Spring Chicken

March 7, 2005

As winter’s worst approaches, the lawn & garden centers are starting to bloom. Of course, the bedding plants, the stars of the show, are not out yet, but the big-box stores since New Year’s Day have been putting away the Christmas bling that first appeared on Labor Day and returning the lawn furniture to its rightful place. The coldest temperatures so far this year are forecast this week, but this classic A&J reminds me that we could use some new lawn chairs. I might have to go check it out! (Can you tell whom I identify with in the above?)

30 thoughts on “Spring Chicken”

  1. That’s maybe a month away in Bemidji. If they have The Meadows’ private drive plowed out, & no public snowbank across our entryway, I may get to BUMC this morning.

  2. Nice surprise on a cold sunday am in Boston. Just a few inches of snow last night. Last fall we threw away the old patio furniture to force us to get new ones. Just like JJ.

  3. It’s 29 this morning in western Montana and the snow doesn’t even cover the grass. At this rate I’ll be cutting the grass by a March.

  4. 40 degrees F in eastern OK now, on the way to a toasty 47 degree high. Must admit that does seem toasty for this part of the country, this time of the year. IIRC, there’s only been one night here that the low dipped into the teens, and the only snowfall we’ve had barely met the criteria for a “snowfall”. Not that I’m paranoid, but that could soon change. As we used to say in the military, averages have a way of making themselves up. That’s why they are averages.

  5. Re 1-19-20 real-time cartoon: Arlo seemed particularly adamant about not having the noise machine set to “brook”. Perhaps he knew from experience that particular sound could activate his own “waterworks”. He might, though, have opted for “thunder”. I believe other cartoons have shown him getting an armful of Janis when there was a nearby lightning strike in the middle of the night.

    • Although if you have pets scared of thunderstorms, that setting might give you more company than you want. One with a nice spring rain and other nature sounds works very well for sleeping.

    • My sister’s dog is terrified by lightning, hail, sleet or really heavy rain on our tin roof. My cat isn’t. In fact, the first time we had a hail storm in Colorado, he sat down by the glass door into the back and enjoyed the spectacle.

  6. Help! I’m using a kindel paaperwhite that I got for Christmas and I’ve been doing ok aalthough I know almost nothing about iy. I’m on the wi-fi networks page and can’t find my books. Most of the symbols on the toolbar at the top are not doing anything. It’s charged so that’s not the problem. I’m at the comfort Inn in Biloxi so stop by JJ.

    • Sorry, Jerry…I have a first generation Kindle around somewhere, but it’s been so long since I used anything but the Kindle reading app on PCs or tablets, that about all I remember how to do is turn it on. You sure yours is connected to the motel WiFi?

  7. Remember some years ago when dentists would slap a set of earphones over one’s ears and hand one a volume control when one climbed into the chair, allowing one to pipe white noise or music (which was sometimes difficult to tell apart) into one’s head, with the idea being that sufficiently loud sound would override one’s pain reflex and eliminate the need for deadening agents during dental procedures? Yeah, neither do I.

  8. We only had about 5″ but it is hard to measure. There is no snow in most of the drive but
    the end 20 feet is 3 feet deep.
    And the other drift is over the top of the snow fence.
    It is supposed to get to a balmy 6º above.

  9. Have y’all read of the recent snow in St. Johns, Newfoundland? Weather.com reports 30 inches in one day, with winds of 97 mph!! The drifts shown go up to the second stories, with lots of first floor doors opening into solid snow walls…no daylight seen. Brrrr.

  10. I don’t know when homonyms become homophones, but my wife and I have been finding them in our local paper for years since the advent of word processors and spell checkers. In fact, I’ve been known to shout at MS Word’s grammar checker… the folks that created it don’t know grammar as well as this grandpa.

  11. I have a problem with Word Spell Check
    While making a list – I type a word or two (to, too, tutu) then cut and paste.
    The first set is passed but the second set is marked as misspelled. ?? What gives?
    {“The only time Misspelled is not misspelled is when it is Misspelled”} 🙂

  12. Progress: Predicted hi W22Jr = 31F. Not sure our Jr thaw this yr w/b in Jr. Of course, could be in some S-facing hollow on a recent windless clear day, but no thermometer.

  13. Lots of snow this winter, starting back about Thanksgiving. Unusual alternation of lake freezes & snowfall has left a sequence of unreliable & inconsistent snow and ice layers. Usually by now there is a “village” of ice-houses [for angling & spearing] near the Miss. R. inlet, & a temporary pkg lot of cars by BSU. Neither is there now. One pickup went through the ice couple of weeks back; shallow bottom, nobody hurt, pulled out successfully. Common occurrence in MN lakes. Days are getting longer.

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