Earth to Humans!

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I messed up! I was going to run this cartoon from five years ago on Earth Day, which was yesterday. I’m not going to worry very much about that, though, for every day is Earth Day. Notice I don’t say, “should be Earth Day.” Every day is “Earth day.” Our little space rock will keep on spinning, will keep on warming and cooling and probably hosting some form of life as long as the water holds out. Whether that life is human matters not one whit to the planet. It is our conceit that once a year we pat Earth on the crust and make vague well-meaning promises about taking care of it. I’m not saying Earth Day is a bad thing, and I’m certainly not saying we shouldn’t try to protect and preserve the world as we know it. I’m only saying it is humanity in the balance. Not Earth. If we truly believed that, every day would be Earth Day, but we don’t. What we truly believe is that we have a right to exist on our own terms, and if fouling our nest is necessary, Earth simply will adjust. At least we have that last part right.