Speed of light

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This retro cartoon is about as far back as the digital archives go, which happens to be May of 1994. It’s an early take on a theme which I would revisit several times in the future, “too much stuff.” Personally, I seem to have more stuff than ever, my fascination with the subject notwithstanding.

Of course, one of the transformational qualities of digitalization is the ability to make corrections quickly and easily. Take the second line of dialog in the third panel for example, where Janis speaks the words “want to go?” Obviously, I miscalculated, and the printed words are off-center badly. In the old days, before personal computers, I would have had two choices: get out some white tape and cover the error and reprint it, or let it slide. Today, “cut and paste” make such corrections simple. In fact, I’d have corrected this cartoon before posting it, but then we wouldn’t be having this discussion.