Talking Rainfall

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Remember Curiosity, the rambling one-ton Mars rover? Remember how we commented on the ingenious Rube Goldberg (a cartoonist!) method of delivering the car-sized piece of equipment to the Martian surface, the rocket-supported sky crane? Well, here’s the really amazing part to me: that landing was August 5, 2012, almost a year ago! Where does the time go? Speaking of technology, I’ve been upgrading around here: a faster cable modem and a newly positioned more powerful router. My laptop and my TV streaming are spinning in greased grooves, but old reliable, the desktop tower in my office, has gone from an Ethernet connection to a wireless USB stick. It’s an old Dell having to learn new tricks, poor thing. So far, so good! That is, by the way, my excuse for missing yesterday’s post. And speaking of time flying, today’s classic comic strip is from 10 years ago this week.