Wake-up call


I said we were going to talk about Facebook. Several of you have already weighed in, and that’s all right. It has been suggested already that Facebook is so yesterday. Twitter seems to be where it’s at today.

I mainly became aware of Facebook, because I kept receiving email messages that so-and-so had invited me to be a Facebook friend. Some of these people I knew, some I did not. Of course, I had to open my own Facebook account to “approve” of these friends and to learn what it’s all about. That fact alone did not sit well with me.

My first (and recurring) thought was, “Why would I want dozens, hundreds, of people conveying their thoughts to me?” As you know, I have my hands full already with postings and email from you guys here. That isn’t to say this Web site is more trouble than it’s worth. It isn’t; it’s great. That led me to think, “Maybe there’s something to be gained from Facebook after all.” I’m reluctant to mention this, but arloandjanis.com isn’t all fun and good times. It is, I admit, a passive public-relations tool for the work of yours truly. So, maybe Facebook could be useful?

Then, there’s the privacy aspect. Your information goes to your friends, which in turn goes to their friends? I dunno. It’s like a virus! Anyway, these are my thoughts on Facebook. Let’s have yours.