Storied Past

Today, I’m showing an old cartoon about old stories. This is the beginning of a series on the subject of repetition, which ran first in 2001. I’ll show you the rest of it as the week progresses. But you’ve probably seen it before.

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24 responses to “Storied Past”

  1. Well Ghost has already heard all my good ones between here and now together.

    We are creating new ones together.

    Like losing my hair and getting my head shaved. It’s memorable and we had a great day.

  2. You know whose stories I miss?

    Trapper Jean, Mindy from Indy, Galligo, Sandcastler, Mindy from Virginia, David from Richmond/Houston, Judy from Conroe, Smigz.

    May have forgotten a few but I wish the orphans would come back and tell us what adventures they had out in the world. Did they stay with the circus? Where are they now?

  3. As a lad, I was continually frustrated by Dad’s repetitious stories [& by contradictory variations that crept in]. Of late, I’ve become more understanding about that, but also am more cautious, often starting by, ‘Have I told you why Elaine and our broker were such good friends?’ or some such.

    Actually, I learned why, or at least how it started, only a yr. or 2 ago, from Ms. Broker. Short: When you take over an existing Edward Jones office, you inherit its list of clients. When you start a new one, you must find new clients. Ms. Broker found out about likely neighborhoods, started where Calihan tees into 26th St., worked her way S on the W side of the street. Elaine, at 2403, was the first to say, ‘Come in.’ Ms. Broker is a gem.


  4. My father used to repeat stories – my brother would groan and leave (if he could)
    I listened and wish I could hear his storied again – he was a good story teller.

    When I tell a story my wife rolls her eyes because she has heard them before -(some many times)
    but she forgets I am telling them to a new audience. (Mostly)

  5. Given the current news about kinky sex and sexual harassment charges being leveled at the south’s favorite celebrity chef, where are you going with this one Jimmy?

    We wait up every night you know.

  6. John Besh who has admitted guilt and resigned as head of New Orleans largest restaurant conglomerate this past week. Fallout has been serious already, including personal as he says he is trying to save his family.

    Not funny at all but the A and I whipping with a basting brush was funny.

  7. I was out travelling yesterday 🙂 Niece came home from a CAlif. visit, her mom was driving up to KC airport and I tagged along. Elaine has heard most of my stories- so I told the comics I could remember (mostly A&J). And caught her up on Jackie’s news. And may have told some stories of others here….. Yes! I did. Because the stars were out last night and I talked about you stargazers and what I’ve learned.

  8. Rick, Ghost and I agree and we long for the old days. Ghost missed everyone terribly.

    We have both thought of dropping out too but we hang on because we love Jimmy and the strip. We hope Jimmy taking an active role will bring back the orphans and cause new ones to join us.

    I sometimes fear we have contributed to the demise but Ghost thinks we have not, that we kept the door ajar.

    Can we change again and try?

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