Sweater whether


What’s this?

If maybe you haven’t been paying close attention lately, you can click on the above link to today’s comic strip and see the reason for all the recent chatter about “Comics.com” and “Gocomics.com”. United Media has ceased to maintain the former, its own comics Web site, and all UM strips now can be seen on the latter, the comics site of Universal Press Syndicate, and the official change took place today.

I know you don’t believe me when I say this, but I don’t know much more about it all than you. It’s true. I signed up for my own Gocomics.com account this morning, and it all seems pretty straightforward, just different. The biggest loss I’ve detected so far is here at arloandjanis.com, where the links on archived pages to each respective day’s “current” A&J no longer work. I’m not sure what’s become of the archived strips that were available at Comics.com, either. Apparently, they’re no longer available. Truly, what does not kill us makes us bonkers.