Special Delivery

Special Delivery

October 26, 2014

From this date in 2014, a Sunday. We haven’t talked a lot of sports lately, but the World Series begins tonight. My regional team, the Atlanta Braves, will be playing the Houston Astros. I haven’t watched any baseball this year, but I’m going to tune in this evening. It’ll be fun, and isn’t that the point? In fact, I’ve watched so little baseball in recent years, that I did not know until the playoffs started this year that the Astros are now in the American League and the Milwaukee Brewers are in the National League! That’s your cue to tell me this occurred ten years ago.

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  1. Watching baseball is really like listening to baseball on the radio. Talking heads most of the time. The players stand around for minutes at a time for 10 seconds of action. I suppose it beats watching golf though.

    • Anyone that drove around the south in the seventies and eighties with nothing but an AM car radio for company was by default, an Atlanta Braves fan. The games were carried by every station from 540 thru 1610. I believe even some of the (Tune to XXXX on your radio for travel information) stations carried the games.
      In 1994 there was a MLB strike that caused the cancelation of the World Series. That ended any interest I had in baseball.

    • Please cheer for them, then. They were involved in a cheating scandal a couple of years ago (literally stealing signs) and never denied it.

  2. Baseball is the only sport I watch because it is the only one that I can identify with. I played in a work group before I retired, so it seems as though I can feel what it is like. If you get into it, the “action” is not the main point. It’s the head game. Some players recently likened it to chess.

    Football and hockey have more movement, but they are too brutal for me. BBall of course also has a lot of action, but I never got into it.

    So Jimmy, given that the Boston Globe carries A&J, you should have been rooting for the Red Sox against Houston!

  3. I’m rooting for the Braves. The Astros beat my White Sox in their series, so the enemy of my enemy…
    Besides, the Braves were in Milwaukee when I was a kid, and beat the cross town rival Cubs regularly. The Astros were the Colt 45s expansion team playing on the ‘new’ Astro Turf in a stadium that had a roof that actually closed.
    Geez, am I old.

    • and now the Astrodome is rotting away on the parking lot in the shadow of humongous NRG Stadium. (or whatever it’s name is this year). Minute Maid stadium has a nice classic look and beautiful lobby and front court, ticket, food, event center since it used to be the train station.
      Lady friend took me to a game years ago, she’d get tickets, extra expensive with optional women’s health expo before the game, I’d get food and parking. Turns out expo had a massive food and wine pairing and first twenty Mazdas park free (Mazda had a special concourse, you showed your key and had access to fancier food and seating area)
      Such a deal!

  4. Long time Braves family here. Seems all the talkers are picking the Astros, so that makes our allegiance stronger. That plus Freddy Freeman and Austin Riley must have a crush on my wife. Or so she says.

  5. I am a Texas Rangers Fan Only. sure they havent been any good for a whilebut thats my team. I figure the Braves will win because they are the best team. But I ll not be watching any of.

  6. My only World Series was 1955. I remember game 3 on September 30, 1955 when the Brooklyn Dodgers beat the New York Yankees.

    Apparently I saw Roy Campanella, Jackie Robinson, Mickey Mantle and many other famous players. I do not know who won series or if I saw them.

    Why I remember being at the game—, James Dean was killed, driving his sports car in California and it was front page news. Spread through stadium by mouth and print.

    I was eleven years old, too old for my years and idolized him as actor, my favorite thing. I cried hysterically and annoyed my stepfather badly. I did not write a novel or movie about it.

    There is a movie and book, September 30, 1955. I was not only person.

  7. I Googled. The Brooklyn Dodgers won, beating the New. York Yankees for first time, having lost to them seven times prior. It was apparently a significant Series and win.

    My memories are vague, I was not a sports fan of any sort. I can’t even remember how we got there or anything else. The tickets were probably obtained through the travel agents for Gulf Oil who had a lot of pull back then.

  8. I remember the first night World Series game in 1971 (Baltimore vs Pittsburgh) and we were so excited. We could finally watch a World Series game that wasn’t on a weekend. The next year ALL World Series weekday games were at night and in the 80’s all games were at night.

    We didn’t mind the night games but then the pace of play got so ridiculous that these games were ending around midnight. Really have not watched much of the Series for quite a while. I still think that the games should start, like they do in the regular season in Detroit, at 7:00 PM. The Super Bowl starts at 6:30 and I watch that (and the commercials) every year. Baseball has lost at least 2 generations of fans chasing the West Coast fans. If they really wanted to, they could put it on live and on delay on another network if they started the games at 3:00 or 4:00 pm.

    My favorite player was Mickey Mantle and my favorite memory was when we were at the barber shop and watching him hit his 16th World Series Home Run to beat the Cardinals in Game 3. No wild celebration. Mick just ran around the bases and sprinted into the dugout.

  9. My father, were he still living, would be greatly gratified by the Braves being in the World Series this year. He retired about the time that our local cable system began carrying the Braves games by satellite link. I honestly do not believe he missed watching a single game of theirs from then until his final weeks when he was not at home.

  10. Earlier this afternoon, I participated in a medical “office visit” via video conferencing, using a phone that can and does fit into my shirt pocket, which otherwise would have required a three-hour round trip, driving in high winds. Pretty common experience these days, but it was strictly science-fiction stuff for a good part of my life. Well, it is, after all, the twenty-first century. Now if it would just hurry on with my flying car…

    • One advantage of a flying car, you wouldn’t have to drive on Oklahoma’s wagon ruts. I swear the pioneers in covered wagons couldn’t have had a rougher ride than anyone driving on the roads around here.

  11. I participated in a group meeting/educational session with coworkers in Tennessee today via computer. We had live video from the office with the rest of us listening in and watching at our respective homes. The notion of working from home had never struck me till my previous employer started the process of moving their coding employees out of the office. Now I’ve been doing it since 2008 and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    • Look for* a major crash in the commercial real estate markets in major metro areas, now that many companies finally realized, during COVID-19 times, that they don’t necessarily need all that expensive office space.
      * Unless it’s already happening. I don’t live in a major metro area, so…

  12. Ghost
    saw an ad for a “personal flying machine” (My quotes)
    something like a Drone and the claim was you did not need a
    pilot’s license. Is it real? don’t know. Is it expensive? probably.
    People can’t handle 4 dimensions 5 if you count speed (forward, reverse, left, right)
    how are they going to handle 6 (+up, down)?
    1950’s had prediction of video telephones. Been here a while.
    Had a choice to video conference a Dr. – chose to drive the 35 miles (1 hour)
    – all he could see on computer would be head – not where symptoms were.
    There is nothing like boots on the ground like they say on Oak Island.

  13. I’ve often thought of starting a company to make a background of a realistic looking book shelf complete with all the classics you can hang up behind you when video conferencing for those who don’t own any.

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