Tackling Dummy

I didn’t update Tuesday, because I was traveling back from viewing the total eclipse with some friends. I won’t say a lot about that, because so much has already been said, but it was a very interesting experience. The weather in north central Tennessee was perfect, and I feel lucky to have seen the full effect. I will say that I am now an eclipse snob. I have known about the coming of this solar event for several years and long ago made plans to be in its direct path. What I did not know until recently was that my own hometown and surrounding area would experience something like 95% totality. I couldn’t help thinking, “I’m driving six hours for an additional five percent?!” However, when that sun winked out completely, as if a celestial switch had been thrown, I knew it was worth it. The difference was dramatic, and I’m going to rub it in with all my buddies who thought they saw the eclipse.
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  1. I recall experiencing one decades ago and do remember the eerieness. I strongly considered spending some hours on the road to get into more than the 65% we had, but I didn’t get any glasses and am just too scared I may accidentally look at it.

  2. My friends from Richmond drove 10 hours to come to Nashville, and we drove 40 miles to see a two minute thirty second eclipse instead of a one minute eclipse. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve experienced. Glad you could come to Tennessee for the event.

  3. Totality in central Missouri was great! Weather was a near miss with some high clouds early. Very thin high clouds cleared just enough to have no effect on visibility. Having seen other partials, total is entirely different.

  4. It is supposed to be 90+% in the Detroit area in April 2024, but I am driving to either Van Wert Ohio or Indianapolis, where I have family (in both places) so I can see the full total eclipse. My old hometown of Fort Wayne will be at 99% but like you Jimmy, that just isn’t going to be good enough.

    A co-worker has a wife who works for Delta and he flies for free. He flew to Nashville and had planned to to out to the parking garage, but discovered a great vantage point in the terminal where it was cool and he had a seat. Flying home was delayed as so many private planes were in the sky that it delayed the commercial flights.

  5. I won’t go so far as someone Jackie saw on Book of Faces (“75% totality; 100% boredom.”), but a partial eclipse is actually not all that impressive, especially if one is driving a vehicle without a sun roof (“eclipse roof”?) and only notices a slight transitory dimness. Proof, I suppose, of how really bright our sun is, that only a slight crescent of it still manages to light up Earth pretty well.

  6. JJ – Lucky you got to experience the full eclipse enchilada. Everyone says that the final slide into totality is jaw dropping. The Apr 2024 eclipse will come close to Boston. I hope to get to northern VT, NH or ME to experience it. It will be chilly. On a less cosmic note, I love today’s retro cartoon and especially loved the Eclipse & Kisses cartoon that appeared in newspapers on Monday. Is the A&J “After Dark” book that some of us ordered coming soon?????????

  7. Envy you meeting Miz Charlotte.

    Anyone on Facebook, go watch my movie of Dickens the Adventure Dog called Dog Tails.

    It is hilarious and Ghost and I are both in it, along with a lot of our trips, autos, hotels and beds. I did NOT do the video, Google did. I ain’t that smart.

  8. Aw thanks for the kind words, Old Bear. We had a really nice time at the “drive in” sitting at a picnic table getting acquainted and eating delicious fried seafood. He and his family are lively and interesting. They had a long day, flying out here, but they were holding up well.

  9. Oh boy, Jackie, I want to see it. Tomorrow.

    Friends on Facebook can see a nice photo of us at the restaurant and read what I said, and some family comments. I look good in the picture, and you know how often when you see yourself in a pic, you don’t like it? So I am happy to see a pleasing photo.

  10. Mark in Maine, my wife wasn’t excited about traveling for the eclipse at first. After seeing totality, the corona and the visible solar flares, she changed her mind. “Totally worth it.” When we got home today (camping trailer enroute) she said, “This was a great trip.”

  11. Miz Charlotte that is a nice photo of all of you.
    At first I was just wishing we were there to meet YOU but everyone kept talking about scallops and clams and lobster rolls.

    You know how much Ghost and I love seafood?

  12. I drove 12 hours each way to my hometown where there was 100% but it was cloudy and raining just at the time of the eclipse so we only got a couple of glimpses.

  13. Astronomers can predict lunar and solar eclipses with all sorts of details many, many years in advance. Weather people can predict a few things, generally, up to a few days in advance. Celestial mechanics are easier than meteorology because there are fewer factors to keep track of with simpler, well-defined interactions.

  14. Good. That F&E is a delight, but only because I know what palindrome means. So do most Villagers, I suspect. But some people don’t. Does that make the rest of us vocabulary snobs? I don’t think so. ‘Not everyone is an English major’? [Including me.]

    Neither is everyone a classical music aficionado, and I’m not really one. Somebody once posted, ‘Not everyone is a scientist.’ True. But neither are we all sports fans or movie-goers, or up on the latest popular musicians or other celebrities. Different Villagers have different areas of expertise, which enriches this blog.


  15. We drove down to Idaho to see the totality. What was amazing to me was that, with the tiniest sliver of sun showing, there was only the slightest dimming of daylight. I know that there is an over abundance of light and the eye’s iris shuts out most of it, but I never realized how much xtra light there was.

  16. Jackie, I hope things are going well for you. Elise and I drove through Tulsa Tuesday on our way back to Texas. Thought of you as we passed through and when I saw a sign for Lake Eufaula.

  17. We went for my third biopsy of breast done with a 3 D mammogram and large needles. If this one comes back malignant (positive) I lose breast to total mastectomy. If DNA comes back positive I lose both to total mastectomy. We will have results in day or so.

    Ghost is positive and says it will not be DNA linked and has faith this may not be cancer in the third site. We will know by the 29th what treatment begins but now it is surgery, chemo, radiation, hormones and reconstruction.

    We had a fabulous lunch at P.F. Chang and went to Hobby Lobby to get a beautiful iris painting framed. Turned out stunning.

    Good day.

  18. One for the evening from my archive of lines:

    Yet another definition from myAddendum to Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary:

    Morals: what most people expect everyone else to have. Frequently, however, such people do not expect others to hold them to the same standards, especially in terms of their private lives.

  19. Many thanks to Mark for posting the photo of us at the restaurant. It was a delightful get-together.

    Dear emb, your messages came through just fine. Frank and Ernest were cute. You are a nice looking fellow in your picture. I enjoyed the column you wrote ever so much! Colorful account of the power outage; and since I am devoted the classical music, your tale of the trio you heard on the car radio was lively and well told. I have to admit that I much prefer orchestral music to chamber music, but the Dumky trio is good, indeed.

    Hoping for the best for Jackie. We will meet in NH some day, for sure. I’m disappointed too, to postpone meeting in person with you and that great guy that’s come into your life.

  20. Anonymous:

    In all seriousness, I really don’t know.

    I like to think that I am a moral person, but I think that the perceptions that others have of me might be more accurate.

    Like Socrates, the older I become, the more certain I am that I know nothing.

  21. Ghost put me to bed to sleep off sedation of biopsy site and my anti anxiety meds. He says I am funny or very mellow?

    I woke up about 11 p.m. Tomorrow we’re going to look at a truck which is perfect and down at my favorite local dealership, so not Tulsa. I want to stay home all weekend and work on our house.

  22. Three for the morning from the archive:

    When you’re a child, you have hopes and dreams. When you’re a parent, your children are your hopes and dreams.

    The intellectual’s life is a wealthy one, but it is not necessarily in a monetary form.

    Everyone’s a winner in the human race.

    (By the way, I wrote the last one in a rare moment of irrational optimism.)

  23. Ghost plays jokes on his phone and carries on conversations with her. I just ask for information.

    He still hasn’t figured out how to turn on my television and I sure don’t know. We are debating because I am not certain I can stand watching an area I know so well and love being destroyed by flooding and hurricane.

    I am still tra

  24. Aransas where I spent so much time at the boat school and museum, donated my boats to and so much time, money and love. It is where our Texas wooden boat museum is, where we hold our annual wooden boat show.

    I have many friends there and a lot of love for the people and area. Pray for the Texas coast.

  25. Got tickets seven months ago for The Piano Guys at Revention Center in downtown Houston tonight. Not cancelled yet that I hear. I’m only five miles away and my lady friend lives only ten blocks from the theatre, might be an exciting walk through downtown

  26. My son is running a 10 mile race in Flint that is pretty noteworthy. We used to run it together when I was able to run and I miss it. He works for Ford and is running as part of a team. He is the #2 or #3 man. I plan to get up at 5:00 and ride up with him. They have a VIP area where I can wait at.

    Last night he got home early and got in a run. He tried to tie his house key to the string on his shorts. When he got back to the house, the key was missing. He tried to stay calm, but he needed to pick up his son at daycare and the car keys were in the house. As he was moving, he felt something funny in a very private area. The key had slipped off and fell inside his shorts! He laughed as he never noticed it during the run.

  27. Reading posts from friends in Texas on hurricane plus lots of jokes and puns and funny messages from those cheering me up and making me laugh.

    Thank god for Facebook and messenger. I could not post any of them here for fesr of offending others. We are as solemn as a church here and I have been in happier mortuaries. ????

  28. So things are too solemn here?

    From the Internet:

    On their way to get married, a young Catholic couple is involved in a fatal car accident. The couple found themselves sitting outside the Pearly Gates waiting for St. Peter to process them into Heaven. While waiting, they began to wonder: Could they possibly get married in Heaven? When St. Peter showed up, they asked him. St. Peter said, “I don’t know. This is the first time anyone has asked. Let me go find out,’” and he left.

    The couple sat and waited, and waited. Two months passed and the couple were still waiting. While waiting, they began to wonder what would happen if it didn’t work out; could you get a divorce in heaven?

    After yet another month, St. Peter finally returned, looking somewhat bedraggled. “Yes,” he informed the couple, “You can get married in Heaven.” “Great!” said the couple, “But we were just wondering, what if things don’t work out? Could we also get a divorce in Heaven?” St. Peter, red-faced with anger, slammed his clipboard onto the ground. “What’s wrong?” asked the frightened couple. “OH, COME ON!,” St. Peter shouted, “It took me three months to find a priest up here! Do you have any idea how long it’ll take me to find a lawyer?”

  29. If that joke from Trucker doesn’t make Jackie laugh I don’t know what will. No wonder she feels depressed, with the hurricane and her medical problems too. Jackie, I sure wish Mindy from Indy and Debbie would write a lot more now on these pages. We all miss the dispatches from the hen house, and the convenience store! Debbie, we would all like to know more about how your father is doing.

    If you guys can stand to hear about some really GOOD weather — Old Bear and his wife Ann have had spectacular nice days for their vacation in NH, Conn., and Maine. Everyone should be so lucky!

    Hoping the hurricane isn’t as awful as they are predicting. I must tell you also that my grandson Jack is at Rice University in Houston and now I am all worried about him. Any advice from Jackie and other folks from Houston? Hope that John is OK at the concert tonight in Houston. Please let us know about it.

  30. Speaking of good weather, since the eclipse we’ve had 2 more clear nights here in my town, making a total of 20 clear nights since March 22. I don’t count the ones we had up in Dillon MT since the wildfire smoke still made for an impenetrable night sky while we were there.

  31. Rain is just starting in the Austin area, but no “solemnity” here. (that REALLy looks like it needs a vowel– Alex, I’d like to buy an I please?).

    Maybe the betrothed couple would have done better to find a justice-of-the-peace or a ship captain?

    There’s one Facebook meme about the hurricane evacuation… all the northbound Interstate lanes are packed, apparently slow-moving or stopped. There’s one lone car heading south on the other side…the caption, “Man, I forgot my phone charger!”


  32. No kidding, there will be huge costs from this hurricane. I only hope that the loss of life is minimal (or none?). I’m afraid that too few people retain common sense, though, and that there will be needless death. Another group that I participate with related to camping and travel had someone that said they knew four RV’ers that STAYED in Port Aransas with their campers. That can only have a tragic ending. :/

  33. When we did not evacuate in s mandatory evacuation when we lived on Galveston Bay south of Houston, the police came door to door and made us do same thing. I had two small children and there were some bitter words and probably hysterical crying on my part.

    I was saying I hate tornadoes in Oklahoma but hurricanes have tornadoes in them too.

  34. I’ve often wondered, if I lived in a place that, should evacuation be required, would I go? It’s not that I worry that someone would steal my things or they would be destroyed, but could I take my pets with me? When I adopted my dogs and cats I accepted responsibility for their well-being as surely as if they were family, and I cannot abandon them.

  35. My brother is home again. Wow.
    About 10 days in rehab and they sent him home. (They talked of doing it sooner and Allison’s eyes bugged out) When he first awoke- for real- he sort of recalled the crash. Now, he doesn’t. Not the flock of birds just before, nor climbing out of the airplane and walking around after. He is wearing a “dog-like collar of shame”, but Allison’s got his back so he can neglect looking over his shoulder. He got home first day of school for the two youngest- was there when they got home- and able to to take daughter #2 to college in Philly. (#1 had already reported to class)

    THank you again and again for all the prayers and good wishes and letting me be among friends.

  36. What does one do when one gets the results of a third-site biopsy that is also positive for adenocarcinoma, meaning one will lose her left breast to the surgeon’s knife? Well, if one is Jackie Monies, she rounds up her trusty sidekick Ghost and moseys on down to one of the area dealerships to get a replacement for her beloved Trigger…which is what we did yesterday afternoon. It’s a 2016 Ford F150 King Ranch Edition, and it is both awesome and a worthy successor to Trigger. (See photo below)

    We had originally anticipated finding that truck in black, to match Black Jack, her black Ford Mustang convertible and Bullet, my black Ford Explorer. Its name would have been Black Jack II, with personalized tag BLKJAC2. But although it is so dark it almost appears black, this one is Green Gem Metallic. We were getting a bite to eat after leaving the dealership, when the new truck revealed its name to me. It’s from a novel in which the Canadian River (which runs through Lake Eufaula practically behind Jackie’s house) and McAlester (where it was purchased) play key parts. More importantly, to me it personifies Jackie, who has dealt nobly with grief, discrimination and chronic illness her entire life. So the new truck’s name is TRUE GRIT.

    We thought about TRUGRIT as a personalized tag, but in talking about it, it came to me that the star of the original True Grit movie also personified Jackie’s determination and perseverance in dealing with adversity. So we will get a front tag made that reads TRUE GRIT, and the Oklahoma personalized license tag will be WWJWD…for What Would John Wayne Do.


  37. Had a beautiful day in Flint Mi this morning. I walked / ran an N 8K ( 5 miles) on an absolutely gorgeous day. I actually saved up enough to run the last quarter mile on the bricks. On of the ladies handing out water yelled out ” Unleaded”. Bands we’re playing and everyone had a great time!

  38. Jackie and Ghost, the truck is awesome!

    Good news from Llee, very glad your brother is feeling so good! Also glad that Steve from R. O. had a good race, and fine weather.

    Since I do not watch the news on TV I don’t know much about the hurricane yet. Will check The Boston Globe, online, shortly. Alice is here to visit and has heard from her twin Amy that grandson Jack in Houston is okay. Did hear on the radio, between nice bits of music, that Harvey is downgraded.

  39. P.S. I like the name True Grit for the new truck. (What is a wife beater shirt? And did the man have “pokies” or did the wife have them?)

    Trapper Jean, probably it varies with circumstances, and who you are dealing with too. I used to worry too — no pets now. An article I read years ago gave very helpful advice! You need to plan ahead for running out of the house, getting ahold of the pets whatever way is best — leashes for dogs, and something to stuff cats into, I’m remembering a large onion bag in the article; remember those? Strong string mesh, 25 or even 50 pounds? They don’t sell them that way any more! Maybe restaurants still get them in those bags, orange colored mesh. (Getting into stream of consciousness here) remember seeing these bags of onions at the Fairgrounds, behind the tables or trailers of sellers of fried onion rings; or makers of sausage, pepper and onion hero sandwiches. ANYhow, cats would be frightened if the house were on fire and would run and HIDE. I’ve forgotten what the advice would be for that situation!

  40. Miss Charlotte, “wife-beater” refers to the sleeveless “vest” type undershirt. According to Wikipedia… Tank top style undershirts for men are called “wife-beaters” because they appear in a lot of American movies from the 30s and 40s in which uncouth (often ethnic working-class) husbands wear them while abusing their wives physically and/or emotionally.

    Here is a classic example:

    I believe it is a term widely used by police officers these days, as many of the domestic disturbance calls they answer seem to involve men wearing that type of shirt…if any shirt at all. The man I saw last night wearing one was alone; so sadly, the pokies in question were his.

  41. ‘Wife-beaters’ also are called the non-PC term ‘dago tee,’ at least currently in Chicagoland, without reference to wife-beating or other misbehavior, just what my mother, in NYC but from middle class MS, referred to as ‘common’, meant disparagingly. As The Planter sang, ‘You have to be taught.’


  42. emb: “Common” brings back memories of my grandmother. She lived with us (in her own garage apartment) when I was growing up. Whenever my friends and I got too boisterous for her taste she told us we were acting “loud and common”. She was born in 1884, grew up in/near Chicago – a contemporary of your mother perhaps?

  43. Ruth Anne: Dad was b. in 1878 nr St. Louis, MO, Mom [his 2nd wife; first had died] in 1892, in Bay St. Louis, MS. They met in the NYC area in ’20 or so. Decided in late 1928 they were well enough off to afford a kid. They were wrong. I was b. about 3 wk. after Black Tuesday.


  44. emb: How many of us would have been born if all parents waited until they could “afford” a kid? My parents were married in 1928; my brother was born in 1939 and I in 1949.

    For the readers in the Village: I just came across this list – http://lithub.com/100-books-across-america-fiction-and-nonfiction-for-every-state-in-the-union/ – that could make for some interesting discussions. I like the cover art as much as the choice of titles.

  45. Rescuing cats, I just saw a cat bag advertised on line.

    I have evacuated for hurricanes and one wild fire. My pets all went with me. If not, I couldn’t leave them.

  46. Mark, I felt like squeezing out a few nostalgic tears when I saw those nifty onion bags.

    Ruth Anne, I am going to take a good look at your book list; it looks promising. Thank you, and thanks to Mark also.

  47. They, before the Depression, both had paying jobs, and they had enough for Mom to quit hers. What they had in reserve, of course, were securities that became worthless. Dad, too old at 51 to be an attractive hire, was out of work most of the time from late ’29 until WWII. He was still working as a machinist at age 75, having put so little into SS. Peace,

  48. Dearest Ghost, you have certainly filled in a large gap in my knowledge bank. Good grief, had no idea of any of this. I’ve led a very quiet life; good thing really!

  49. P.S. Dad had 3 kids by his first wife, who died when their youngest was 9 or so. All my half-sibs were old enough to be my parents. And Mom was 37 when I was born, in 1929 pretty old for a primipara. So it was really a decision for them.

  50. When do I get my Kickstarter campaigns rewards? Or are you planning on just keeping my $250.00? Any communication at all would be helpful.

  51. Good morning Villagers….

    Jackie, lived in Corpus for 14 years…absolutely heart breaking. Loved to take the ferry ride over to Padre from Port Aransas to Aransas Pass (also at that time they were building “Bullwinkle” the biggest off shore oil rig…now we’re going back some 40 years here. Left CC in ’87.

    Miss Charlotte…taking Dad to heart doctor on Tuesday and I AM going to get him back into rehab/exercising…he thinks just walking around here is exercising. His appetite is going down his and all he wants is sweets…..made the mistake and bought some Nutella….not good, but you know what, you only live once.

    Nice truck Jackie and GR…and good names pilgrims 😉

  52. Glad you are back Debbe. Do not keep watching hurricane news. It is devastating and so sad. I could not recognize anything in Port Aransas .

    They say every boat in marina sank, even 65 foot ones. There were millions of dollars there.

    Obviously our show in October is cancelled. I have not heard if Farley Boat Works, the school and museum, is there. My friends got out mostly.

  53. An old friend from long ago has died, Jay Thomas, although that was not his name when we were in school together. Houston is having a very bad time. We have been very fortunate here. The sun is shining and there is only a very slight occasional breeze. Harvey could possibly go back into the Gulf and come this way so I will be watching. Other than rain, rain, rain there are no predictions being made at this point. The NWS is calling this unprecedented.

  54. Concerned about sandcastler™ and Loon. Jackie tells me he is not on Book of Faces, but he is apparently on Twitter. If any Villagers hear from him there, please let us know.

  55. Mark,

    We have camped in the Pioneer RV park (the one in your video) many times over the past 20 years. There are normally 100+ campers located there semi-permanently. I hope that most were empty. So far no reports of numerous fatalities, so at least the people that stayed could find shelter somehow.

  56. Jackie is hearing from other friends in Houston that the first floors of their homes are flooded, cars are under water, and water rescues are underway in subdivisions all over the area. Just saw a report from State of Texas that 316,000 are without power NOT including the City of Houston. Houston PD Chief has announced there are more than 10,000 people awaiting rescue, just in Houston.

    This is turning into a disaster beyond belief. Jackie says that even when she lived in Houston over 20 years ago, experts had been saying for years that if such massive rainfall occurred over areas with so much concrete and asphalt coverage, this would happen. Unfortunately, they seem to have been correct.

  57. Was watching TWC almost continuously – yesterday, not much today yet. SE Houston already had over 22″ of rain at 2 a.m. CDT this morning, with five more days of significant rain to come. That’s incredible. Here’s hoping TWC is wrong on that five day prediction…wrong in the right direction, that is.

  58. Nees from Houston seems to worsen although my friends seem to be keeping a sense of humor. I cannot turn on television, it works, I don’t so well. I am trying to stay positive to face my own issues.

    Ghost is so supportive. We went to eat sushi and he ordered things he thought I’d eat, pretty generic, I am no sushi lover. Then he let me eat fried bananas and fried ice cream. It has been 45 years since I ate fried ice cream.

    I remember the chef running out of kitchen to tell me he’d learned to make a fantastic new desert and he wanted me to try it! Now you can eat it for $3.75 in McAlester, Oklahoma!

    Ghost and I are taking a sushi cooking class in Tulsa soon. Or he will have to take a date?

  59. The one thing I dislike about Bullet (the Ford Explorer) is that if you drop an item into the gap between a front bucket seat and the center console, it disappears into one of the floor areas under the seats, the area I call “The Black Hole”. If I’m lucky enough to see it drop down there I can retrieve it, although it requires stopping and exiting the vehicle, and then performing a half-back-gainer-in-the-tuck-position-with-a-two-and-a-half-twist-like maneuver to do it. (I got an 8.95 on the last one I performed; it would have been higher, but the Russian judge only gave me a 5.7 score.)

    So I went looking on the InterWebNet and found just the thing to remedy this problem. After reading this description… “Do you often in the car because of falling debris (French fries, bread, biscuits, phone, tissue, key, etc) and hard to remove if you feel annoyed, because the car no more storage space to place the pants pocket belongings and feel uncomfortable, now this product in the protection of car seat leather not subject to wear and fundamentally solve these problems”…I’m sure it will solve the problem. It even says so in the description. I think.

    And if unfortunately working doesn’t that, to the InterWebNet back looking to will I go.

  60. I just now saw Mark’s jokes from yesterday. Still laughing. I don’t know anyone in Texas area that was hit by Harvey, I haven’t been able to watch hurricane coverage for quite some time. Been through a couple when I lived in Louisiana. Never close enough to worry about the storm surge. I think the flooding beats out the hurricane winds. Hoping Harvey dies out soon.

  61. Good morning Villagers…..

    Laura, just don’t think it’s going away for awhile. Look at the storm track and it’s moving northward….I’m sure SIN will feel what’s left over by the time Friday gets here.

    Need to do some cleaning….been seeing a couple of those dust bunnies. Better get it today, as tomorrow is busy.

    GR, not only has the Sandman been MIA, but I am worried about Smigz…she’s not posted here in a long time. Miss her.

    Need Ian to prop a ladder up against the pear tree to reach the ripe ones higher up…love those fresh pears. They go good with cottage cheese.

    later gators…..

  62. Falcon still there, but just shat. Will likely fly off soon.

    c x-p: Perry Bible Fellowship is quite explicit. He’s a mouse and she’s a sprite, not a true human. Therefore, it’s not bestiality, I guess, but what do I know? Any ordained sorts out there?


  63. Looks like it’s time to stir things up a little with a couple of jokes from the ‘Net:

    Blessed Are The Red-Necked

    “What’s wrong, Bubba?” asked the pastor.

    “I need you to pray for my hearing,” said Bubba.

    The pastor put his hands on ?Bubba’s ears and prayed. When he was done, he asked, “So how’s your hearing?”

    “I don’t know,” said Bubba. “It isn’t until next Tuesday.”

    A Priest, A Minister, A Rabbi And A Bear

    A priest, a minister, and a rabbi want to see who’s best at his job. So each one goes into the woods, finds ?a bear, and attempts to convert it. Later, they all get together. The priest begins: “When I found the bear, I read to him from the catechism and sprinkled him with holy water. Next week is his first Communion.”

    “I found a bear by the stream,” says the minister, “and preached God’s holy Word. The bear was so mesmerized that he let me baptize him.”

    They both look down at the rabbi, who is lying on a gurney in a body cast. “Looking back,” he says, “maybe I shouldn’t have started with the ?circumcision.”

  64. Funny jokes.

    I am packing for a couple days in Tulsa. Ghost has discovered why I do not make early morning appointments and if forced to, why I check into motel in Tulsa.

    I promised to bring clothes only requiring one set of accesories! Southern women often require a luggage trailer and a shoe suitcase!

  65. Not really. Jackie’s last overnight out-of-town stay required only a large purse, two large tote bags, a makeup kit and a medicine bag. And a few hanging garments.

  66. ????? are closely related to !!!!!, and mean just as much.

    The dreadful thing is that both L, R, and non-political outfits that want you to sign letters to senators and such often have garbage like that in the letters. Only sometimes can you edit them.

    Commonly, such letters begin, ‘I am writing to urge you to sponsor S. ###…’ Do they really be told that I am writing? It’s a missive, right? It reduces to ‘Please sponsor S. ###…’ Being senators, many of them probably know what DOD stands for, so ‘Department of Defense (DOD) …’ reduces to ‘DOD …’.

    Willy Strunk rules! Peace,


  67. Just discovered that it’s possible (and easy) to change my screen name on Flickr. Since I haven’t been the Lyman Library Lady for two years, I guess it’s time 🙂

    By the way, there are captions on the pictures, although most need no explanation.

  68. Debbe had to bookmark the pastas. When I feel less lazy and more adventurous I will try some of them. Right now struggling with sick, hope it is not what my granddaughter had, which was strip throat. I’m too old to fight that off easy. Already lost my voice. Matches losing my mind I guess.

  69. Whoops! I goofed, forgot I was watching older footage via the red line at the bottom. Of course, you can do that, too. Warning: for some, like me, it’s addictive.


  70. Finally, after all too many months, I picked out a four-month-old tom kitten (already neutered) at the local animal shelter (no kill, since 2014) and brought him home Saturday afternoon. At first, there was a baby gate to keep my sister’s dog from getting too close, not because she’s aggressive, but so that the kitten could get used to the dog’s offers of friendship safely. By bedtime, the gate was gone. Sunday, I was still trying to work out what his name should be, when Marcia suggested that since he was a brown tabby with black spots, he should be named Leo. I was already starting to think that way too, but picked Leopold! as his formal name, and Leo for short. (Let’s see who’s the first one here to work out why the exclamation point is there.) He’s 5 pounds, and you can see a picture of him at http://www.zeff.us/Leopold!.jpg if you’re interested.

  71. It’s been a while since I’ve watched Old Faithful erupt. If you’re curious, it’s at:


    Old Faithful Geyser is predicted to erupt at 8:45pm ± 10 minutes Mountain Time on August 28, 2017.
    Old Faithful Geyser is predicted to erupt at 9:45pm ± 10 minutes Central Time on August 28, 2017.

    Which means it’ll be happening during sunset and may be extra spectacular with the reddish sun (Montana’s enduring multiple wildfires).

  72. Ruth Anne, I haven’t lived in Royal Oak for nearly 2 years, but I still tell people that is where I am from (at least as an adult). You will always be the Library Lady even if it is emeritus. Now can you officially say that it is Emeritus? I’ll let wiser heads decide that!

  73. A nice distinction, to which I have no objection. It gets nasty, however, when some male chauvinist pig [I believe it was a member of Congress] asks some LLB or LLD if she is a ‘lawyeress’? Happened sometime in the last decade or two. When it comes to college grads, I just use ‘alum’ and ‘alums’.


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