Busted Blush

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This is the “edgy” humor that earned me a reputation in the old days. I never saw it coming really; I was just trying to do “married” humor. By the way, the blush color on Janis’ face in the last panel was added this morning by me. When this strip ran in 1991, all daily comic strips were black and white. Readers were adept at transcribing comic strip shorthand. The little lines around her lower face indicated to all that she was blushing. Or had a five-o’clock shadow.

About those t-shirts. Developing my own line of clothing is proving to be more problematic than I imagined. The trick is to order the correct amount of shirts while juggling colors, styles and sizes. Failure would mean not just financial loss but that I might face the prospect of wearing a new A&J t-shirt every day for the rest of my life. Quel horreur! So, here’s probably what’s going to happen. There will be one style offered initially, the arloandjanis.com logo, the car art. I hope to learn a lot from sales of the car shirt. I really expect it all to proceed well, and other designs will follow quickly. I’m just hedging my bets while I learn my way around the world of haute couture. Remember, I really am doing this myself. Like an idiot.