Sticky Fingers

Honest! I did not mean to leave the previous post up so long, the one with the comments about the T-shirt clearance sale. However, we have sold a few shirts! The truth is, the holiday deadlines and the holidays themselves have taken their toll on our online enterprises the past few weeks, but that will end soon. About Tuesday, I’ll try to be back on a more regular basis. I was doing so well for a while there. Before then, I will try to be back with a Happy New Year post, but should I not make it, let me wish you an early… Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Good morning and almost New Year. Ghost and Dickens and I just woke up from a long winters nap.

    I have obviously been half lucid, I had forgotten about bla keyed peas, greens and cornbread.

    The South .cannot face a new year without our good luck meal

  2. Still plenty of time today to pick up New Year’s Day groceries. Do your black-eyed peas and greens get cooked with ham hock or salt pork? I don’t know which is luckier!

  3. mindful webworker, I really liked your ‘friends-in-four-panels’ and will probably find a reason to use it somewhere down the road. Thanks in advance.

    Wishes for continuing prosperity, and recovery from all ills, to everyone.

    Llee, very good to read the improvements for your brother. Glad you have them with you.

  4. Ham hocks but my mama and granny used whatever was around including fresh pork, supplemented by drippings in an old coffee can.

    Of course the greens came fresh out of the garden in yard for New Year’s dinner.

    The peas came out of the freezer from the summer garden.

  5. Progress: Today’s Dustin could not have been printed in the ’30s-’40s.

    Nuts! Thought I was copying the comics kingdom URL, but obviously was not. [Also, champagne beforehand is no help. Shakespeare said so.]


  6. Good morning from frigid Tulsa, where it is now 16 degrees with a forecast low of 8 for tonight. Jackie, you didn’t tell me Tulsa was part of the Arctic Circle!

  7. Happy New Year to all the Village, and especially to our inspiration, Jimmy.

    Want to get this out early. I work tomorrow so I will be asleep long before midnight.

  8. Happy New Year all! Just celebrated my 34th wedding anniversary– steak dinner out with my bride. It was cold on my wedding day, much like it has been today.

  9. Although it was not -30F, it was fairly cold today in OK. In fact, at noon when I was out, I heard a loud clanging sound and looked up to see a brass monkey looking down in dismay at a body part of his that had fallen off.

    And it will be even colder tomorrow.

  10. My valley made it up to 47F today, is supposed to drop to 17F tonight, and over the next few days have highs of 38, 36, and 38F with lows of 18, 15, and 18F. That’s about 10F above normal for this time of year. Thanks for lending us some warmth from other areas!

  11. Happy New Year to all. We are in sunny SoCal with our son and DIL and her parents doing fun things and getting ready to celebrate husband Jim’s 80th birthday tomorrow.

  12. Nancy Kirk, glad you are someplace warm! Tell Jim that the 80’s aren’t too bad at all; Happy Birthday to him. Boy, this cold weather is something else! I am staying home, warm and snug by the computer. I am feeling good — felt as though I was coming down with a cold a few days ago, then it went away — what luck! I am almost never sick.

    Happy to see that emb is back, and with a new laptop. Was it from Santa Claus? Hope it isn’t giving you too much aggravation. It’s nearly midnight; no tv for me; listening to wqxr in New York City, on the Internet. They are playing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Close to the end, the tenor and then the chorus just came in.

    (Dearest Ghost, your clever allusion to the brass monkey made me smile.)

  13. May 2018 bring with it true blessings for all, especially for Villagers!

    (Did I get in first for 2018 or last for 2017 or neither?)

    Time for a few Ritz crackers with lightly smoked Gouda…no EtOH, since I took some medications not too long ago.

  14. The forecast was right, but I wish it wasn’t. Temperature outside is fluctuating between 5 and 6 degrees F. Happy New Year, stay warm and keep your pets inside if you can.

  15. Happy new year, friends! ZERO on the temp. reading from the porch. Oh well, up is a good direction to go. 🙂 And it will go up, in time. (Right?) Jerry, has your part of FLorida frozen over? Hope you are ok.

    Rob and his family leave early this morning, I said goodbyes last evening. GEE it was good to see them. He had a new movie and we two watched it at my house- THe Millionaire Unit. (I think?) Anyway WW1 / fliers. A documentary of sort? LOTS of good flying footage.

    Off to see TRs videos now. Thanks again, everyone 🙂

  16. Wow, TR…which did he get first? THe idea of the telescope or obtaining the large mirror and wondering what to do with it?

    cool stuff

    Jimmy- thanks for so much enjoyment!

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