Sweating in the Oldies

Sweating in the Oldies

November 08, 1988

I’m so excited! I’m having a dumpster delivered to my driveway this morning. I can’t wait to see what’s in it! I hope you will excuse me if I drop off two oldies from 1988 and 1989, respectively, and go make room.

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  1. In 2015 we made the decision to right size and the realtor told us to get rid as much “junk” as we could to make the house look bigger and sell quicker. I rented a dumpster, but as soon as it was delivered I realized that it was half the size that I wanted. My wife was concerned that people were going to dump their own stuff in it. One afternoon she looked up and saw a pickup with junk in the bed and decided to confront them as they dumped their trash in our dumpster.

    As she opened the garage door they put their hands up and said “We’re dumpster divers and we just want to sell stuff for scrap metal”. What was great was that they emptied most of the junk out and I didn’t have to order another dumpster.

    • We ended up filling two 15-cubic-yard dumpster clearing our our longterm house and barn before listing. So far, I haven’t missed anything almost a year later except a tub of bolts, nuts, and screws that I gave away. There were also several pickup loads of things that went to various charities. I gave many of my large floor shop tools to one of my sons-in-law who is making good use of them. Sort of simplified, but still ordering stuff from Amazon during the pandemic! 🙂

  2. I used to be accused of coming back from the Dump with more than I
    took over. (It was not quite justified.) {^¿^}
    Glad to hear from you Mizz Charlote

  3. Last night I tried over and over to get this blog onto my desktop computer — full size, easy to use keyboard — couldn’t get it. Every day I look at this blog and lots of other stuff on my nifty iPad. That’s on my kitchen table all the time and I enjoy using it so much. It’s so bright and beautiful, and has a sturdy case, with a fold out keyboard. But the keyboard is hard to use, so I type one letter at a time on the on screen keyboard on the iPad. It’s slow and frustrating so I only type short messages. I wanted to explain that’s why you never see me here. Today I had a bright idea. I’ve been using Chrome as my browser on this Microsoft computer, though I had used Edge for a while. Well, just now I went back to Edge and Lo and Behold I was able to get the A&J blog and type very easily. I am so glad! It’s great to see your interesting comments and now I will be able to reply.
    I’ll report that I am feeling well, and life is pretty good. Staying home alone is no hardship, I like it. My age is now 87 and I have given up driving my car. Two daughters live not too far away and one, or both, visit most weekends; they shop and bring me groceries. Facebook is a fine way to keep in tough with my large family, lots of great photos and news if any. Some of my grandchildren are on FB too and it’s all interesting.
    Thanks to all of you who have been asking after me. I appreciate it!

  4. I still don’t have a computer or tablet with keyboard. Writing start of a book one finger typing on an android phone. I own many toys, we just can’t find. Wondering about past “help” or if we left in hotel during worse cancer treatment.

    I had a brand new very expensive Apple I had no idea how to use. My friend who rescues huskies needed a good computer and mine had done nothing to.benefit
    Anyone. It rescues death row huskies now. Much better use.

    Miss Charlotte my mother lived alone and drove way past your age. You will do fine. We miss you darling.

  5. Hello, Miss Charlotte–so glad to hear from you with news that you are doing well!

    Ghost, can’t you get Jackie something better than one finger on her phone? I am SO much enjoying her memories and am looking forward to the Grand Canyon visit especially, since I visited it so many times in the 40 years I lived with it almost in my back yard.

    Good night, Villagers. So good to touch base with you all.

  6. Working on it, Nancy. I recently made a trip to an undisclosed location and liberated the desktop that belonged to Mom. (I know she’d be delighted to learn how it’s being repurposed.) When I get it set up in an appropriate location, Jackie should be able to ten-finger type to her heart’s content. Also, I’m going to transcribe and organize her previous writings so she can edit and organize them as she sees fit.

  7. Ghost, check on something by Netgear called the Powerline. It’s an adapter that lets you turn your Wifi back into a wired connection. My employer’s IT guy recommended it to me and I have found it provides a more reliable connection than wifi alone and isn’t subject to the speed restriction of wifi either. It won’t make a slow internet service faster, but it gives you speeds that are as good as you get plugging a wire into the router.

  8. Nancy thank you! Going to pick up a walker today to start back walking for exercise and regain some strength. Danger is falling, right knee never got replaced and making. Replaced knee hurt now. I spend too much time in bed.

    My left eye has cataract making legally blind. We got new glasses but I am having so much trouble reading and typing. So we are going back to see why.

    On very positive note Ghost took Dickens for dental work, teeth removal and cleaning. He loves Ghost so much. Ghost takes him to be groomed and treated for skin allergies every couple weeks. The cats love Ghost also but have to sneak up to sleep with him!

  9. Every dog is a “therapy dog,” I think. Our Lady certainly is. She knows when one of us is not feeling well and kind of hovers over us. (Your notes about Ghost and the cats always make me grin. Cats do seem to like to be contrary, don’t they?)

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