Thanksgiving, 2015

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Speaking of commercialism, I want to take a break from all that today to wish you, “Happy Thanksgiving!” If you’ve followed the comic strip or the blog for very long, you know Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. A feast with loved ones and a humble grateful heart. This simplicity and warmth make it, for me, what a holiday should be. I hope one of my awful limericks, from 2012, will serve to remind us that while the holiday comes under increasing attack from commercialism, we can fight back simply by doing as we’ve always done. I plan to do my part!

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  1. Thank you, Jimmy, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and to all who call the Village their home away from home.

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as well, although it’s becoming more and more a bitter-sweet one. I’ll be picking up Mom in couple of hours to join me for our Thanksgiving meal. It will be just the two of us this year. I always set an extra place at the table to commemorate my father, my sister, and all the other family and friends I wish could be with us but cannot. Sadly, that place represents more lost loved ones every year. “Time thou art a heartless…”, well, you know how the rest of that goes.

  2. Folks I am going back to sleep and then celebrate Thanksgiving in a unique and strange way, being thankful for all I have and have had, including the present and the past. A friend inspired me with a quote that without loss and darkness we could not appreciate the stars.

    I started with a huge pile of receipts and papers in a Chinese Koa bowl in my bedroom. I will go work on Pandora’s box in my office and do the same. Face it, toss it, file it or pay it, answer it.

    My Thanksgiving gift was my cardiovascular calling in person to apologize in person for his office staff losing my CT scan because my right carotid had gone from 40 percent blocked to over 90 percent fast. He said I had indeed had a major TIA and I have no option other than another carotid bypass immediately. Tried to schedule it but staff was already off giving thanks. I will know Monday but he said if they hadn’t lost the report I’d have had it done already.

    Not good news but he said I showed exceptional sense in staying home for a change. I’ll tell you he did agree to throw in a neck turkey wattle skin tightening as part of the deal.



  4. Hope everyone’s where they want to be today. I’m spending my first widowed Thanksgiving week in Tuscon with six people from Bayou City Outdoors ( a Houston outdoor activity adventure travel group ). Sometimes we’ll break into smaller groups and branch off. I was behind two ladies and we got off trail and before we knew it we were in a pickle, way up a cliff face when we realized OK – this is definitely not the trail, it wasn’t a short bad part that was going to get better. After bounding and clambering to that point, it wasn’t until we turned around we realized OMG what have we done? We were way up high with loose tumbling rock underfoot and had to butt scoot and be careful not to grab loose things to get back down, and cactus everywhere. There were some truly dangerous narrow ledge parts, but, oh, we can laugh about it now, maybe slightly a little. Had gelato and pizza, felt better. One of the women is into Star Trek so we had that to talk about.

  5. Anonie, I suppose that is Lesson Learned™: “Never get seriously ill or require a procedure three days prior to or after a major holiday.”

    I learned Tuesday I need a follow-up laser procedure on one of my eyes for a post-cataract-surgery related problem. So I went by the ambulatory surgery center yesterday to pre-register, only to find the door already locked at 1:30 PM. The same door with the sign informing me they would be closed Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving. Fair enough, but at least they should maintain their non-holiday schedule, perhaps?

    Take it easy, and if you have any strange feelings, see strange lights, or smell any strange odors, call 911. First responders, bless them, will be working today, as they are every day.

  6. I am thankful today and every day for my friends here in The Village. May you all be safe and warm, and where you want to be with the people you want to be with.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all and “May God bless us, every one”, as Tiny Tim said.

    Anonymous, sorry to hear the situation’s worse than you thought, but your doctor’s on top of it now. What Ghost said, too.

    And just something I find interesting, the new Pixar movie, “The Good Dinosaur” main character is named Arlo. Perhaps a fan in the studio there?

  8. Happy Thanksgiving y’all, may it be a time of counting your blessings big and small, and no matter what else is going on in your life your are blessed to live in the U.S.A. I will be going to a couple of friends house with my dear wife. We treated them to Ponderosa last year so I guess they feel like it is their turn. We are taking apple crumb pie, and a salad. I will have to settle for mashed ‘taters with gravy, and dressing, still recovering from tooth extraction. Yes it was a blessing, I had the appointment for two days after it broke anyway so I go it out quick. And I was able to talk the VA dentist into it despite a history of seizures. So yes blessed. Again count your blessing that God has given you.

  9. Had a fever of 100.7 all day yesterday. Spent nearly the entire day in bed. Got up and made my Green Bean Casserole last night and Scottish Eggs this morning. Fever broke, but starting to cough and feel like sleeping more. Told family that is was a game-time decision, but I decided to sit out today’s Thanksgiving festivities with my wife’s family.

    I really don’t mind. I am well enough to watch football and am a very picky eater. Like turkey and mashed potatoes. Most of the other stuff is not appealing. One year family substituted rutabaga so I was stuck eating turkey and roles. Oh and a bowl of whipped cream for dessert! The grocery store is open, so I might run up and get a roasted chicken and make my cranberry-orange relish.

  10. Love you all. I wish I had Sands talent, that was funny. I slept until noon, the ten pounds Adventure Dog is still curled up with his tail over his nose. I am in what some wear to Walmart, fleece pj bottoms and the replacement parts for furnace are ordered, so I may get heat. We found an electric one in meantime.

    Ordered some replacement pj’s on net, figured hospital and caretakers would approve of additional clothing. I shop daily, so I celebrate Black Friday year round. Best dressed woman for five counties, if not state. The local economy gets a boost too.

    You all have a blessed day with love and remember to keep thanks in your hearts 24/7 and 365 not just the one day. I love you all.

  11. Steve, Sorry you’re ailing. Green Bean Casserole was on my menu, also, using the original 1955 recipe Campbell’s came up with to sell more of their Cream of Mushroom Soup. Of course, it’s so simple (which was the idea) that there’s not much other way to prepare it.

    Anonie, there’s still much to be said for the classic tee shirt and panties sleep outfit, by my lights. 😉

  12. Oh, lordy. My godson wants an advance on his Christmas money to use to make a Black Friday purchase tomorrow. No problem, financially, but logistically…he is not local to me, and the money needs to go on his Wally World debit card. And I believe Black Friday starts there in less than two hours. I wonder if I should wear tactical gear…and take my tactical shotgun. Pray for me.

  13. Here’s a farewell message then Ghost to take with you to war. I sleep in same thing Marilyn did and wear knickers very, very seldom.

    May be common, I don’t have your battle experience. We’re we talking about Walmart?

  14. No canned mushroom soup in mine. Real mushrooms and half/half with flour. I doubt if any makes it home for me. Looking online and seeing what restaurants are open on Thanksgiving. Really want to get a pizza. Last night was their big night, so I don’t think anyone is open.

    I bought a big TV a week before hip replacement surgery. Wally World did a great job getting us in and out. Fortunately I was not in great pain, but my kids were with me protecting me and getting me to sit down all the time.

  15. I have never made a green bean casserole, I am older than the recipe and don’t think I have done more than taste it. I may have made mushroom bechamel saucr, love almondine and spellcheck likes neither word.

    I think I am making stir fry for afternoon. There’s a turkey breast in fridge but both ovens have spills and have no cranberries. Tragedy.

  16. GR6
    We also put a plate for those that can’t be with us.
    Was first for those that “Stepped on the Rainbow” but now includes
    all that can’t be with us — that includes the Village family.

    Haven’t read down to here yet – have to go.

    For our Florida friends

    I’ve sure gotten old!

    I’ve had two bypass surgeries, a hip replacement,

    New knees, fought prostate cancer and diabetes

    I’m half blind, can’t hear anything quieter than a jet engine,

    Take 40 different medications that

    Make me dizzy, winded, and subject to blackouts.

    Have bouts with dementia. Have poor circulation;

    Hardly feel my hands and feet anymore.

    Can’t remember if I’m 85 or 92.

    Have lost all my friends. But, thank God,

    I still have my Florida driver’s license.

  17. Thanks to superior situational awareness and outstanding defensive driving techniques, I completed “Operation Big Box Store (WalMart)” successfully, without expending any ammunition or other resources other than money, and have returned to base.

    Read Anonie’s sleepwear communique upon return and had to self-treat for hyperventilation. Suspect she could make a seasoned salt blush…and that she has. 🙂

  18. Not to say I haven’t watched much TV lately, but I realized it had been a while since I’d watched the traditional cheesy entertainment extravaganza that is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I tuned in earlier, while stuff was cooking, and saw some vaguely familiar-looking old dude with a scraggly beard and no hair to speak of hosting it. It took few moments to realize it was Matt Lauer. And who writes the drecky scripts used to introduce all those parade units, critter balloons, Broadway play casts, perambulating TV commercials, and unknown (to me) young singers, anyway?

    I kept hoping that some high school marching band would perform “Alice’s Restaurant”; or a college marching band would do “Devil With the Blue Dress On” with their dance team dressed as go-go girls; or that a Chinese gymnast troupe of cute and scantily clad young ladies would appear and do some improbably acrobatic things, but, alas, it was not to be. I did get to see the Rockettes perform, which is actually why I tuned in. I also got to see some leggy Broadway pirate wenches strutting their stuff and doing some Rockette-class high kicks. So I was thankful. 🙂

  19. Ended up at Meijer (Grocery store) to get a pizza at 6:00 pm. It has been about 35 years since I was alone at Thanksgiving and frankly I did not mind it until I saw the people that were at Meijer at 6:00 PM on Thanksgiving. A lot of the people there did not speak English, many were obviously alone on this day. It made me appreciate everything, especially family, that I have.

  20. Well, since I may or may not survive the surgery I will make your data Ghost. Same wardrobe that I wear in pool and on boats unless it’s freezing out. And I have a membership card. Have a big gulp of whatever you’re drinking with the cooking.

    And yes, I am a real millionaire widow lady. ????

  21. And you have to look out for those millionaire widow ladies. They can provide some really intense experiences.

    Be sure and let us know when you’re having your throat cut. 🙂 Seriously, I have a good feeling about it, and my good feelings tend to pan out.

    Note: Making rum cake, so that calls for a big swig of Bacardi Gold. Lady Mindy will provide validation.

  22. Away from computer all day, now returned from daughter’s. She hosted about ten good-natured and helpful family members — the food was good and so was the company. Three large dogs in and out, but no accidents! Tired and stuffed, did not want any supper tonight.

    The Villagers seem to have had a good holiday, each in a different and interesting way. I’m very glad of that!

    Jackie, may the procedure happen soon and have the best results. We will all be thinking of you.

    Mindy from Indy was not feeling well yesterday — she’s quiet today — hope all is well.

  23. ^°^°^°^°^°^°^ had a bad experience with rum 45 years ago, still find the smell or taste nauseating. Side note, that bad experience also included a three day AWOL.

  24. My minions brought me a plate of food from their families dinner and came to check on me. I was invited but I honestly slept until noon and sorted and threw away stuff all afternoon. It was quiet and productive. Had some really good her bed brie.

    I am going to leave that as proof that Hal has a sense of humor, wicked too. I typed herbed and he put in her bed before I could stop him, then did it a second time.

    I have now eaten green bean casserole. I think I would have remembered that.

  25. Watched a program Wed. night “Christmas through the Decades”
    (or some such) Not bad – everything that was popular for Christmas in the 60s-
    Next week the 70s

    Then a program debunking Thanksgiving Myths – except they did not explain
    many of their statements -also some were contradictory and then others just started
    other myths. Maybe 10 min of useful information (spread over an hour)
    Oh and like always 20 min of commercials.

  26. Good Morning Villagers….

    Happy to read that all had a “full feeling” Thanksgiving.

    I worked until 1ish, went to my ‘baby sister’s’, and they had already ate and all were outside…two cute little great nephews running, dogs running, my petite niece from Davenport was there with her big dog (almost as tall as she is). From my sister’s house, you can see the country cemetery where Mom and Step Dad are buried. It was bittersweet day.

    Dad got lost coming to baby sister’s……Sister #2 found him at home, brought him to baby sister’s. I had already left, feeling tired and just wanted to go home and cry. I later called Dad, we laughed, and I said give yourself credit Dad, at least you found your way home.

    Sister #3 got a phone call from her Doctor in Indy yesterday!!!…she is leaking spinal fluid in her inner ear and it requires surgery, which if left untreated, will lead to spinal meningitis….the earliest he can get her in…January. I think not, she has two daughter in the medical field, and the one told her yesterday that if he cannot get her in sooner, to find someone else who can.

    The boys worked on the tree they cut down by the bridge at the hen house. The trunk is still in the creek and is about 59 inches in diameter…..two tractors would not even pull it out, chain broke, back window of one tractor broke. And we are expecting a lot of rain, that tree trunk is also about 5 to 6 feet long…..if it rains a lot, that log will create a dam….here I go fretting again.

    I owe, I owe, it’s back to work I go….

    Blessings on all……………

  27. Plus, Ian didn’t make it home yesterday…no gas money. Seems the restaurant that he worked at and closed down still owes him a paycheck. But he did find another job right away, he’s helping remodel a restaurant and it’s within walking distance. I am thankful for that. I missed him yesterday too.

    Sorry about being a Downer Debbe……but yesterday (sigh) sucked.

    Indy Mindy, hope you get to feeling well….soon.

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