Team Spirit

Team Spirit

In for a penny, in for a pound. We’ll wrap up this week with yet another old A&J hinting at the, um… “rich” inner life of Janis. After all, football season is just around the corner. I’ll try to throw in at least one post over the weekend, but you know how that can go. It wouldn’t hurt to check back, though.

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  1. I have followed football for a very long time but have never bet on the games or engaged in Fantasy Football. I think it is because I know the game so well, but I realize that I basically can never win. My comment when asked about Fantasy Football mirrors Arlo and Janis!

    It is wonderful to be getting daily updates. Hopefully that means that you are also cranking out new strips. I think once you said that one of the the strips was inspired by something that was said here. Of course we are all so crazy, I am sure that we do indirectly.

  2. Mr. Lustig just said that he didn’t realize the typo and has “uploaded a corrected version” to the GoComics FTP site. Jimmy, how come you never talk about FTPing????

    • Unfortunately, the misspelling is still live. My guess is that Yahoo does batch updates to the website from the FTP site and once it runs the batch that is the end of it. Guessing JJ never mentions FTP either because it is just a background process and not significant to him, OR there are multiple ways to upload and he uses something else.

      One of the problems of having been in technical support is you start building a process where you think about what could go wrong. Then you have to figure out how to fix it. It does make me a pretty good beta-tester, though.

  3. These days I get lost walking around the house (why did I come in this room? so it’s not surprising that I had to enlist the help of my better half to track you down and I’m still not sure where I am. I’ll try to check in more often. What prompted me to drop in today was a random thought, since that’s the type that I have these days. Has JJ ever actually put the red cobra in the strip or is it more of an Arlo daydream ? If so, it’s probably best to keep it there. As a man who has two old classics that he doesn’t drive I should know. I think that I hear a loud Amen from the kitchen. Later.

  4. And I still don’t know how you find the most recent comments. If anyone cares to explain please explain it like I’m three years old with pictures would help. On second thought do it like I’m 70 please.

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