Spirit of Resolution

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Happy New Year! If this cartoon seems familiar, it’s because it ran only two years ago. I hope you’ve enjoyed the holidays. I like years when Christmas and New Years Day come on Friday. It’s as if everyone tacitly agrees the official holidays will be stretched out for an extra two days. However, Monday can be a hard landing. Brace yourselves!

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  1. This is day 2 of our move. It was all supposed to be done on NYE, but they ran out of truck. I have been SO busy packing and moving boxes and I am exhausted. I can’t imagine if I did not have movers.

    We also do not have cable TV, but based on the results of the games over the past 2 days, I haven’t missed much! I did stream the Times Square ball drop but it was a full minute off and had terrible music.

  2. Thing about that metaphor is that the original image, as I remember it, is a carrot ON a stick, dangled in front of the mule’s nose by the passenger.

  3. Love y’all. This has been my continuing education and way better than a book club and a lot of old biddies (sorry Debbe honey) sitting around slugging down wine while they “meet”.

    And of course the music. No Musicale group cou,D compare. Now if I just had someone to go to opera or symphony with. And yes, Far Frozen North is too far, even for opera or Gilbert and Sullivan. Anyone further south?

  4. Jackie: There are independent, mostly amateur, G&S companies in many cities. However, most produce only one or two operettas per year, so you’d have to do a search. GSVLOC is doing Iolanthe for 3 or 4 weekends. Sorry about our weather.

    Peace, emb

  5. Jackie, your mention of manicures reminded me of something about which I’d not thought in years. When I was not quite fifteen, my Dad took a job with his brother, and we moved from the small town where I’d been born to a medium-sized city in another state. I can see in retrospect how that could have been traumatic for some, but I loved the change, and it began my metamorphosis from shy-fifteen-year-old to, ah, not-so-shy eighteen-year-old.

    I began getting my hair cut at the large old-style barbershop that my uncle frequented, located on the ground floor of a large downtown office building. The shop had a manicurist on staff, and one day I decided, what the hell, I’d try a manicure. It was great. The manicurist wasn’t bad either. She was very attractive, despite being “old”…probably in her early 30s. 🙂 And she had amazing cleavage, which I of course found intriguing. (Yeah, I know; some things never change, do they?)

    One day, I was getting a manicure when my barber finished with the client ahead of me. I moved to the chair, and the manicurist came with me, using a high stool and a tray that attached to the arm of the barber chair to continue my manicure. When I had arrived at the shop, I’d told the “shoe shine technician” I wanted a shine, and after I got in the barber chair, he got free and brought his shine box and a short stool over, set up, and started shining my shoes. At this point, of course, my uncle walked in a found his fifteen-year-old nephew sitting there like Thurston Howell III with three people working on him. He just looked at me for a few seconds, shook his head slowly, and walked out.

    He kidded me about that for a while, but there wasn’t much he could really say. He was the epitome of the “sharp-dressed man” and, whether casually dressed or wearing a business suit, he always looked like he’d just stepped out of the pages of Gentlemen’s Quarterly magazine. What clothing taste and style I have, I probably mostly picked up from him. I miss him.

  6. Nope, I am pulling out of here on January 30 in my pickup truck and a sailboat
    . My route goes to east Texas, south to Lafatte, LA or else east to Vicksburg, then south to Bay St. Louis and
    coast, work my way east through Mobile, Florida panhandle and ultimately turn south to Tampa. From there schedule is wherever I feel like going until March 4 when I will be back in Tampa for the Everglades Challenge to cheer on friends at the Fort Desoto beach launch.and if I go on down to Keys it will depend on how long I was there earlier. And spring break. I hate spring break.

    Have to be back in south Texas in Port Aransas by March 21 as I am building a new boat for myself there at Farley Boat Works and putting on a build workshop for two more to use in June for the Live Strong cancer fundraiser we are sailing as part of the Texas 200. That one goes until April 3.

    The tonneau cover on truck is so I can pack a variable wardrobe suitable for more than one activity. Sailing, I mean sailing.

  7. Jackie

    Saw 2 OK schools at the London England New Years Parade.

    Jenks, OK and Southmore, OK (I think that is what they said)
    They parade a little different over there.

    Happy Twoth

  8. Anon(Jackie),

    I’d invite you to go to the Baton Rouge Symphony if you’re near when they are playing. I can’t find anyone to go with me either. My wife and kids don’t care for classical music and my friend, Lloyd Roasch, who hired the BR musicians, has moved. I used to go with him and sit in the upper balcony. My hearing is fading fast so I listen with earphones now. Hearing aids are good but not like real hearing.


    My grandfather wore a suit, vest, tie, etc. to go sit on the porch. I guess some of him rubbed off on me even though he died when I was 15. I wear a suit, tie, etc. to Mass, even on weekdays. I have a coat,tie, etc on now since I went to Mass this AM. It really bothered me to not wear a tie to Mass while my arm was disabled. Thank the Lord I am back to normal now. A . A Happy and Holy New Year to the entire village. God bless us every one.

  9. I just tried to describe my wardrobe, but the blog rejected the post. Perhaps it read too much like an advertisement for a clothing store? 🙂

  10. Just got the following from my daughter:

    ‘OK, I am telling all of you that MY SON just told me that he got a THIRTY-TWO on his ACTs! With a 36 in reading and a 35 in science! COULD NOT BE MORE PROUD! … so I’m bragging about it.’

    Peace, Granddad

  11. The posts on this page are so enjoyable! I lead such a quiet life, it’s a treat for me to read stories of Ghost’s life, of Domaucan’s, about Steve’s long-awaited move, and of Jackie’s plans and life-long adventures. Useful comments from emb and from Old Bear. Thank you all ever so much.

  12. Jackie, ever hear this old sea song?

    “I’m walking inland from the shore
    “Over my shoulder carrying an oar
    “And when someone asks me what
    “Is the funny thing I’ve got
    “I know I’ll never go to sea no more, no more
    “I know I’ll never go to sea no more.”

  13. To the gentlemen of the village – what is the etiquette for wearing a stovepipe hat indoors? Saw a guy wearing one today in Rural King. Modern wear clothing (mercifully no camouflage-print, someone PLEASE make Real Tree and such go away!), and a stovepipe. Clean-shaven. Looks really weird when not on Abe Lincoln, by the way.

  14. But, sand, I’m almost always under arms. But yeah…me, too. Old habits die hard.

    Lady Mindy, the proper etiquette for a gentleman wearing a stovepipe hat indoors is…

    1. Walk outside.
    2. Locate the nearest Dumpster™.
    3. Deposit hat in Dumpster™.
    4. Walk away and do not look back.

  15. Charlotte,

    Thanks for the kind words. My life has been one blessing after another, not exciting, but surely blessed by God.


    I don’t have a stovepipe hat but I do have an authentic Indiana Jones hat, given to me by my son, which I wear but remove when indoors. I was also trained in the military and Catholic school.

    God bless us every one.

  16. Doma can I will,see when your symphony is performing and lake a trip to coincide. I love symphonic music more than opera but when I was in college they needed someone not Cajun to do,the opera programs on air. I loved symphonies from the first recording I ever heard. Get back to you with dates S soon as I look it up.

    Anyone want to go to Dallas in spring to see Porgy and Bess with Dallas opera? My date has stood me up. I will get date for that one too. Wait, maybe that was operatic version of Showboat we were supposed to be going to? I will check it too. I saw both years ago with Houston grand opera, wonderful with those voices.

    Fat Bottomed Girls just came on so appropriately.

    Ruth gave me link on great museum in Winter Garden to go see Tiffany exhibit, the best in America. Are you going with me Ruth? And we have to do lunch. I am going to enjoy 2016 a whole lot more than 2015 although 2015 wasn’t the worse year of my life by a long shot.

    New blank pages are great but you can never erase the back story, just write a new chapter. Love, Jackie

  17. Whoa, that is weird because a song or so back that song Ghost posted just now came on the mix I am listening to Don’t You Want Me? I had not known that one and I didn’t read notes on it but don’t think that is who sang it?

    What is history of the song?

  18. The brain with a prompt from Google just remembered it was Dallas Grand Opera performing Show Boat on Sunday May 1 at 2 p.m. a time chosen to coincide with an airplane I will not be meeting. This is quite good done by opera companies, I first saw it in Houston and then took it to Broadway I believe. If you have only seen this as a movie this is far superior .

    Doumacan, I tried to fit a performance around my travel but they aren’t going to let me travel that far until end of January.

    Have to tell you later the comedy that is my local Ford dealership, need to get some sleep. It is funny. You all think I am strange? The locals here have been confused ever since I got here. It reminds me of growing up as I did, too exotic for my location.

  19. Good morning Villagers….

    Wait a minute, just wait one minute…did I just read my name, in (), in the same sentence referencing old biddies, drinking wine?? I’ll have you know Miss Jackie….that I did at one time know Jeremiah… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yf-d-Ka30EY 🙂

    domaucan1…I attended a Catholic grade school and two years of Catholic high school, in grade school, we went to Mass every morning, still remember it being said in Latin. I treasure my Catholic education, I learned more from them than when I attended the last two years of high school in a public education setting. But, boy we could play basketball then, it was all about basketball…..I think there are a couple of posters here who have heard of Jack Butcher.

    Jerry, mechanical pencils have sharp points too, but they break easily.

    later………..got some to links to click on when I clicked on those links…..(old biddies….exits muttering &^%E#^)

  20. Yeah, takes some guts to get up on the stage with “The Piano Man” and play the piano. But Vandy students can do just about anything…just ask me.

  21. Oh, and get BP going…check. Nice outfit. Ironically, I was admiring Ms. Crow’s abs when one of the numerous “New Year’s” commercials for how to get “sculpted abs” came on a TV news show. Don’t believe she needed that product.

  22. Debbe not YOU as a biddie, your spent chickens and poor babies being killed.

    The old biddies are the women who belong to book clubs and writers clubs and barely read but go wearing too much makeup, bad hair styles, ugly clothes and drink cheap wine in the misconception this is culture.

    No, you are too real and real women don’t do this pretense. I’d go anywhere with you and have a great time.

  23. So I admit to having a really “bad” mind and I read A and J On a Smartphone usually. Clicked on today’s strip, couldn’t see much but Janis in front of fireplace and Arlo with wine glass and I said “Oh no, Jimmy you are really pushing envelope today.”

  24. Jackie: Of course I’ll join you at the museum! Mind if Bob tags along? Lots of good lunch options, including Vietnamese.

    Hal must have been at it again – it’s Winter Park not Winter Garden for Tiffany. Winter Garden has its own charms however, a dying citrus town that has been revived by the West Orange Trail (a walking and bicycling rail trail). Plus it’s on the shores of Lake Apopka, a dying lake that is slowly being restored to health if not its glory days as a bass fishing mecca.

  25. Jackie…your only saving grace was when you called me ‘honey’. Hey, isn’t it about time for you to see your Aunt in Terre Haute????? Wanna see Hindostan Falls? How about Brooklyn Bridge”…..OK….how about a cruise down McBrides Bluff in Shoals, IN. Interesting fact about McBrides’ Bluff….and lot of houses/cabins are actually built into “the bluff”…..awesome pics I’ve seen lately from nephew and his friend….the river is risiing….the White River, Shoals, IN. Williams Dam is scary…there is no dam now…just a turbulent whirlpool about 2 feet below the dam.

    Jackie….I do hope that some day we can meet…I’m just giving you a ‘jerk on the chain’…you are a inspiring lady, I’m just ten years younger than you….you have inspired me to great lengths. That’s why I am still at the ‘chicken house’…6 to 7 days a week…I love my ‘babies”, Little Miss Peep is doing well…..she still has that ‘peep’ voice…but one day, she will rule the roost.

    Love Debbe Osborne

  26. Ruth A1nne, of course Bob should come and Vietnamese sounds great, I have an entire new wardrobe to stain with fish sauce! A blank canvas,

    Debbe, I do need to see my aunt, she is last I have and she and I were close all my life. I used to write her long letters when I was a teen, the kinds of stuff I write here. She loved them, said I made her laugh and pulled her out of unhappy places. Yeah, I am same person, just the nut shell changed.

    Hal is driving me crazy, I type a full correct word and he goes “You just THINK you said that!”

    I have to drive my pickup to Illinois to deliver my grandson’s Christmas gifts so they can be installed on his play tower before he graduates from high school. I know January in Indiana can be cold but I love neighborhood pubs, restaurants, small towns, Dollar Generals, Tru Value hardwares, I will brING a cat or dog carrier if you want to send some roosters home with me, animals don’t have to be productive at my place. Nor people it would appear?

    Just looked at the calendar, dentist and dermatologist are oeasily changed, so I can go January 13 to 21 in that window of opportunity of opportunity. I will check with aunt. Love, Jackie

  27. Music has a way of grabbing you. Turned on Pandora just now and on came The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, one of the most beautiful pieces of music, this is a piano solo, but words are beautiful. It was my song for 50 years for the beautiful man I was married to. He was beautiful then and he died beautiful. Physically stunning.

    I wanted to play it for his funeral but didn’t, didn’t think people would understand. Few people get music.

  28. Debbe, that dam site does look scary. The same type of dam cause major problems for a water rescue unit in Gadsden, Alabama earlier this year. Some kayakers went over the dam and got trapped in the current. Then, during the rescue attempt, both water rescue boats got pulled over themselves, resulting in the drowning death of one of the rescuers. Apparently those dams set up a rotating current where anything that gets caught in them just keeps going to the bottom and them back to the top over and over. It was described as like being trapped in a front load washer that won’t stop.

  29. Jackie, you should have played it. After all, it meant something to you and Mike, and that’s what mattered. My suggestion, play it at Sail Oklahoma this year and explain it is in his memory.

  30. That is what I decided I would do. I hope my daughter will give me some ashes to scatter as Mike asked. She confiscated ashes. If not, I have large bucket from the Red Scamp I can use. Ashes. A friend of mine in Port Townsend just did something beautiful. He built a dinghy and put his friend’s ashes in it, they set it afire and launched it and it burned until it sank.

    Mark you aren’t getting off easily, I am going to come visit. If you are only off weekends I can come on a weekend, pick something to do you’d like or somewhere to go. I like almost anything, I would probably have fun at a monster truck rally. Never been to one but you get idea.


    I don’t want to brag or make anyone jealous or anything, but I can still fit
    into the earrings I wore in high school

  32. Wasn’t that amaxing? Pete’s mom and dad were very famous cruisers and boat builders, not rich at all. They lived on home built boats with seven kids (if I got number right) never “came to land ” for so long, gave birth to kids on boat in foreign lands, raised them there. She came from a poor farming family in a small town in West Texas. Ran away to sea. Had never seen the ocean.

    Pete and Kathy revived one of the most historic bronze foundries on America. Most are gone. They can make any part of any historic ship, even without an original to copy. I got the $5 tour from Pete. I was awe struck.

  33. OK Ghost, you know that the new power cruiser I commissioned from Mr. Welsford about three years ago to design for us is named Footloose. I own the plans when he finishes the design. I can’t attach it here probably but Google Footloose by John Welsford, New Zealand and you should get my boat design to come up. I am thinking I will still build it with help from the boat shop nonprofit I donated our boats to.

    The design is named for me because I identified so strongly with this movie and music, I was the Kevin Bacon character in my little hometown, the girl who the churches prayed for and preached against. I brought the devil in the rock and roll music and went to extreme of organizing and putting on the first junior senior prom in history of the school and parish. With a live band and dancing and corsages and formals.

    So, when I ordered the boat design, John surprised me by naming it for me Footloose. That was way back in 2012 I think. I own plans and supplies. It steers like any other car or power boat, has a full head and shower, hot water, a full galley, deck on top, deck on front and back, a full sized queen bed, tables and seating for meals, trailers down the road and looks a lot like a 1960s retro power cruiser, very traditional looking.

    Footloose, design by Welsford, belongs to me. No giant multi decked plastic dock queen. This is more real.

  34. I am thinking I will build her. The holdup is completing the design and I need to find out what problem was that required redesigning her. Perhaps she can be built as is? At 23 or 26 feet or whatever finished hull is there is no way I could do this, I want to have fun, not spend rest of my life building a boat. But Footloose is my kind of boat, a river running travel trailer that can handle any river in America, lakes and ICW. And can cook aboard, all the things I like. She was always mine, now to get her built maybe?

  35. No one mentioned it, so I thought I would. Guess who showed up as Commenter #9 on the gocomics page for Sunday?

    Anyone interested can make their own decision as to whether or not she is trolling there.

  36. I eschew the Dark Side but I wouldn’t take that bet!

    Does anyone else have cats that think doors are to go in and out like so many revolving cats?

    Got two new vases of flowers arranged and an older vase freshened up.. in the general,scope of things I think I am happy because I am surrouding myse,F with beauty and things I love. It hit me that with all the thousands of flower arrangements I have done none were for me and few people thought to gift me with any.

    A self indulgent life with spas, my house setting up as one, no art work on walls I hated. New things.

    Getting up to run errands in Tulsa tomorrow if I can get outta here!

  37. Good morning Villagers….

    She’s back…….

    Jackie, you may want to rethink that time frame, Arctic front moving in at mid January. I don’t do well in anything below 20 degrees. I’ll be the one in Carharts…zip, zip, zip.

    Old Bear, pretty good one there….must remember that one.

    Mark, yes you are correct. A friend and I went over there one time when it flooded. Not only the sight, but the sound scared me. Why anyone would want to go over a dam like that is inviting death.

    Over slept….gotta go

  38. I just realized that we had another loss in our music culture. Jack Ely, the lead singer of the Kingsmen (Louie, Louie) died last week. Seventy one years old! I feel like I’m in some kind of movie. I stayed up very late Saturday night watching tv. It was exactly 2 am as the program opens with a woman sleeping on her bed, The telephone rings and, as she answers it, the alarm clock shows the time. It’s exactly 2 am and we’re in-the Twilight Zone. Hello Rod. It’s been awhile.

  39. As far as I am concerned Kevin Bacon has always had it. Tom Cruise but I wouldn’t want to know him. Kevin I would love to be friends with.

    Debbe that is Ok, I don’t like ice and snow either. Later, gator.

  40. EMB, I’m guessing the running and screaming part. 🙂

    Does anyone remember a Twilight Zone episode where old cars were put out to pasture? A visitor tried to drive one away/steal and all the cars (driverless) gathered, honking, slamming doors and hoods, and finally chased the man to his death.

    I’ve searched but, short of reading every single plot on the episode listings, haven’t found anything. I even seem to remember that the protagonist car was named Francine or Christine.

    Then again… they say the mind is the second thing to go.

  41. David in Austin, I don’t remember that one. There was one though, about a man who hated anything to do with modern machinery. In the end his car chases him around his yard and finally forces him into his pool, then drives in on top of him to ensure he drowns.

    “A Thing About Machines”. My brother gave me the entire series on disc for Christmas a couple of years ago. Still haven’t watched them all, but that was one I remembered seeing as a kid. So I made a point of finding it on the set to watch again. Still spooky.

  42. After a little more research, I realized that I’d telescoped the name Christine (as Francine) into the plot for the Isaac Asimov short story “Sally.” The cars are “positronic” (robots) and drive themselves. That, combined with Twilight Zone episodes, “A Thing about Machines”, and “You Drive” all blended in my mind to give me a memory of a surreal sort of episode about autonomous cars and hapless drivers.

    I first read the story, “Sally” in the collection “Nightfall and Other Stories,” published it 1969. I missed in in the May-June 1953 issue of “Fantastic” magazine. [I’d not yet been born…]

  43. David: Your mention of Fantastic magazine reminded me of a book I read last year that fans of that mag might enjoy – The Astounding, the Amazing, and the Unknown by Paul Malmont.

  44. That’s how I view them anywsy, Sand. Apparently the casino circuit has become Branson on the Road. They know their market.

    Eating first meal of day, fresh steamed dumplings. See what else my friends put out. Wish they’d do healthy but it doesn’t sell here.

  45. Pretty indecent. I always wanted my own chef or at least one I enjoyed cooking with, not for. I already know about driving, first aid, laundry, fire arms and personal trainer! And I can make them too but didn’t know what they were called. Love Dim sum. No one in Oklahoma even knows.

  46. I’m taking an extra long lunch break to see my P&P Hair Stylist tomorrow. Of course, I’ll have to be on good behavior, since I’m taking my Mom with me to get her hair trimmed. P&PHS always expects a hug before I leave (and you’ll recall that the second “P” stands for “pneumatic”), but I suppose I’ll have to be a little more discreet and circumspect about it tomorrow.

  47. Jackie
    The definition of CAT:
    Four legged mammal that wants to be on the other side of the door.

    I have some that cannot stand a closed door – especially one that had been open.

    They go out and turn around and come back in. One goes out 2 come in –
    2 go out 1 comes in and one on the way out returns. MBH has retired but has a
    full time job as door opener.

    BTW – our Christmas decorations don’t come down till after Twelfth Night 6 Jan.

    c e-p
    I apologize – thinking about it – I should not have said ethanol turns to acid.
    It is corrosive – similar but not the same. Like Pumpkins and Squash.
    The Oxygen is the agent- yes?
    I think I read that H2O is the universal solvent.

    When talking to people not as erudite as the Village we have to keep it simple.

  48. Good morning Villagers….

    Overslept again….didn’t want to get out of bed. Our furnace quit working last night. All it would do is blow cold air, and temps were to get down to 19 degrees. (It’s 25 degrees on my front porch) I have a little space heater I keep in the master bedroom’s bathroom. It actually kept the bedroom warm. Husband turned on gas oven, then turned it off before he came to bed. I’ve just turned it back on. I’m NOT standing there making lunch and breakfast shivering. I just pray it’s nothing like “you need a new furnace.” …no pilot light, something about a thermocoupler….

    That’s OK, Jackie….

    Good one Old Bear

    GR 😉 good to read your Mom is getting out and about with you today.

    Jerry, still love your one line snippets 🙂

    Ya’ll have a blessed day..

  49. Water dissolves many things, but not oils, either kind. Soapy water is different, and those are not true solutions. c x-p knows more about it than I. Peace, emb

  50. Debbe, I feel your pain about the furnace. Ours went on the blink a week or so ago, and the only saving grace is that it has an emergency heat feature. It keeps the house warmish, but not quite where we’d like it. Husband thought it was the thermostat so he installed a new one, but that’s not the answer, it seems. This morning he called the repair guy, who can be out here this afternoon, I hope. The temps have dropped for the moment, and it is 27F outside right now. brrrrrrrrrrr!

    Bear, I have indoor cats that do not go outside, and outside cats that don’t come in, and one outdoor cat that is campaigning to come in, which might be okay, except she doesn’t like my dog, so for the time being she stays outside.

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