Speaking of the late Granny


We have to tie up some loose ends, then we’ll get off the Wyeth case. So Kitty in the Window wasn’t an Andrew Wyeth painting at all. What was it, and where did it come from? I couldn’t tell you this yesterday, because, despite wasting a couple of hours in the effort, I could not find the image again on the internet. I searched every combination of Wyeth, Andrew, cat, window, painting, photograph that I could imagine. Nothing. Being stubborn and a world-class waster of time, I tried again yesterday afternoon and, lo! I found it within minutes.

Kitty in the Window (my title) is a photograph taken in Westport, MA, by Frieda Squires, a photographer for The Providence (RI) Journal. The caption mentioned its Wyethesque qualities, hence it turned up in my original search. The photograph appeared on The Journal’s Web site in March, 2008, as you can see for yourself.