Sunday Dinner

Those of you with a passing familiarity with WordPress and Web design in general already will have figured out that I’m rather clueless about these things and that I’m muddling through. Take our ongoing conversation about comments. Basically, nothing fundamental has changed. You can fill out a short profile and have a name and an avatar or not. If you select “not,” you simply will be anonymous. That’s as it has been, but I wanted to take the opportunity to assure you any information you record here, such as an email address, is never (intentionally!) shared with a third party. Heck, even I never look at it. My point: the interface might be a bit different and the unfamiliarity of it all a little spooky, but as for your participation in the village, nothing has changed. I don’t think.

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. I discovered the”sharp knife advice the hard way. I now have a nice knife sharpener and the little things that Arlo has in his hand that I use to sharpen my knives as I use them.

    I got to see Julie and Julia on a badly delayed flight from Houston to Detroit (heavy snow in Houston, not Detroit). The movie inspired me to make Boeuf Bourguignon. It is a very nice beef stew

  2. Jimmy: you said “You can fill out a short profile and have a name and an avatar or not.”. IS this separate from the “REPLY” section? because I don’t see anything there ( below the comments) to enter or choose an Avatar or define a “profile” yet. I’m not at all sure what the “website” block is supposed to be for.

  3. Like some have mentioned – this is getting beyond me … but I’ll try and “save”
    I still have my flip phone – and can just about make it work!

  4. I think my mom and grandmother bought our first artificial Christmas tree at a Gibson’s store. I was old enough to help sort the branches and put on the lower ones, but not tall enough to put in the upper ones. My grandmother used that tree until I moved off to Tennessee. When she had gotten to the point she couldn’t do it, I would put up the tree and all the decorations around the house. Nice memories.

  5. Since it was asked about, I too would prefer chronological. I like to read everything if I have time to check in. Maybe I’ll work on an avatar—AFTER Christmas.

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