Storied Past

Storied Past

October 29, 2001

Here is the beginning of a series from 2001, tangentially related to the A&J strips running currently in newspapers and on GoComics. Both series are about long-standing couples and the lives they lived before they met and the stories they tell about those lives. And don’t tell. Actually, I prefer the older treatment. Well, it’s the week of Thanksgiving, and I’m going to give you a preview of coming attractions. Did you know that when Abraham Lincoln proclaimed “Thanksgiving” a more-or-less official federal holiday, it was to be observed on the last Thursday of November? Though acceptance of this directive varied slightly among the states, it generally held true until 1939, when FDR decided Thanksgiving should be observed on the next-to-last Thursday, to give a boost to the Christmas shopping season in a nation still living through the Great Depression. This was done for a while, but it wasn’t universally popular by any means. For one thing, Republican lawmakers felt the Democratic president was “dissing” Honest Abe Lincoln, a fellow Republican. As a result, in 1942, everyone agreed Thanksgiving would be the fourth Thursday in November, which usually is the last Thursday in November, but not always. I think I got that right. Anyway, why is this a preview? I visit this tidbit of history in an upcoming comic strip.

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  1. Yes, you got it right. Although Republican lawmakers had little say during that time, I think many people liked the tradition of the fourth Thursday. The idea of spurring the economy by moving Thanksgiving was understandable, but did little to accomplish that fact.

    Today, especially this year, fewer people are actually going to stores and malls. Just a reminder to try to support the local, small businesses, especially restaurants during this period. We are not allowed to dine-in in Michigan, so even though we had plenty of food to cook with, we placed a take out last night.

    We have also decided to eat separately on Thursday with a Zoom call later in the day. I intend to go to the part and walk/run 21 times around it for my fifth marathon of the year. I have walked 1300 miles this year, walking 5 days a week except for a couple days to heal a plantar fasciitis and when I got hit by a car. When I ran a marathon every year from 1992 to 2005, I only did 3 runs a week as I was always nursing injuries. I have much to be thankful for this year!

  2. Jackie has left a message on her FB site that she is now in hospital in Tulsa with a broken leg. No further information at this time. Hopefully Ghost will be able to update us later. Prayers for a good and fast recovery, Jackie.

  3. No further information is because I don’t know. Surgery is on hold because of blood thinners. I met the trauma and knee surgeon and he is coming back tomorrow with a plan.

    Major damage and surgery I am afraid. I went airborne from my bedroom into living room.

    • Jackie, sorry that you were injured. Falls and leg injuries are the pits. You have both my positive thoughts and prayers (even though I dislike that phrase, because it often implies no other action!). In this case, I don’t know that there is anything we can do for you, though. :/

    • Indeed, sorry to hear of the nasty fall. Ghost may need to sneak you a turkey leg while you’re in a facility! Tell him to make certain it doesn’t smell TOO good, lest the staff demand more. A pocket full of cranberry sauce would be special, but a lot messier!!

  4. Jackie did indeed become airborne…for a very short distance. If “any landing you walk away from is a good landing”, hers was a very bad one. That said, she was very fortunate; the manner in which she fell could easily have produced serious head or spinal trauma.
    I have to say, for a rural area, the medical response here was quite good. The ambulance arrived expeditiously, and it was staffed by a very competent paramedic and his EMT partner. Their service was not permitted to transport her to the Tulsa medical center where most of her docs work (probably because it would take them out of their service area too long, I imagine), but they could and did take her to a closer facility that is part of the same system, where the ER doc had her x-rayed and evaluated her and made arrangements for the “mother ship” in Tulsa to accept her (no small thing, in this era of COVID-19), and arranged for her to be transported there.
    I visited her this afternoon and found her good spirits and denying any serious pain. Not that there’s a good time to break a leg (or more precisely, to fracture one’s tibia and fibula), but just before a holiday/weekend combination is even less optimal. As she said, though, they do need to get her off her blood thinner anyway, so it’s going to take some time to get her wheel fixed and realigned.
    Updates will follow as I have them.

  5. The Dickens Severe Weather Alert System…
    Dickens jumps up in my lap; climbs up on my chest; tucks his head between my neck and shoulder; and begins shaking: Dickens Severe Weather Alert is in effect, and rain/thunder-bumpers are 10 minutes out.
    Dickens stops shaking and begins snoring: Dickens Severe Weather Alert has expired.

  6. Prayers Jackie
    Momma Bear took a header also – she said takeoff and flight were uneventful, but landing was a doozy.
    Fortunately no surgery – but wing in a sling, so lots of stuff takes 3 hands. {^!^}
    There will be a place at our table for you and Ghost if he is good – (other wise he will have to sit with the kids. LOL)
    There is a place set for all that can not be with us.

  7. This is so real – All old stories are new if never heard before (by a new audience).
    I wish I could hear my father’s stories – even ones he told many times.

  8. I am getting lots of new experiences. I will let Ghost entertain you if he can compose better words.

    Most of my care team have had COVID-19. SEVERAL HAVE WORKED on floors. I want no one to deny this disease. I have nothing but respect and gratitude.

    My nursing team is male and female, all colors of skin, speak many languages, native of many nations. All Americans and the gentlest, kindest souls. Give thanks they chose medicine and health care. I do.

  9. I wish I could tell you of latest hospital equipment.. it is bizarre.

    They are keeping my pain controlled with same drugs I have been on. That’s good.

    Food is mediocre. Not holding out hope for Thanksgiving dinner. No pie on menu.

    • Awesome! When I lived in Florida, we had a pyracantha tree that dropped its berries before the robins came south for the winter. When the robins got there, the fruit had fermented. Drunken robins can do a lot of loops!

  10. We had a large flock of drunken birds in New Orleans in the Garden District once. I don’t recall berries or type bird. Back yard was lined with trees, froze, fermented. Birds passed out all over yard.

    I cut trees down.

  11. Re: today’s {No 25} A&J: If Janis modeled for an “advanced figure drawing” class, wouldn’t use of a costume or drape tend to negate the avowed purpose of the class? Sure, if she stood there (as today) in a toga, the students could draw her hands or feet or face. The students could just as easily draw her hands or feet or face if she remained clad in her ordinary attire, so why the toga? Same idea for a costume.
    I do admit that I have zero experience in such art classes, so, perhaps, I am totally missing some point. How about it, JJ? For that matter, if any Villagers have been in such art classes, speak up with thoughts.

  12. cxp: Certainly not an artist (and never attended an art class), but I suspect that togas and costumes are used so that the students may learn how to draw the drape and folds of material and clothing, something that seems to me to be as difficult to render realistically as human features and body parts.
    Re 11-25-20 real-time cartoon: Those “some days” of Janis’s modeling gig may explain this…

    • Your point is well-taken, BUT, learning how to draw drapery, etc., is not what I’d expect in an “advanced figure drawing class”. I’d expect drapery drawing to be covered in some other earlier class.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
    They did manage to do Jackie’s imaging study late yesterday afternoon, but it still remains to be seen if the surgeon will get back to her today with his surgical plan. We shall see.
    I’ll be headed that way as soon as I hear from her. Perhaps there will be some news by the time I get there.

  14. Re 11-26-20 real-time cartoon: Yes, I’m sure that those students were so serious about their artistic pursuits that they looked at 100% naked * Janis the same as they would have any other still-art prop.
    *I didn’t have to do any math.

  15. Ghost gave correct answer. I typed same answer and erased it. I can draw naked people easier than clothed.

    In eay 1960s no one got nude for any reason in college, art or photagraphy. Grounds for expulsion.

  16. That is why we have “Good Samaritan” laws in this country.
    Many people would rather the victim die rather than be exposed.
    Happy Thanksgiving All
    Prayers Jackie

  17. The cartoon says “drapery,” no? That’s not intended as a toga [why would one specifically use a toga in a “life ” class, and Janis no longer has the blue tee on]. She [and the instructor?] decided on a short robe for later disrobing. In Brit music-halls in the ’50s, the “stationary” nudes took bows afterwards in below-the-knees robes. Gather they no longer have to be stationary.
    In the ’60s [?] “Oh, Calcutta” on Broadway, both sexes let it all hang out, but were shaved. Elaine & I saw that when it was soon to close.

    Centuries ago, the crowd on the left yelled as Lady Godiva rode past side-saddle, “Hooray for our side!”.

  18. Jackie SITREP: She’s resting comfortably. Surgeon hasn’t been in; suspect it will be tomorrow before he is.
    Sign of the times, I suppose…the two things I grabbed the other night as I jumped in my vehicle to follow the ambulance to the hospital were her ID/insurance cards and her cell phone with charger cord.
    The main item I brought to her today was a tablet with charger cord so she can read ebooks on it.

  19. I would like to thank everybody here for not referring to today as “Turkey Day,” because the day is about being thankful for everything good that’s happened this year, and not about the dinner. And, because that nickname for the holiday implies that it’s all about the turkey, a bird that’s so dumb that its name is a byword for stupidity. Be happy, be healthy and be thankful that you’re not hospitalized with COVID-19 today.

    • Amen, Sideburns.
      That did get me to wondering if there is a National Turkey Day. Found that 3rd Sunday in June is National Turkey Lover’s Day. Who else thinks this is likely something the turkey growers’ trade association devised to push turkey sales in the summer? Nothing wrong with that, of course…that’s what trade associations do.

    • Heard of birds in flocks drowning when looking up in rain.
      Wild ones are wily tho. Here in MN DNR hunt down escaped domestic Turkeys so they don’t
      dilute the wild birds.

  20. Back from Tulsa. Jackie was sleeping when I left. Must have been much needed rest, as she just called me to say some of the hospital staff came in after I left to talk to her about things like physical therapy, and she apparently carried on a conversation with them in her sleep but has little idea what was said. I told her to ask her nurse who they were so I can contact them to find out what it concerned.
    I did get there in time to assist her in eating her turkey and dressing with gravy and green beans. I gathered that it was probably more nutritious than it was tasty. We’ll have to have a “do over” on that when she gets home.
    Guess my Thanksgiving dinner will be ham tonight, in sandwich form. Which I like, and for which I will certainly be thankful. I imagine that some (hopefully not many) probably had less than that today.

    • Something else for which I’m thankful is that the traffic, both into and out of Tulsa, was very light today, to the point the drive was almost relaxing. Ordinarily it’s anything but light on US-64, the eight-lane highway into Tulsa from the southeast. Also, I’ve named the four lanes going each way (from right to left) Fast, Faster, Too Fast, and OMG!

    • Ghost, I picked up a deli Thanksgiving dinner yesterday in a Reasor’s grocery that was very good. For about $6 it had two decent slices of roast turkey breast, mixed peas and carrots, mashed sweet potatoes with (I think) brown sugar and pecan topping and cranberry sauce. All I had to do was heat it and eat. When you come back to Tulsa, check one and see if you can find one for yourself. They also had some with dressing instead of the sweet potatoes.

      • Thanks, Mark. I’ll check on that. Sprouts also has various ready-for-the-oven pre-made meals that look pretty good, and they probably have some with Thanksgiving-style fare now.

  21. I completed my 26th marathon & 5th/yr in 6:37:01. I’ve done 9 since my hip replacement 8 yrs ago & this was my fastest. Before this year,my fastest so d my surgery was 7:29.
    I had to go around the park 21X. On 20th pass, my watch said 26.25 mi! Should I stop? I was feeling sore and petty tired, but frankly I could never lie about my time or distance in a marathon.
    My replaced hip feels fine. My Homer & Ruth hip (the one that I was born with) is a bit sore tonight, but should ok by Saturday or before.

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