Talking Baseball

In honor of the start of baseball season, aka “the playoffs,” here are two real oldies from 1990, featuring young Gene. As you probably know by now, there’s a bit of weirdness going on in the current Arlo & Janis. Sometimes, I just have to get a little weird, especially when things are in a bit of a rut. It seems to help. Some readers hate these flights of fancy, and others enjoy them. I’ll just say, I hope you’re enjoying the week-long take on cats. I had meant to give credit where credit is due within the strip itself, but deadlines and the usual last-minute discombobulation overtook me. Much but not all of the information I used in the cat strips came from the excellent two-part episode “The Story of Cats,” from the long-running Nature program on PBS. I hope they don’t mind.

6 thoughts on “Talking Baseball”

  1. Explore has a webcam, The Naledi Cat Eye, near a pond in S Afr. Thought that was the pond’s name, but turns out the cam is at the eye level of a leopard, to give viewers a different perspective.
    Jerry, hope your cat will be ok.

  2. Update on Cilla: She has a very rare type of glaucoma. We are to put drops in her eye 4 times a day. She’s being a good girl and it doesn’t seem to be bothering her. It may come down to surgery or letting her go. Sorry, had to stop for a few. I’m 70 now and don’t drive anymore. I sold the convertible, but I can’t let the other one go. I tend to think now of what I could have and should done but I remind myself that it’s never wrong, and never too late, to do the right thing.

  3. Jerry I sold my beautiful almost undriven Mustang. I cannot drive because of pain meds for cancer. I understand totally. My dream boat is someone elses dream in Washington state. Things are not so bad but our fur babies are not things. I understand. Love, jackie

  4. Jimmy I am enjoying the cats. Your take is intriguing. I will post a note about how ONE man almost killed all the cougars and came close to making them extinct. There is connection of course to where I am from. My mom thought he was a super hunting hero whereas I thought he was a sorry piece of subhuman.


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