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There were a lot of interesting comments yesterday about boats and comics and such. Later this week, I will address a few of them. There’s a lot going on around the homestead this morning, though, so I hope you’ll excuse me for skipping out. However, it also is that time of year, time for Janis’ new swimming attire for the season–another grand old theme over the years.

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  1. Ordnance/Ordinance. Thanks, Terry. I new that, but I’l stil cend a sharpy-word’ed emall to my copie edtor. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a suggestion for Jimmy…let, say, July be “A&J Swimsuit Edition Month” here at the blog. I feel sure he’s done enough swimsuit/bikini themed strips over the years that there would be one for the daily retro for the entire month.

  2. Good morning, Villagers. Nothing like getting summoned for Jury Duty, getting there wvirtuously, and being told. “Oh, that’s been cancelled, come back at 1:30. It says a lot about me that I came back to work.

    Ghost, for the same reason anime guys have goofy hair and the women ridiculous bodies (and hair!) and skimpy outfits.

  3. Not into anime, Lily. But how skimpy? ๐Ÿ™‚

    And speaking of BLT’s, has anyone had any home-grown, vine-ripened pommes d’amour yet?

  4. Any reporter who sticks a microphone in the face of a disaster victim/survivor and says “Tell us how you feel” will be summarily executed when I become King of the World. Or possibly before I become King of the World, if I happen to be that victim/survivor.

  5. Ghost, since I claim to be older than you but possibly younger than EMB, I remember Krazy Kat and the original retro Mickey and pals, all had the skinny legs and big hands, feet, even back then. I think Mighty Mouse was a little more “chubby” and muscular?

    Look at Garfield, a current but perfect example of this point. Now Sylvester Puddy Tat may have been different but Daffy Duck was definitely skinny and the Roadrunner and Wiley Coyote were too, all with outsized appendages.

    I confess to learning to read on comics. Wish I had not burned them all in a fit of cleaning back when I was a teenager. I hadn’t saved them but my granny had, along with every magazine she’d ever owned. I had a giant bonfire and the dollar signs are probably still circling up in the cosmos!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  6. Oh. I see. That skimpy. And is there some reason why the only things larger than their eyes are their busts?

    Jackie, perhaps there is some “cartoon limb-and-appendage convention” about which Jimmy will enlighten us. And yes, you would likely be an eBay millionaire now.

  7. I can’t remember its name, but I seem to recall reading a short story about a “hoarder” everyone thought was insane…until eBay came along.

  8. According to what you’ve written, Jackie, you are even younger than I. That’s not saying much since the great, great majority of people are younger than I (and younger than eMb, too). I do some genealogy research for amusement and know where to look.

    No boating tales of any note, but I did find that I could row one of those old, heavy wooden boats and keep same under perfect control even before the age of 10. That was along the eastern shore of Winnipesaukee in NH. Charlotte may know the hotel formerly called “The Wawbeek” a few miles SE of Melvin Village…we rented a private place a mile down the shore therefrom and often rowed to the Wawbeek to pick up the daily mail (delivered by mailboat).

    I’ve been watching a single young eaglet develop in NW Georgia and, as of a month later, a trio of bald eagles near Decorah, IA. It seems odd, but the youngest of that trio likes to rest/sleep on its side, with feet semi-extended to that side. I cannot recall ever having seen any bird sleep on its side. Any of you observe such?

    I vote with GR6 on a “swimsuit month” featuring Janis….

  9. I was always a fan of Bernard Kliban and his cats. I loved them because they looked like cats but were anthropomorphic in some behavior, catlike in some. Eating Mousies.

    Ghost can tell us about his cartoons for Playboy that were not cats. He was a great cartoonist and died far too young.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  10. Ex-prof, we have many eagles here on our lake that nest high on the rocky ledges and rims of the mountains along the shore. Really cliffs that sheer down to the water. The birds circle and sweep and soar. People come here to view the eagles during certain seasons. Only the Native Americans may own their feathers which they keep in special spirit boxes and treasure.

    They are best seen from the water and we go down in power boats as they are close to the dam that blocks the Canadian River and turns it into this monster lake.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  11. Ghost, I asked my boss about the eyes, (she is an artist) and she said it is well-known among portrait and figure painters that larger eyes cause the viewer to see the subject as kinder, more humorous, and, well, younger, so most portraitists draw their (paying) subjects as with slightly larger eyes than reality. Not manga/anime big, but just a touch. Take a cartoon character that is mean and hateful like Fistula Breech in “On the Fast Track” and their eyes are typically small and squinty.
    I’m quite sure I don’t have to explain the busts.

  12. Anyone care for a cute bald eagle story? No? Well, you’re getting one, anyway.

    About 20 years ago I was fishing on the San Juan River in NW New Mexico. The river there is bordered by high, steep canyon walls and is very popular with baldies. I saw an immature eagle drop into a dive a couple hundred yards upriver from me. I was excited by the possibility of seeing the eagle pull a big trout from the river when I realized the bird was not aiming for the river but rather for the willows lining the shore. He left my line of sight for a few seconds and then he popped back into view, flapping his wings as hard as he could, with a quite angry full grown Canadian Goose hot on his tail. They both flew right past me, the eagle flying as if his life depended on it and the goose pitching a fit.
    I darn near dropped my rig in the river for laughing so hard!

  13. Prof- Yes it is. Lots of bird watchers come here although I mostly watch them in my back yard. We have wonderful pelican migrations, enough gulls to lead the Mormons, great ducks and waterfowl of all kinds.

    I was out on porch one day and daughter called and asked if I had taken up caging birds to entertain the cats. I said no, why? She said “What is with all the chirping and bird calls?”

    It was just normal birds all over my yard, trees and feeders. My office window is a wonderful port hole to view birds.

    You might want to come down in October, that’s a good time to watch eagles.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  14. Dear c – ex prof, hotels are places I’ve never gone to, I and my family don’t get around much, even in New Hampshire. However, many years ago my father and I DID make a rare excursion to Lake Winnipesaukee; we took the tour around the lake on the Uncle Sam, the U. S. Mail boat. The mail you picked up probably came in on this boat; it was like a floating Post Office and delivered mail to cottages, camps, and islands on the lake shore.

    I was about fifteen and it was very exciting and novel to chug around the lake and see the sights. My father had a special interest as he was Postmaster of our small NH town and he and the skipper … I think he was actually a Postmaster too … had a lot to talk about. He showed Pop and me how to “riffle” a stack of postcards or such. This was new to us, and I’ve remembered it all these years; it can often be useful.

    Nostalgia … at our cottage on a MUCH smaller NH lake, I too rowed around a lot in one of those heavy wooden boats. Got big muscles and big blisters. A boat like that is very quiet and you can hear the ripples slapping the side, the birds singing, the wind ruffling the lily pads.

  15. Bikini- one would think the prefix “bi” meant “two” and thus meaning a two-piece swimsuit. The skimpy swimsuit, however, premiered when the US atomic testing at Bikini Atoll was in the news. The swimsuit designer thought “Bikini” was an appropriate name for his creation since he hoped for an “explosive cultural reaction” to the radical design. Hard for us to believe almost 70 years later, but the bikini truly was shocking and considered outlandish when it was introduced. Based on that reasoning, any daring swimsuit could be considered a bikini.

    Interestingly, the name Bikini is derived from the native word Pikinni, meaning surface of coconuts. I will leave to others the discussion of the appropriateness of this root as it the female figure encased in a bikini.

  16. Charlotte, the mail boat I knew was named (I think) the Tonimar – too lazy to try to google it now. I’m speaking of the 1948-1957 era so maybe the Uncle Sam had finished its run. Did you take the Mt. Washington cruise around the lake? On my first such trip – with parents & sister – the steering went out near the Weirs and we were shuttled back to Wolfeboro on the much smaller Sophie C, a few at a time. My second trip was during my/our honeymoon and went perfectly.

    My parents honeymooned at the Wawbeek in ’36; we followed suit in ’62. The rented cottage referred to was that of my mom’s former minister. No doubt he liked the extra income it brought in now and then. I recall the nice flower beds in the back, courtesy of the famed 1938 New England hurricane. The minister lost 5 dozen full-grown trees, and not a single one hit his cabin! Removal of the downed trees afforded the space for his flowers. When one has a bunch of lemons….

  17. I was browsing through my copy of “Bop til You Drop” tonight. For those of yo who haven’t had a chance to read this collection of the first year of A&J, let me report that JJ hit the ground running- the jokes are great and it had real heart.

    I found it interesting that the first Veteran’s Day comic was revisited and expanded years later into probably the most discussed A&J arc:

    PANEL 1: Arlo is talking to a young and very attentive Gene: “Your Grandfather was in the war, but he doesn’t talk about it much.”
    PANEL 2: “When I was a boy, I would ask him to tell me stories, but he couldn’t. It gave him nightmares.”
    PANEL 3: “He would get a vacant look in his eye, and you’d know he was raveling back in his mind– But he didn’t talk about it.”
    PANEL 4: “Actually, your grandfather told me a lot about war.”

    A touching, brilliant strip.

  18. Remember the swimsuits in Gidget or Doris Day movies? Sandra Dee? Those were considered bikinis in the day, they barely showed your navel and not much cleavage.
    However, by the time I made it to Hawaii bikinis were six stringed, two on the bottom part and four on the top and three small patches just enough to keep you from being arrested.

    One I owned was crocheted with large holes, which many of the period wore sans any lining.
    As I recalled mine had a tiny lining on the front and strategic part of the two top pieces which were held together usually with another string! Clever name, they were called “String Bikinis”.

    Far cry from Gidget. I think the heroine wore one on the beach in the movie 10.

    I’m OK with a month of Janis in bikinis or whatever. June is closer than Janus.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  19. Comment on my post above: The combined area of the floating ice shelves of West Antarctica [roughly figured out in my head] is at least that of the land area of Mexico. That does not include the part of W. A. ice that is on rock, much of that rock below sea level.

  20. Okay, I was *almost* worried about the appropriateness of my antidote; however, since bikini season has begun in some fevered imaginations … I am a warm-blooded person, as is one of my assistants. The auditor today, well for her, the a/c was a bit too much for her. To quote her, ” Holy crap! Had I known it was going to be THIS cold in here, I would have worn more layers and a thicker bra!” Her wounded look when I burst out laughing only made it worse.

  21. Lady Mindy, it’s probably been a long time since anything regarding pokies would have been considered inappropriate around here.

    Jackie, your story of the crocheted bikini reminded me of the “Friends” episode where Chandler accidentally caught Rachel topless, and she grabbed an Afghan to cover her chest. She didn’t realize how loose the weave was until Chandler confessed that he could still see her “nippular” area.

  22. emb: So, since the floating ice that calves doesn’t add to the rising sea level, how much is coming off the land? And how much is offset by the increasing ice on the other end of the continent? In short, how significant is it?

  23. Good morning Villagers….

    Now Mark, why did I know you were going to post that song ๐Ÿ™‚

    And why is it when one (me) finally gets a good night’s sleep (8) hours, I’m more tired than when I went through my sleep deprivation last week?

    My husband’s best, and I mean best, friend and fishing buddy met his end of life yesterday. He died at home, with his family around him. I grieve for my husband badly….not only was Roy is best friend, but the two of them would go fishing almost every day. My husband didn’t know what to send to the funeral home…flowers or a keepsake….I told him to put a fishing lure in Roy’s casket.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day……

  24. Debbe, my condolences to your husband.

    Ghost I never saw that ep of Friends. It would be a pretty tight weave to hide me, but, then, I lock my bedroom door when I change clothes. I have to keep a spare suit of underwear (or two) in my locker at the hospital in case we get into what we call an “underwear case”, but we don’t worry much about being surprised there as after a few years we prety well know what there is to know about one another in the women’s dressing room.

  25. Today is one of those rare ones when I don’t “get” the real-time cartoon. I am familiar with Janis’s remark (“There’s no fool like an old fool!”), but the only usage I’ve ever known for it (at least in the South) is to describe a situation where an older man becomes infatuated with a younger and (often) sexually accommodating woman. I can’t see how that at all applies to what is portrayed in today’s cartoon.

    And I wouldn’t go quite so far as to say that Janis’s response sounds mean-spirited under the circumstances but it seems awfully close to being so. But perhaps that’s just because I don’t understand where she’s coming from with that response.

  26. Ghost, I took it to mean, and the Dark Side seems to agree, that she think he is too old to still be interested in sex. Not that, in my experience, men ever are. I have a hospital story about that, but it is too indelicate to post.

  27. If that’s the case, then I definitely think she is being snarky, considering that he is, after all, paying her the compliment of signaling to her that he still finds her physically attractive. And it’s not like she should find the attention unwelcome, seeing as how she was on the one who drug him into bed just the other day.

    And as far as what The Dark Side opinion is…meh.

  28. Lily, I’ve been told that women check out other women’s bods as much, if not more so, as men do. I tend to believe that, as I also subscribe to the old axiom, “Women don’t dress for men, they dress for other women.” For empirical evidence, there was the tall, slender and rather busty lady bartender I met a number of years ago when I was doing some relief bar-tending who told me that many more women than men expressed an interest in the size of her breasts.

    As it turned out, hers were natural (no implants), but that’s a story for yet another day. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. Ghost, all I can say is that among the (many) pieces of advice that my mother gave me was “Before you go out the door, look in a mirror. And look at your butt. Everybody else will.”

    Sure, we check out other women’s bodies, but not as much as their clothes and shoes. They are, after all, the competition.

  30. Just read real time cartoon and Janis sounds a little peevish, like “No way, Jose”. Not happening.

    About the retro cartoon, does anyone else remember how stiff and padded and multi-layered and over sewn and stayed those old 1950’s suits were? They could stand up on their own, were miserable to wear, you couldn’t swim. Like a extra strong girdle for our middles.

    Remember the bathing beauty pinups? They could hardly move.

    That was the point I think Arlo/Jimmy were making there. I instantly knew what he meant about wearing a flak jacket!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  31. Debbe, in my years as a floral designer I have made many funeral tributes that included lures, rods and reels, baseball gloves and balls, cowboy boots, ropes, saddles, old hats, deer horns, things dear to the deceased.

    I think my favorite was ordered by the young man’s grandmother. We bought a bookcase designed to look like a row boat, put the name of the boat on the side, turned it flat to look like it was on water and created a beautiful masculine design, “woodsiana”, lots of willows, foliages, pods, vines, sticks, grasses to look like foliage on a river or lake bank.

    Funerals are to bring peace and acceptance to the survivors and to remember and honor those gone.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  32. Nothing wrong with that suit, Lily…even if it is a one-piece. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’m sure you do it justice. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Jackie, I think a prime example of the flack jacket swimsuits of which you speak would have been the official Miss America competition suits of the 1950’s.

  33. Straight across the bottom to hide any “personal” parts of body, those suits were about as non-sexual as possible.

    What I remember best was the elasticized materials. No spandex, no acrylics, no soft fabric, they were giant elastic bands, from your chest to your “personal” parts. If you went into chlorine water the elastic would fail eventually, so you did little swimming. Lay on a beach towel and dabbled a toe in occasionally.

    Alas, it took a lot of chlorine to stretch the elastic, so no excitement on the pools sides when one got lost, as later suits did.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  34. I am supposed to be writing something serious and you guys make me laugh too much. I remember a white suit I owned in either late 50’s or early 60’s that looked white when dry but changed to flesh color when wet. Why?

    Anyway, I was on a high board getting ready to dive and a guy was looking up, thought I didn’t have a suit on? Walked straight into the pool fully clothed.

    That is how desperate men were in those Eisenhower days!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  35. This is too good not to share. Just the other day we were talking about funny typos and the unintentionally hilarious juxtaposition of photos and advertisements. While looking at the picture of Lily’s swimsuit, I noticed this picture of a very skimpily dressed Lady Leprechaun, or whatever she is, who is especially notable for her impressive chest.


    When I clicked on it, to take a closer look (yeah, I know, men are terrible and only have one thing on their minds), I got a pop-up ad for an IT company named “Rackspace”.

    Thanks, Lily. That was the best laugh I’ve had today, and I needed it.

  36. You are welcome. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Heh, that’s Annah of the Shadows, my favorite character from a game named Planescape: Torment. She is a great character and was voiced by Sheena Easton in a deep Scots burr. There is a place in the game where a tailor makes fun of her outfit. There is also a lecherous skull (I know, strange game) who is always making salacious remarks to Annah, and in one of these little byplays, she yells “If you don’t quit looking at me tail, skull, I’m gonna mount you on a pike!” Yes, she has a tail. She is a tiefling.

    Some strange person did that painting of her drunk in a leprechaun outfit and I use it as an avatar for St. Patrick’s day.

  37. I thought a better flak vest bathing suit comic was when Janis returns from purchasing her new bathing suit and asks Arlo if he wants to see it. She holds up a self-supporting one-piece, much to Alro’s disappointment. Janis replies in exasperation “Things change!”

  38. Thanks for the explanation, Lily. I don’t play games (well, not the ones you can play on a computer, anyway), but if characters like Annah and lecherous skulls are typical of the genre, perhaps I need to take a look at some of them. (Oh. That kind of tail. I had to read it twice.)

    Well, I guess everyone else understood today’s real-time cartoon. I’m still thinking about it. Along with Jackie’s flesh-colored, or transparent, or whatever, swimsuit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. Lilyblack, just what is an “underwear case” in hospital terminology? As no one else has asked, perhaps I’m the only reader with that educational deficiency.

    Re: those stiffened tops: In my younger days, quite unintentionally, I found that such tops on swimwear [or formal gown] were very, er, um, “informative” to the casual onlooker if the wearer didn’t fill out the whole volume.

  40. cep: Yes, in “Suddenly Last Summer”

    An “Underwear case”, in hospital parlance, is when you get so soaked in blood that it gets through the gown and scrubs and you have to change your underwear afterwards.

  41. Early animated cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat had skinny limbs, large feet, and round torsos because it made animation easier. It’s called the circle-and-rubber-hose style. In 1938, Fred Moore redesigned Mickey for the Sorcerer’s Apprentice portion of Fantasia.

  42. In the case of my white/flesh colored suit, it was an off-white and never went sheer, just changed color. It still had as much fabric and elastic and went back whitish when dry. In those days girls didn’t get many suits, you wore the same one forever.

    In fact, I was reading a bathing suit edition in a woman’s magazine last night and the editor admitted she had not bought a new suit in over 5 years and kept wearing one that was now stretched and baggy. Now that is courage in admitting true confessions!

    Now that I think about it, back in those days girls wore the same dresses over and over for a long time. I have to admit that I personally was NEVER in a major beauty contest but I sure wore a lot of my friends and roommates formal gowns that had been! On loan.

    You just didn’t change/buy stuff as easily then. I know, I sound like Grandma Walton!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  43. c x-p: Yes, that is correct about “stiffened tops”. I thought I was the only one who had ever realized that. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I might mention that it also applies to several other types of fashionable tops worn by the younger set today, especially if worn without benefit of a bra.

    Now ask Lily what a “Code Brown” is.

  44. Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰ Are you still using your Windows XP computer? If so, I’m curious about three things. Does it make spooky noises in the middle of the night? Is there any indication that it has grown tentacles or is trying to do so? Have you awakened during the night and found it hovering menacingly over you?

    Based on the dire predictions made when support for XP ended, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear you’d encountered any or all of those events. Although, oddly enough, I haven’t seen anything in the news about such lately.

  45. Are you talking about tanks with built-in bras, Ghost? Cause I would never, ever wear such a thing. Especially since I have tried several on and found they don’t help me. Flat is flat, I’m sorry tio say, but if it means I have to gain weight to get curvy, no thanks. ๐Ÿ˜›

  46. No, Lily, that’s not actually what I was talking about. (…not actually that about what I was talking?) (Stupid rule.) But yes, I realize that a very athletic woman (and one who runs 50+ miles per week I would definitely consider a very athletic woman) is going to have a relatively low percentage of body fat, likely including the fat that determines the size of the female breast.

    And that’s important how? Hint: It isn’t.

  47. Lily, mark me down as another who prefers trim, athletic women over the more “curvy” ones. My favorites are ballerinas and dancers. My wife and I aren’t as trim as we once were, but we find much to enjoy when watching the pros on Dancing with the Stars.

  48. Good Morning Villagers…

    First I want to thank you all for the condolences for my husband, he’s been asked to be a pall bearer…a great honor.

    Second, Jackie, you are a very gifted woman…would have loved to seen some of your “inspirational” floral arrangement.

    And third…GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ I may be blond, but I’m not easy ๐Ÿ™‚ The only noises at night here are the sounds of snoring with a little sleep apnea in between; the only ‘tentacle’ is my husband’s arm as he turns in his sleep and his right arm lands on my chest; the only menacing look I wake up to is my cat wanting to be petted and played with….in the middle of the night.

    Yes, I still am using XP with Firefox. I’ve not incurred any ‘real’ problems, I downloaded the latest update from Firefox and old Delly here seems to run a little slower….it won’t download my Lolcat pics (gasp). I went in and removed the latest download from them, but no luck in getting my pics….just a couple on one page. I’m going to have Ian check it out.

    Later….gonna play cafeteria woman….three lunches to fix and snack and something for breakfast….

    Ya’ll have a blessed day.

    GR….do you know the story behind that song by Clapton?


  49. That cat, that glass vase, both higher than that stack of [presumably] china plates = a recipe for trouble. [I was going to say catastrophe, but refrained.] Peace, emb

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