No, don’t expect the “classic” cartoon to be colorized every day. I’m simply in the midst of a cache of old cartoons from about 10 years ago, where the colorized version happens to be available. These cartoons originally were colored by a third party, with little or no input from me, so I have been going back over them and updating the color schemes to better match the current A&J. Whoopie, huh? Well, it’s Friday!



11 responses to “Sundowner”

  1. Both Jimmy’s classic tune and Bob’s comment caught me this past summer. Both times playing with cats and just decided remaining horizontal sounded more relaxing than getting up – until my dear wife sees me and, well, you know the rest of the story.

  2. This morning marked my fourth (4th) round trip from Eufaula to Tulsa this week. Bullet needs an automatic pilot. I’ve generally been opposed to the idea of autonomous (self-driving) vehicles…at this stage of the technology, anyway. At oh-six-thirty this morning, I may have been willing to reconsider my stance.
    Today was my third hand-therapy session. (The therapists are all female, which brought back memories of my all-female staffs.) Their appointments overlap a bit, so that each one is finishing with one patient while beginning with another at her work station. As mine was finishing with me, she got into a conversation with the lady following me about how shabbily she had been treated by a couple of recent boyfriends. She suddenly looked at me and blushed a bit, realizing I was sitting right there as she discussed the shortcomings of her ex’s. I just smiled, explained my background, and assured her I had heard it all before. “I will say,” I added with a grin, “I am glad you had finished bending my fingers before you got on that subject.”

    • Yeah, your workout might have gotten a lot more vigorous than intended when that topic came up. Is your hand improving, Ghost? Last time I had back trouble they put me through several weeks of physical therapy and it worked wonders. My brother has had to have several surgeries on his back, while both times I’ve had problems physical therapy and a combination of heat and time on a TENS unit got me back to normal.

      • Lots of improvement in the past two weeks, Mark, re pain and swelling of right wrist and hand. I credit oral steroids for most of that. I finished my second course of them today. Residual problems are fairly severe loss of range of motion in wrist and all fingers. Thus my finger-bending therapy and my “homework” wrist exercises. Gonna take some time and work but I’m much more encouraged now that I will recover very nearly normal use of the hand, at least. Three weeks ago I was not so sanguine.

        • Glad to hear that your recovery is coming along well,then. Good luck and I hope you get it all back to normal, or near enough as makes no difference.

  3. The colors were not what you would have chosen, but I would rather see the inked version you sent them over a recast colored. Perfect the enemy of good, and all.

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