Sworn Oath

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I think I can let you in on one change that is coming. Beginning soon, I hope to make updates to this site during the day, perhaps the afternoon, instead of simply trying to come up with something upon arising each morning. Such updates actually wouldn’t load until the following morning, so the only thing you should notice would be that updates are regular and timely, as they should be. Don’t get too excited; I make that resolution almost every year. I’m seriously thinking about such things this year, though. It could happen. Let’s face it: it isn’t always easy to come up with something first thing every morning. I think we’d all benefit. I realize there is a risk of losing a certain spontaneity and individualism with such a calculated approach, but if I do it right, you wouldn’t even know it if I hadn’t mentioned it here. See? It isn’t always easy to come up with something to say in the morning.