Storm Waning

Storm Waning

I have always liked this gag, originally produced in 2004. Of course, today it appears a bit dated. Obviously, there’s the cathode-ray television set. It goes beyond that, though. While there are more “devices” than ever in our lives, their portability and versatility have made obsolete entire genres of purposely “portable” products. Today, Janis would, of course, be tracking the storm on her cell phone, which makes every storm look as if it’s right on top of you. I noticed one other oddity in this particular strip. Do you see it? In all the years I’ve been drawing Arlo & Janis, I’ll bet there haven’t been half a dozen strips wherein they both address one another by name. Well, the “Arlo & Janis Summer Art Show and Sale” has exceeded my expectations, quite frankly. Thanks to all who visited, and thanks, of course, to those who bought an original comic strip. All art will ship immediately after the sale ends Thursday. That’s right! There still are strips left to buy and time to buy them.


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  1. Dated? Hey, I have a TV just like that in my kitchen!

    Re. “another oddity…” it never occurred to me to check the dialog, I went right to the artwork. I thought it might have been the way Janis gets taller in each successive panel… ;^)

  2. @Matt: perspective change as the POV moves closer.

    (Was there any overlap between the availability of CRT TVs and the digital broadcasting transition? We replaced ours with a very cheap under-cabinet radio-TV-DVD player with a flip-down flat screen.)

  3. Mark, the first HD sets I recall were CRT. Flat screens weren’t far behind though. The first HD set I bought was a monster that took 3 of us to get into the house. Never had a tv in the kitchen, although I did have a small one in the computer room before HD.

  4. We kept an old analog TV working for an extra decade with an adapter from the cable company. We didn’t go digital until the prices dropped a lot… and by then flat screens were easily affordable even for a truck driver with 4 kids at home. The biggest benefit was finally being able to see movies on DVDs as filmed (widescreen aspect).

  5. I remember when my Dad remarried, he and my step-mother vowed that they would only have a TV in the basement. As the years progressed, they had one in the bedroom, kitchen and then the Living Room. Granted my Dad’s lessened mobility contributed to that, but I remember thinking when we moved from our house that we lived in for 19 years, we never did put one in the Living room or the kitchen. Once we moved to a smaller house, the TV in the Living Room was big enough that we could easily glance at it from the kitchen and even the dining room. However since the kids left, we usually just eat on tables in the Living Room.

  6. I could go for buying the one you posted today, Jimmy. No, I’m not begging.

    But I want to thank you for putting us all on to the cartoon strip “Lucky Cow” by Mark Pett. I am quite taken with it. Yesterday’s was a little masterpiece of commentary on us today: . And gorgeous drawing.

    So I have been reading it every day–and I also began reading it from the beginning. I am up to the first two and a half years.

    There’s also his “Mr. Lowe” cartoon.

    Thank you!!

  7. Come to think of it, when I was living in a limited space situation a few years back, I got a small flat screen tv which also accepted computer input and used that for both tv watching and computer monitor. That was the best use of the available space.

  8. Unless my leg is being tugged, I have just located the guy who was my best man 57 years ago this coming Sunday! HOW COOL IS THAT? (caps intentional)
    Quite literally, we have not been in contact since, very briefly, 1964 – 55 years! I had even heard rumors that he had died thirty-odd years ago. If things are on the up-and-up, there’s a LOT of catching up to do. Am awaiting an email from him.
    Made the find by asking a lister about a woman I thought might be his mom []; response came from his son.

  9. Re 7-23-19 retro cartoon: Well before I started going to P&PHS, I patronized Victoria, a tall and exotically beautiful lady from Panama. Panel 4 shows the approximate positions of my head and her chest when she was cutting my hair.
    Once, Victoria started laughing, and I realized I had dozed off; my head had tilted back; and it was resting against her (newly enhanced) breasts. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

    Actually, we were good friends, and I have no doubt that had I done that on purpose, she would have been just as amused. Not that I would have…her scissors were very sharp. 🙂

  10. Steve f/RO

    I had opposite situation – stepped wrong so went to ER.
    DR said not broken – my GP saw X-ray , said yes. the ER Doc
    was Navy Intern thought I was 16 and it was a “growth plate”
    ( I was 30 ate the time)

    As to the E Flat Horn – it has a larger mouth piece – so maybe that was all
    the kissing Juliet was getting.

  11. Folks, did you hear??? Lightsail 2 deployed its sails and it seems things are working! Using photons from the sun for propulsion through space… like a big kite in a wind. How cool is that?

    CXP- Cool cool cool!!!

    • One of the earliest SF stories I read involved a lightsail race between planets. It was very exciting… but the author ignored the actual time frames necessary to run an actual race. Even today’s rockets couldn’t cover the distances involved in a matter of a few hours.

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