Statistically insignificant



Essentially, there are three things going on with me these days, four if you count sleep.  I’m finishing up the book files, producing the regular comic strip and updating this Web site. Guess which of the three gets short shrift when the other two hog the waking time? That’s right. Sorry about yesterday.

There are other things happening in the world, however. I haven’t told you about my cat Stella! She was so fat. I’m talking rotund. When she would stroll into a room (She’s the rare “people” cat.), guests involuntarily would burst out laughing. Her vet blamed dry catfood. He recommended canned food. Stella switched, and the results are amazing. I’ll bet she’s lost three or four pounds, and that’s a lot on a cat. She even resembles a cat again. So, if you thought you’d tried all the diets…