The whine list


The transition to Apple has not gone smoothly. My new laptop (Is that what they’re calling the smaller fold-up computers these days?) is elegant. I like it! It’s fast and simple, once I learned my way around. I was having lots of fun playing with it, but I was having the devil’s own time working with it. Of course, my older Windows-related software I’d been using literally for a decade was useless. I expected that. However, I did not expect how problematic it would be to replace it all. I know: the problem was mostly me. Still, there was a problem.

It’s all solved now though, knock on wood, and I’ll have to hand it to Apple for providing the solution. Now, some of you aren’t going to like this, but this is what I did. The Mac operating system, “Snow Leopard” (Think “Windows 7,” etc.), includes a program called “Boot Camp” which enables the user (eschewing technical terms) to install Windows right there on one side of the hard drive, so I can toggle back and forth between my Mac and what appears as my familiar PC-based computer, with all my old work-related paraphernalia. So, I have the best of both worlds. Or I think I do. Someone may have mentioned this in our earlier discussions, but I was too green for it to register. Thanks anyway.