, based on my last visit there.

    Also not too shabby is “Oklahoma Joe’s” in Tulsa, listed in SL as Oklahoma’s best BBQ Joint…at which I happen to have eaten more than once.

  3. Ghost, I never ate at Dreamland, even though I grew up (mostly) in Tuscaloosa. Their specialty was ribs and I like pulled pork better. Best place for that around Tuscaloosa is Archibald’s in Northport. And yes, I like Oklahoma Joe’s too.
    And I think Janis is worried about what Arlo might try while she is blindfolded with the cucumber slices.

    And the time change has not helped me sleep better. In fact, last night was the most restless yet, although that might have been because of the thunderstorms we had.

  4. Why does Janis demur?
    Sleep: few problems, thanks to zolpidem tartrate…and a little afternoon nap is nice, too. Ahhh, the blessings of retirement!

  5. I work with a lot of people who have made that long jump over the pond and they were complaining about the time change yesterday. I’m like REALLY? They’re even younger than me. Being on a Sunday, I just get into bed an hour earlier and wake up a half hour earlier. By Monday, I’m fine.

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