Magical Mystery Pour

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A good cartoon for most Monday mornings, the above classic A&J has particular significance for me today. I love having my coffee fresh and hot when I arise in the morning, and since I’m always the first to arise I depend on Mr. Coffee’s automatic feature. So, I was lying in bed reading last night, about to go to sleep, when the power blinks off: not one of those, “Oh! Maybe everything wasn’t thrown off!” blinks, but a good two minutes of darkness. My first thought was of the coffee pot. No fresh coffee waiting for me in the morning! I know, I know. I could have gotten my lazy tokus out of bed and reset the clocks, but that wasn’t going to happen. Better to curse the darkness than reprogram the coffee pot, I always say. Tokus. Another of those great Yiddish words we southerners probably wouldn’t know if it hadn’t been for all those terrific vaudeville and borsch-belt comedians who practically invented television programming in our youth.