Taste Testy

January 29, 2010

I’m running late today, because of considerations outside this blog (aka, That’s life!). In the past, it was days such as this I’d take the course of least resistance and not post anything at all. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to break myself of that habit and post something on days when you’ve come to expect it, so I hope you’ll be forgiving when I have to drop off an old cartoon and run.

13 thoughts on “Taste Testy”

  1. Thanks for the Tulsa weather advisory, Mark. We scrubbed the mission and were able to reschedule for late tomorrow afternoon, since it was just a blood draw for labs. Hopefully, the ice and/or snow will be “worn out” on the main drags by then, if not actually melted.

  2. Apparently, the moderator cannot read IMMIGRANT[!!] letters from this Comments box. That ? above was a capital Theta. Use Theta for Thur. and Sigma for Sun., thus 7 different single letter abbrev. for days of the week. If we had an 8-day week, as we might if an ancient had written down her observation that a faint but visible “star” moved, thus giving us 8 “planets” [= wanderers], it might be named Uraniday, abbrev. U.
    Wrote a 6-installment piece of cardboard character* fiction around how we got “our 8-day week” in the Bemidji Pioneer a few years back. *Except for Raki, the Aspberger’s [sp?] Anatolian girl who observed Uranus and figured out a roughly Copernican layout for the solar system some 10,000 years ago, before what is today widely assumed to be the real event that gave rise to later tales of a world-wide flood. She lived to be 80, and I cried when she gently died.

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