Late fall is beginning to arrive around here. After several days of blustery wind and rain, bright blue skies and seasonably cool temperatures finally have arrived. I’ll be driving again today, and it’s looking like conditions will be excellent. In my opinion, we’re due for a milder winter; the past three have been harsh by our admittedly low standard. I guess that’s about all the news around here. Be sure to come back soon!

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  1. Looks to me like the “tee” will have the sports car as a theme…I am glad because I have a Bullitt Mustang…the “tee” will go great with my road trips!

    Let me know how and when to order Jimmy.

  2. Thanks for the explanation, Anonie. Now I get it…there is an attempt underway to elect an SOB President. By the way, that’s been tried before.

    Yes, it appears quite obvious there is a wheeled vehicle of some sort on the the shirt…provided you enlarge the image, rotate it 180 degrees, and flip it horizontally. 🙂 Of course, most of us could have probably guessed that without the photographic hint. And that’s fine…if I wear it to the range, it will be a Tacticool tee shirt.

  3. Wait, these are artisan tee shirts! Where’s the huge multi armed monster that prints 200 per second for Wally World in third world nations, leading me to believe my son in law was with CIA and the tee shirts were a cover?

  4. That’s the same silk screening method used in 1961 when I created four color plate colored cartoons for football program covers. Make that 1960, I was a junior.

  5. Yep, I’m pretty sure you’re right Ken. I zoomed the screen and you can see Arlo’s cowlick between the spread fingers of the artist, and Arlo’s legs sticking out away from the car at the bottom of the picture, just like the one at the top of this page.

  6. Just to put it in perspective, almost from the day the “sports car” illustration first appeared at the top o’ the blog, there were calls* for tee shirts, coffee cups and mouse pads with it on them. Well, one out of three, almost eight years later, ain’t bad, I suppose. And hey, creating pent-up demand for a product is a valid marketing technique. 🙂

    *OK, more like “demands”.

  7. I wonder if, at future book signings, Jimmy will be besieged by braless female groupies (not to mention any names) clad in A&J tee shirts, wanting them autographed in a strategic location (or locations), while they are wearing them. And I wonder if that occurred to Jimmy.

  8. My vision is not a strong point, but the image shown being worked with seems to have the title right side up while the vehicle image is inverted [as we look at it]. Perhaps this is just using materials effectively, with the title to be applied in a second operation rather than at the same time as the vehicle image.

  9. c-exp, It would appear that the title will be below the car when the shirt is worn. Look at the graphic at the top of the page and imagine the car sitting on top of the logo. And there you have it.

  10. Don’t know how modern silk screen works but when I did it in 60s each color took a separate separation design and each applied in an individual ink application.

    Hey, it isn’t bras I leave off! Think that is someone else? But maybe in interest of art?

  11. Quick check in. Just found out I will be buying more clothes. 🙂

    The wait for new tires for Herbie was two hours. I opted to drop him off and get some housework finished. Now, Herbie is listed as one of the many, many vehicles (20+) on my cousin’s account, as is my aunt’s. There have been multiple attempts to get the correct car listed with the correct owner. It never works. The bright-eyed kid behind the counter swore he would fix it and make it right. We ultimately just changed my phone number. (Remember that.) Four hours later, I realize I hadn’t received a call to get my car. I call them, and yes, Herbie is ready. Picking up the warranty/bill of sale, I discovered why I never got the call. My cousin is listed as the primary owner, my aunt the secondary. The address is my old apartment, and the primary phone ….. was my old apartment landline. Sigh. Then again, my aunt’s car is listed by my cousin’s name, her address, but under my mobile number. Fun stuff.

  12. Sorry you are having more troubles Mindy. I’ve got car problems now too. I just got my belts changed, oil changed and tires balanced and rotated last Saturday to the tune of just over $300. Tonight I took it out for the second time since it was serviced and the electrical system started acting up. I’ve seen this act before. Got it in a parking lot and parked, deader than Hector. Alternator replacement, here we come.

  13. GR6, with Jimmy being a big time cartoonist. Having his own merchandise line. If he starts doing road trips, he could take a page from the rock star handbook and autograph what lies under the tee.

  14. I was in Pensacola yesterday when a waterspout was reported off shore at Destin. Judging by the way it was raining at the time, that’s very plausible. I think the weather even effected my turn-by-turn GPS navigation system…I was trying to find a particular restaurant location, and it sent me to a “Sounds-like-Woes” parking lot…twice. Earlier in the day, it had attempted to send me to, literally, the wrong state.

    On my RTB, the rain had indeed moved out, only to be replaced by thick fog and darkness. Reminded me of back in the day, when I’d get called out in the middle of the night to make a hotshot trip to Deepest South Florida; arrive and land in early the morning fog; and dodge thunderstorms during my afternoon return flight. Ah, the good old days, when life was simple and its problems were clear-cut.


  15. Mindy, that car could get someone in trouble. Know a guy who got his car towed and impounded over unpaid parking tickets. Car with the tickets belonged to his ex. She never changed the registration and was parking allover Chicago merrily collecting tickets.

  16. sand, I thought I’d mention…when having dinner (not in a parking lot) last night prior to my return trip, I struck up a friendly conversation with my server (OK, I was flirting with her; so sue me). I thought I recognized her accent, so I asked, and sure enough, she is a Russian émigré. She made me promise to come see her the next time I was in town, so I thought about saying “Do svidaniya!” as I was leaving, but with my pronunciation, I feared she might have thought I was saying, “I’d like to get into your pants next time.” Although, on refection, that might have been a good move. 😉

  17. sand: The girl with the dog and tattoo has attached ear lobes. Nothing abnormal, to my knowledge. Seem to remember it in old texts as a simple recessive, but there’s lots of variation among unattached ear lobes. Best do a search. Peace, emb

  18. sandcastler™ – The only person Herbie gets in trouble is me. The mixup is limited to the tire place’s database. Unless all three of us are getting our tires changed at once, we are fine. Even if we were, and they did, it is no big deal – we’ve swapped vehicles before. My aunt and I drove my cousin’s Charger to Austin for his daughter’s wedding, and drove his Ram back.

    Mark – Not really troubles, just mild exasperation. It happens there every time. Sorry about your alternator, getting those replaced isn’t cheap either.

  19. Good morning Villagers….

    Brrr…it’s 28 degrees on my front porch…arrgghhhh!!!! Just called the hen house and it’s 62 degrees inside….that’s good.

    So GR 😉 ….you did leave a tip, right? And not the one “brush your teeth, comb your hair, and don’t go out with cowboys” tip.

    Mark, I asked Andrew if I had that plug in for that cassette adapter, and he said no. I need to find the rest of my cassettes, and I will…someday. Good luck on that alternator $$$

    Very restless night, fretting and worrying about Dad. Sisters and I are meeting on Sunday. After yesterday at work, I was wigged out. I’ve thought about taking Saturday and Sunday off, but there’s so much prepping to do to get ready for the new flock on the 22nd of December. Taking Sunday off.

    Emb…I learned something again from you….attached earlobes. Never knew that.

    Sandcastler, yesterday it was also Meg Ryan’s birthday. Jodie Foster is one great actress, she’s going to tell who the father of her two sons are when they turn 21. I can wait.

    Old Bear…cute pic 🙂

    Glad Indy Mindy is posting….and you’re up early too!

    Jerry, you left me no donuts……

    Have a blessed day……

  20. Debbe 😉 I haven’t heard that joke, but I believe I may have figured it out. And I always give good tips. If for no other reason, Tamara will remember me for the size of my tip. 😉

    Re Meg Ryan: “I’ll have what she’s having.”

    Good luck with your dad.

  21. Debbe, I just looked in my kitchen and there are still some donuts left. You should have had Ghost drop you off on his way to P’cola. He must be on your schedule. It rained early and then was a beautiful day.

  22. Wife swears my ears don’t work. Doctor says hearing is fine. Wonder if our resident audiologist has any comments on my problem.


    Eh! What did you say?

  23. sand, my Dad called that “selective hearing disorder”. One only hears what one wants to hear. He figured that out when I was two. I could not hear my Mom telling me to pick up my toy when she was right in front of me, but I could hear Daddy asking if I wanted a piece of candy from across the room, with his back to me, and he whispered, or so the story goes.

    Ghost Sweetie, I love Ray Charles, so thanks for the song!

    Debbe, I AM that cat!

  24. Link to gocomics.com was never there on current blog. It’s on previous blog entry, if you go back. Don’t know if the photo blocked it or if it just got lost in the shuffle.

  25. I was joking about braless groupies wanting tee shirts signed while being worn (sort of…I actually consider bralessness a serious matter), but I do wonder if there would be any demand for shirts personally signed by Mr. Johnson, à la Beaucoup Arlo & Janis, the book. And if so, would that be something that Mr. Johnson might consider.

    Of course, not having seen the design of the shirt in detail, I suppose it’s possible that an autograph might be incorporated as part of said design.

  26. If aforementioned tee shirts do come in an autographed version, will they include a certificate of authenticity? Think framing of one like a sports jersey. A framed tee, along with other authentic A&J items would make a nice addition to the shrine. I can see the faithful donning their tees. Going to the A&J shrine for a daily reading from Beaucoup Arlo & Janis.

  27. Good morning Villagers….

    Oh my cat (borrowed from BCN), it’s going to be 20 degrees tonight, and I’m not going to work, lalalalalllalala 🙂 No warming the car up.

    But the high will be 40. Dad has a small room in his garage and that’s where he’ll be putting the cats while I set off 4 Raid bombs. I’m glad I called him last night, as I told my younger sister to call the vet and have him sell dad two additional Frontline tubes that you put on cats in-between their shoulders….he was going to put them on the kitten that the vet had just treated!

    While the fogging is taking place, we’ll be at my other sister’s home…..talking. I pray he listens. He’ll be 84 on December 10th, and the only way he will leave his house will be head first.

    On a much brighter note, Andrew and I spent over $300 at $ General yesterday afternoon….hen house supplies, and of course the Raid bomb accidentally got scanned 🙂 It’s much better this way, we do the shopping once every 6 weeks instead of every two. I really don’t enjoy it. Packing it in and all.

    Glad so many of you can identify with the lolcat pic…that’s funny

    Indy Mindy, will check out link tomorrow, when I have more time….Gal’s comment has peeked my interest…..

    and a happy Caterday to all

  28. Debbe: “Oh my cat (borrowed from BCN), it’s going to be 20 degrees tonight, and I’m not going to work, lalalalalllalala 🙂 No warming the car up. But the high will be 40.”

    At 0611, it’s 14F here, pred. hi 22F. Ground covered w/ 1″, but strong winds yielded drifts, so they had to plow. So? It’s late Nov.

    Hope W will be drivable, or I’ll miss TG w/ my older son.

    Peace, emb

  29. Debbe 😉 In case you missed the back-story: “Wilson Phillips is an American vocal group consisting of Carnie Wilson, Wendy Wilson, and Chynna Phillips, the daughters, respectively, of Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys and of John and Michelle Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas.” – Wikipedia

    Ironically, day before yesterday, I saw a new Geico commercial that is described as: “On this sunny day, Carnie Wilson stands on her driveway dealing with a tree that just fell on top of her car. As she is told to hold on during her phone call and starts to hear “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips play, Flo turns up from out of nowhere to give Carnie some advice… mostly in the form of lyrics to the song. Flo then proceeds to explain how Progressive’s mobile app can make everything easier, so she won’t have to be locked up in these chains.


  30. Thanks Mindy. I’ll try not to complain about my typing, for awhile. Debbe, your link led me to a sidebar about music for cats. It was interesting because our cats have always liked music as well as watching tv.

  31. Someone doesn’t know about Wilson Phillips?

    GR6, thanks for educating her, can’t have our villisge residents looking like idiots. Heaven forbid that we should appear to be old and cloistered.

  32. Most of you probably know. In case some don’t, polar bears are Arctic, penguins Antarctic [some get up into S. Temp zone]. Also, bears run lots faster than penguins.

    Some time, maybe in the Miocene or Pliocene, there was a giant flightless auk the size of an Emperor Penguin or larger.

    Peace, emb

  33. We do all know who the Mama’s and Papas and Beach Boys are, right?.

    Slowly losing weight still and documenting what I eat on Facebook which makes me make thoughtful choices and works better than a food diary. Photos don’t lie. I don’t know how to Photoshop anything.

    Am down to my smallest size in over six years and lowest weight in ages. In fact I am smaller than any of the stored clothes so most are being given away. I don’t remember most.

    Plus going through boxes and boxes of my late mother in law and my mother, also being given away. It goes to a local church run charity called God’s Helping Hands of whom I have been a major donor for many years. I like to know there isn’t a board and expenses between me and the recepients. Love.

  34. Giada has more of a “shelf” than a “ledge”, I’d think, Anonie. Or, perhaps more properly, a “spice rack”. Although very petite ladies tend not to be that busty (you may know some exceptions), I’d guess “real”. Even if they’re not, they’re still real nice.

    Proud that you are still on track toward your goal.

  35. GR6, and what about the posing of the pic, so the words “touch me” appear over her right shoulder? Talk about asking for trouble! Was 45 the age or the measurement?

  36. About small women, I am trying to get down to that “handful ” category but it is going to depend on the size of your hands I would think. I dug through some old stored items and was shocked to find some upscale nice lace bras. They are still perfect, we will see if they fit with the weight loss?

    AM smaller than either daughter now but only an inch or too taller than they. We will see if anything is worth saving among stored clothes, they look too big already but some of new ones are too. Luckily I like loose clothes best.

    Although I really HAVE jumped the shark with the metallic python jeggings unless that was a shipping error? I wake up in middle of the night and buy things, perhaps in my sleep?

    Really don’t miss football at all but I hear Oklahoma has a contender for national championship? Did we win?

  37. 45 is the age. I’d guess the other is 45 minus 10. (She’s about 5’2″ and I’d guess 115 in the buff.

    ::Pauses for hyperventilation::

    Anonie, your central heat is still out? AccuGuesser says 23 for your low tonight.

  38. Ghost, nice picture, but I wouldn’t want to be seen with her. Not while she’s wearing (?) that dress. It reminds me of my first visit to Bourbon Street. Once you’ve seen two….

  39. Anonie, #7 Oklahoma has a 9-1 record, but #4 Oklahoma State is 10-0. And #2 Ohio State (previously undefeated) lost today. So if either OU or OSU wins tonight, they should move up.

  40. Debbe 😉 and Jean dear, AccuGuesser says it will be 20 and 33 on your respective front porches tomorrow morning. I can offer warm thoughts, if that will help. 😉

  41. So Herbie got new tires on Thursday, and tonight on my way home, his serpentine belt gets knocked off by all this damn snow – just like it did last year. Mercifully this year, one sad sounding phone call later convinced my cousin to come down and replace it. In the dark. In the cold. In the snow. And standing in a massive slush puddle. I had flashlight and tool handing duty. Much to my cousin’s dismay, he forgot the correct belt configuration. There is no longer a diagram under the hood for reference. And because Herbie is a one-off, the Internet wasn’t very helpful. Almost two hours later, the belt finally spun correctly. Yay!

    Herbie is nominally a 1992; however, he has parts from ’91 and ’93 model years – factory assembled. I learned long ago to bring the part I am replacing whenever possible. One of these days I plan on calculating the exact assembly date – Herbie has to either a end of model year, holiday, or Friday/Monday car.

  42. Well, that kills the garden and flowers I guess. Didn’t look good a little while ago.

    Yes, Ghost, central heat is waiting for its caretaker to show to replace part and do annual cleaning and cold weather check. It’s a warm house and we’ll insulated and I have electric heaters but I forgot to ask minions to locate them. They went and bought covers and insulated all the outdoor plumbing and,faucets for me just now.
    The back half oh house has it’s own central heat and air so Glen isn’t going to freeze if he has it on yet?

    I could have used him shooting some body today, they stole my beautiful compass rose off the new fence and tried to get the giant Texas stars off as well, bent them up in half. I am disgusted and back to thinking about electrifying the fence. Hate thieves and vandals. We had them screwed in with multiple screws to prevent.

    Need to bring in cats. Two are down cuddled on the fainting couch at foot of bed. I am missing several yet.

  43. That is what I had thought about but I’d hate to accidentally shock someone but I would not mind electrocuting the thieves.

    This is why I was never chosen for juries. I would smite them all down.

  44. You cannot accidentally shock someone who is trespassing on your property and trying to remove something attached to your fence if the only thing electrified is the object of the theft, in my opinion. If the whole fence was electrified, then you chance shocking wildlife, your own animals and anyone who comes in contact with the fence, including yourself or your employees. Maybe you should have your K-9 officer put up some warning signs of his own. Mount some used firing range targets on the fence. Ones with lots of good hits.

  45. I was really sorry he wasn’t around. Another neighbor two doors down says we are having steady traffic again that drives down that street (he lives on street I back up to) and they turn at the corner of his house and return steadily which probably means someone down there is dealing.

    He can’t figure it out as he says our street is long time and mainly older people. This is the ski-doo and golf cart dealer who I bought my golf cart from that got stolen. Turns out his mechanic was one of firemen who responded to the burned cart. He said they burned down half the woods with the acceleration they used.

    Lovely lake living.

  46. Anonie, don’t be too shocked (no pun intended) to learn that some people are pond scum. Locally, a woman got busted recently for theft of flowers, plants and decorations from graves in the old-line city cemetery.

    Perhaps some tasteful signs posted at strategic locations around your property, reading…

    Trespassers and Thieves Will Be Shot.
    Survivors Will Be Shot Again.



  48. And a Good morning Villagers……

    What a great tune to hear this morning GR 😉 , thanks. And I did sleep in, finally arose at 8ish.

    And it did get down to 20 degrees last night, just called the hen house and it is a pleasant 72 degrees in there. I went back yesterday afternoon and shut some fans off at the inside toggle switch, and it worked.

    My husband just called for me to come watch the news about a little boy (3 years old) in Anchorage who had overheard his mother speaking about the homeless in that city. They even showed a clip of him crying about people sleeping on card boards. Now this little three year old has taken up the challenge of getting clothes, socks and such for these people. He even sold his elaborate, wooden train set to a friend for $20 to buy more warm clothing. The little one is very intelligent for just being three, his speech is so clear, and his emotions endearing. God bless that little boy and his Mother.

    Sandcastler, my antenna is broken off my Suzi, so I don’t get radio time…besides, what they play on the radio isn’t much to listen to. But do give me credit for knowing about the Beach Boys and the Mamas and Papas 🙂 See, as I’ve said, you learn something here everyday.

    Emb, my niece lives in Davenport and I have the city listed on Whether.com. it was a frigid 2 degrees there and about 6 inches of snow.

    Indy Mindy, I am sorry you had to endure the six inches of snow and Herbie ‘conking’ out on you. Damn girl, you do have perseverance….you have my deepest admiration.

    Well, sister #2 doesn’t want a ‘meeting’ with Dad….and I am beginning to think along her lines. I just want to keep things calm and warm. Dad is looking forward to me coming in and helping him. We’ll just either come back here, or go to sister #3 for some good old talk, and not lectures. It’s like #2 sister said….when Mom died, she thinks that is when Dad started giving up, so many time I have heard him say, “I just don’t care any more”….so we’re going to try to make him have a reason to care….baby steps, we’ll take baby steps and spoil him.

    I had bought those reflectors that you put in the ground to note the turn in to your drive way…they were shaped like a cat’s head….yeah, some A-holes stole them. My husband suggested nest time, he will wire the electric fence to one of them…if I ever replace them.

    And more good news, the stray that has been handing out here, she’s the neighbor’s cat. I stopped by there yesterday to ask if she got the eggs I dropped off. I then asked her if she had been missing Gandolf as he has been hanging around here too. Then I asked her if she knew about a yellow, slim cat….oh my Cat….it was Winnie, and she had been missing for over a month. They put her outside because she started using the top bunk as a liter box. The Dad come by last night and picked up Winnie, and is going to keep her inside…she is a very loving cat….happy ending, love them.

    gotta go, I got some bombing to do….and yes, I do still have to warm up the car.


  49. Well, just called Dad, and he’s says it’s too cold…doesn’t want to put the cats in the garage. I said ok…..some other time, Dad…then we made small talk about the weather, and the six inches of snow my niece got in Davenport….as I’ve said, baby steps…..

    AND, who’d have thunk…learned a new $50 dollar word from TDS…..terpsichorial. Boy are they fired up there…..lol

    So husband is putting fillets on the grill, kicking back, and I think there just may be a few cold ones in the fridge 🙂

  50. Debbe 😉 Yep, early this morning when I checked out today’s real-time (the best time, as usually no one on TDS has commented yet), I thought to myself, “Some of them on TDS are going to get fired up about this cartoon.” But I’ll take your word for it. 🙂

  51. All I know about the subject of today’s cartoon is that when I arrived at Millionaire Widow Lady’s condo for the weekend, I seldom got more than a few feet inside the door before she would meet me for my “hello hug”. Which, accompanied by long, slow kisses rather than music, seldom lasted less than 30 minutes, not seconds. What a great way to start a weekend!

    Janis doesn’t know what she is missing.

  52. Debbe 😀

    After about ten minutes, MWL’s eyes would start to glisten, and she would sometimes comment that her eyes were “watering”. I knew why but never told her.

    Does anyone else know? 😉

  53. Buncha horns! [Not that she never took the initiative.]

    Reminds me of a recent New Yorker cartoon. He and she are in bed, still awake and not fully lying down, he busy with his tablet, she in her spaghetti strap nightie looking a bit annoyed.

    “Touch anywhere to start.”


  54. Just checked in and first thing I read was Ghost and the widow lady. How many millions since you didn’t accept gifts do you prefer? I will let you know when I hit goal weight, lost 2 pounds in last two days.

    Actually your cemetery theft story happens a lot, florists know. My late aunt returned to cemetery to find woman stealing all the flowers from her just buried brother and standing on her late husband’s grave.

    She said “I asked her politely to stop but when she wouldn’t I whacked her with my purse until she did.” Those Southern ladies speak softly but carry big purses.

  55. Ghost, you have a way of keeping the tact in tactical. Your MWL remembrance was emotionally moving. I had to say, she knew that you knew; and that is why you had many weekends instead of just one in a string. But you knew that, too.

  56. Anonie, my response to the cemetery bandit, had it been my sister’s or father’s grave, would more likely have been, “I asked her politely to stop but when she wouldn’t I whacked her.” ::Blows smoke from barrel and re-holsters::

    Morph, I’ve always been one to know a good thing when I saw it. It was a good eight years. I miss her.

  57. Were “Guerrilla Artists” formally known as “Performance Artists”? Their “creations” have roughly the same artistic value as far as I can tell.

    Also, I’m guessing this “artist” wouldn’t qualify for a job in the stock room. But I suppose that’s why there’s an NEA.

  58. Ghost, to compound cemetery theft, many take the items for resale to other florists, including flowers and stands, vases, baskets. I consider this desecration and theft.

    I am a superb designer of funeral and cemetery pieces, both fresh and memorial silk headstone arrangements. As another aunt said while looking across cemetery at our family graves, “Jackquline Ann, no wonder yours all get stolen, they stick out all the way across the cemetary.”

    The joke among floristsome is that the family wants to view them as they drive down the road,

  59. Anonymous, what I find even worse is the low-down scum who steal the bronze vases built into the marker, and sometimes even the markers. And those who buy these things saying, I thought they were authorized to sell them for scrap, should be made to pay for replacements when the actual thieves can’t be found. Some years ago, someone stole the plaque off a statue honoring WW! soldiers in Birmingham.

  60. Dear domaucan, good for you; the only person here who remembered that awful day in 1963. Yes, I remember too, being well over 60. And what is more, I wrote down in my notebook everything about that day. I was reading it again just recently. You can forget a lot in 52 years but the painful emotions of that day in Dallas will never be forgotten.

  61. Mark, I will give you another tomb desecration I abhor, , the theft of angels, statues, crosses, fences and even tombstones for resale in antique shops, art galleries, etc. Taken from older cemeteries I imagine most.

    In Louisiana where I am from the old family country cemeteries are not protected by dedication and many are plowed under.

  62. Fox News or whomever to the contrary, it hasn’t. That should be obvious from the data at the above site.

    My item included critiques of both parties. Why should I be surprised or disturbed by a stupid Democrat? W.J. Bryan was a Democrat.

    As Stephen J. Gould [a Marxist] maintained, Bryan’s motives at the Scopes trial were good. At the time, “Social Darwinism”, which was unscientific and had little to do with Darwin’s actual theory, was being used by the well-off as an excuse to oppress not only non-whites but also the poor in general. Sad to say, some late 19th-early 20th c. scientists were also Social Darwinists. Many were, and some still are, misogynists. A few degreed scientists [mostly outside of biology, and MDs [MDs may also be scientists, but it’s not obligatory], and some engineers are creationists. Contrary to propaganda, the % of creationist and “intelligent design” creationist scientists is not increasing.

    Bryan also, I think, believed in a literal 6-day creation and such. When Darrow questioned him, he denied that man [sic] was a mammal. Maybe he shared the widespread notion that, “If you cannot believe every word in the Bible, you cannot believe any of it.” Sad, and not particularly faithful.

    Peace, emb

  63. Trucker Ron, the whole “global cooling” thing is a myth…it was a Newsweek article, not peer-reviewed literature. The scientific literature of the time did not support this conclusion, and as you might imagine, science has learnd a lot since the mid-70s at any rate. That’s the natire of the beast: continue to refine the state of the theory as more data and observations roll in. The data are simply too robust at this point to continue to ignore the obvious.

  64. Sorry, folks, but I don’t like having any sort of debates over silly things here. I’d rather talk about Janis and her wardrobe, season by season.

    I’ll just ask Rusty one question: Do you trust the satellite data which shows no significant warming in almost 2 decades or the computer models?

  65. Good morning Villagers….

    …..everything is cyclical

    And it was a good day to be off, after my last post, I thought I’d better quit before I got carried away 🙂

    GR 😉 eight years….and yes, any woman would know why her eyes ‘glistened’….it’s called love.

    Andrew and Rachael came by for a visit with the kids….forgot to mention that a couple of weekends ago, little Brooklynne Rose was my lovely assistant at work. It had been quite a while since I had seen her…but yesterday we all watched Brooklynne and Kyler wrestle on the floor and it was funny, poor Kyler lost and I mean lost his pants, she spanked him, gave him a wedgie and all the time he was laughing…..children are fun to watch playing innocently.

    Not looking forward to going into work, Andrew checked on Skittles and the other teen (he’s a cowboy wanabe), and they had the belts running on 100!!! I foresee belt rolls and egg blocks in my morning walk. I run the belt speed around 45 ti 47…..

    may your Monday be blessed…..

  66. Rusty,

    Thanks for taking care of that one supposed ‘prediction.’ The original claim was ‘flunked every prediction.’ Also, thanks for a succinct summary of what scientists do. When I’ve time [I’m in a pre-TG rush right now], I may do a short take on how good scientists behave, using a U.MI. Ann Arbor paleozoologist as an example. Don’t know him; he arrived after I got degreed there.

    It’s not our mission here to solve a scientific and social problem that science-deniers, corrupt media, some people of the cloth, and some of the 1% have made political. ‘Nuff said.

    Peace, emb

  67. Trucker, just to answer your last question: there never was a “warming pause” per se either. While sea surface temps seem to have lagged, more disturbingly (to me, anyway) is that once the oceanographic data were examined (my old background), it was found that the temp increases were happening deeper, down around 100-300 meters (still “shallow” to an oceanographer, but not “surface”). This has potentially scary and not necessarily well understood implications for ocean circulation patterns. Frankly, what is more concerning to me as a marine biology nerd is the measurable acidification of seawater due to CO2 increases and the drastic impacts this will have on the biota if it is not slowed.

    However, back to our regularly schduled and more fun discussion: 1) Can’t wait for the t-shirts and 2) I know I am not the only guy around here who would appreciate an old-school Janice “pin up” calendar…pretty sure Arlo (and GR6) would approve… 😉

  68. How is it “denying science” to point out that 3 decades of predictions (based on computer models) have failed to predict anything? Or to point out that we still have polar ice despite numerous statements to the contrary by former VP Gore?

  69. Anonymous is wearing a fedora to match her long western style duster, drape neck tunic, cable knit tunic over that layer and skinny jeans. When did hats become fashionable for women?

    Have a huge collection of caps including one that says Sexy in heavy jewels. Haven’t worn that advertising gimmick yet. UT do wear the ball caps like the Wooden Boat ones. Controls hair on windy days. Otherwise counting scarves and jewelry I have on a bunch of layers. Sorry, no pokies through the layers.

    I figure my wardrobe is better than arguing about climate change!

  70. “. . . despite numerous statements to the contrary by former VP Gore?” There are some 300 million Americans. Some are better at some things than about getting their facts and memories straight. With all Gore’s faults, I still think I voted for the lesser of two flawed candidates in that election, as did a plurality of the voters.

    Three weeks after 9/11, G.W. Bush said at a prayer service, “This conflict was begun on the timing and terms of others. It will end at a way and at an hour of our choosing.” [From a book review in the New Yorker last summer.] Well over a decade later, it has not ended. Shrub is a member of the UMC. So am I, but I’m not guilty thereby. I’m especially not guilty of the needless deaths of thousands of American military, and many more relatively innocent civilians.

    Science is not what the media tell you. Its primary literature is what is published and later confirmed, modified, or rejected in peer-reviewed journals, and also in the secondary lit., responsible, largely unbiased and unbought reports in publications such as Amer. Scientist, Quarterly Rev. of Biology, etc. Some written, sound, and video media are not as trustworthy as these

    I did not call anyone here a science denier. I do not know who did what cptr. modeling. I presume the assumptions of the modeler and the input into the model have much to do with the results. I have no expertise in cptr. modeling. I’ve read enough articles involving it over the last 2 decades to know that scientists often have to go back, rethink, revise, and maybe reject their models. I suspect that some cptr. modeling is done by folks who tailor models to insure a desired output.

    I’ll be away for a week. ‘Nuff said. Peace and happy TG, emb

  71. emb, “I’m not guilty of the the needless deaths…”. In my opinion, neither is Bush. The guilty parties, some dead, some still committing atrocities, are those who bombed the World Trade Center twice, invaded Kuwait, etc. ‘Nuff said. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, as I hope we all will.

  72. Did anyone else see the Saturday Night Live skit with Matthew McConaughey in a wig, fake eyelashes and a fur.doing the Thanksgiving dinner with the arguments between relatives and the parody of the Adele album.

    Darned funny and relative. That was a deliberate pun.

  73. I volunteer at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We get 4th graders at 10AM. We split them amongst ourselves and we get 4 – 10 kids and show them whatever we want. The only thing I ever do is Texas wildlife. We have a small case of albino animals, outside of the hall proper, it’s kind of dumb, but they were donated so we use them. Twice now I’ve had kids look at the albino raccoon and say “it’s evil”!
    ………- …….. Oh yeah, school rules are everyone gets at least ten minutes with the dinosaur bones ( we have the largest paleo hall in America, Canada has a bigger one) dinosaurs aren’t my thing but we have a second floor overlook where we can point everything out

  74. Every word is true, Mark. Plus candy trays with fudge, divinity, pralines and peanut brittle, sometimes Turtles and other homemade sweets. It’s a kick off for Christmas candy. On top of all the pies and cakes.

  75. No, Anonie, I didn’t see McConaughey in drag. (To me, SNL hasn’t been worth watching since Tina Fey and Amy Poehler left.) He wasn’t driving one of those ugly cars, was he?

    I can’t get the site to load, but if it’s about “weird things Southerners do”, I’ve probably seen them all.

  76. Of course I didn’t watch SNL in it’s entirity, just the Adele satire which of course was on Facebook.

    By the way, several people mentioned I look like Adele but not the skinny emaciated one, the one when she was a little curvier. As I had only heard her on radio and don’t read People magazine or tabloids I had to Google for photos. I do not look like the emaciated haggard Adele with no makeup.

  77. Not really very familiar with the lady, other than for the fact that a couple of years ago, one could not seem to get away from a song she was singing about wanting to be rolled over, or something. So I googled some photos, which showed her in a great number of different sizes, but none I’d call emaciated. This one from earlier this year did catch my eye, of course.


  78. Which reminds me…perhaps it’s just me, but it seems an unconscionable period of time has passed since we last spied the charming Janis in her bath. Since we have seen her there a goodly number of times in the past, I feel it now qualifies as an entitlement.

  79. Good morning Villagers….

    Gal, please, you do the same. And thank you.

    TR, you are absolutely right. It’s about family and friends..then food.

    Ian called yesterday, he’ll be home Thanksgiving Day. I’m working, but will be joining #4 sister (the one born on Christmas Day), and since she is never on time, by the time I get off work, the feeding frenzy will have started. The only one missing will be Mom, the first seasonal festivities are the roughest I think. She’ll be there in spirit though.

    Emb, you had a safe and fruitful visit with your son. Let us know when you get back.

    a blessed Tuesday on all

  80. Old Bear….whenever I start stirring around 3ish, my white cat will not leave me alone. Nothing like waking up to two of them staring at you like that 🙂

  81. Debbe 😉 Interesting connection between Chrissie and Mitch Ryder and TDW. I still have (very) fond memories of watching my favorite go-go dancers (remember them) at my favorite watering hole, working out to “Devil with the Blue Dress On.”

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